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Models of Ducati Enduro Bikes

Enduro bikes intended for long-distance off-road riding and that is why they are equipped with larger gas tanks, beefier elements, and features for protecting the machines from wear and tear. Ducati is one of the manufacturers of such motorcycles, though, it does not belong to traditional ones.

A Brief History

The first enduro bike was introduced in 1913 at the International Six Day Trial that took place in the UK. This type of racing machine became pretty popular in the 1920s.

In 1975, Ducati made a significant attempt to provide a competitive 'off-road' 2-stroke motorcycle, which was the 125 'Regolarita' model. Although the bike was taken pretty well, its production had to be stopped in 1977 due to gearbox problems. Today, it is still considered one of the best and the rarest machines by the manufacturer. Later, Ducati decided to focus on improving the popular V twin bikes.

The Ducati Multistrada series of V-twin was first produced in 2003. The bikes combined the elements of both supermotos and sport-tourers.

In 2014, the company presented the Ducati Scrambler at the Intermot motorcycle show, and later, the machine was produced in several versions.

The latest off-road bikes by the company include the following models:

·        Multistrada 1200 Enduro;

·        Scrambler Desert Sled;

·        Multistrada 1200 Enduro Pro.

The Most Popular Models

The 125 Regolarita was a Ducati machine with 123.7 two-stroke single-cylinder engine that looked like a real enduro bike, but it was pretty heavy (238 pounds). Although its weight was reduced in 1977, the production of the machine did not last for a long time anyway.

The Multistrada 1200 Enduro has been made by the manufacturer since 2010. It was created to ensure an enjoyable adventure experience thanks to the Testastretta DVT engine, 152 horsepower, 30-l. tank, and spoked wheels. It is a perfect bike for those who wish to have a long-distance comfort ride.

There have been several Scrambler iterations by Ducati, but Scrambler Desert Sled, obviously, stands out from the crowd. It is great for off-road scrambling because the machine is equipped with a 19″ front wheel and Pirelli Scorpion rubber. Although the model has urban roots, thanks to the tires, it is not afraid of any off-road conditions. Among other interesting elements of this bike are a good suspension (7.9 inches), an off-road handlebar bend, a long saddle, and low exhausts.

1971 - 2023
124 - 1262 cm³
Dry weight
170 - 227 kg
Top speed
90 - 279 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
Cylinder location
10 - 170 HP
Transmission type,final drive
Cooling system


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