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Enduro Motorcycles

When surfing the Internet and looking at different motorcycle models, you may often meet a term ‘enduro.’ What does it mean in the motorcycle world? In this article, you will find it out as well as a brief history of how this bike style has been created and developed.

What Are Enduro Motorcycles?

An enduro motorcycle, in essence, is an off-road racing bike that can be used in enduro, a long-distance competition, which comes with various challenges and obstacles. The FIM World Enduro Championship (WEC) is the main enduro event. Despite being initially designed for racing competition, today enduro bike can be a bike that matches the features typical for this type of a motorcycle.

An enduro motorcycle is similar to motocross. Usually, these bikes have special features, including large gas tanks, more reliable and durable engines than in regular motorcycle models, sump protectors, and a range of other durable components. Some motorcycle may also have features allowing using them on public roadways, for instance, quiet mufflers and headlights. These motorcycles are usually equipped with a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine of 125 cc-360 cc, or four-stroke engine with 195-650 cc. All bikes that participate in GNCC have 450cc and larger gas tanks.

History of Enduro Motorcycles

The first enduro bikes were specially designed for Six Days Enduro (ISDT that was renamed into ISDE in 1980). For the first time, this competition took place in England in 1913. According to the competition requirements, the bikes had to withstand upwards of 777 miles during more than 6 days with the limited repairs possibilities. The popularity of the ISDE grew steadily, and it has taken place in different parts of the world. The only periods of time when the competition could not be organized were during WWI and WWII.

In the 1970s, the term ‘enduro’ was applied in the USA for dual-purpose bikes. Today, many bikes are designed with the WEC vehicles in mind. Europe was the main region for this competition until 1973 when it was held in the USA. Over the next years, the competition took place in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and Chile.

The Most Notable Models

The first model of KTM EXC 250 enduro motorcycle was made more than 2 decades ago by an Austrian firm. Over the time, the initial model has been changed several times, but, generally, it remains the same bike produced for the first time in 1992. The latest version of this bike is the 2017 KTM EXC. The model comes with a 2-cylinder 249 cc engine, a new chassis, and XPlor suspension. It is lighter in weight than the previous version, thanks to a new frame and engine configuration. EXC is a last orange bike in the KTM series.

The 701 Enduro by Husqvarna motorcycle combines quality equipment, unique bodywork, and functional design. It comes with a single-cylinder 690 cc, a long seat, the integrated fuel tank, and lightweight frame. Generally, this model has included the best features from world racing championships winners.

Ducati’s 2017 Multistrada 1200 Enduro is a 160-hp motorcycle that comes with electronically- cornering ABS, controlled suspension, wheelie control, traction control, cornering lights, and vertical hold control.