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Models of Honda Classic Motorcycles

There are lots of reasons why classic motorcycles are popular among younger bikers, including great riding experience, easiness in repair and maintenance, and appealing design. Lots of US people have been using Honda models since the manufacturer appeared in the market in the 1950s.

History of Honda Classic Motorcycles

Founded by Soichiro Honda in 1949, Honda Motor Co. quickly grew into a large car and motorcycle manufacturing company importing its products all over the world. The USA became one of the largest markets for their products. Initially, it focused on making motorcycles, and by 1964, it became one of the major motorcycle suppliers.

In 1982, Honda made nearly 3 million motorcycles. Although later the company had to compete with a range of serious rivals, it still remains the leading moto manufacturer in Japan. In 2017, the most Honda motorcycles were imported to India, where the company now has a 59% market share.

The Most Popular Honda Classic Models

The classic models by Honda produced during 1970-1974 still have 29% of the buyer interest among Generation Y. The manufacturer’s motorcycles are loved for the availability of parts, attractive prices, great design, and easiness in maintenance.

Honda has been producing 125cc classic motorbikes for many years for riders demanding low-cost machine that comes with a sporting edge. The CB125 model is one of the most popular Honda models that has been in production since the 1970s. Its four-stroke engine allows the classic machine to run several thousands of miles without maintenance. Its top speed is only 65mph.

The Super Cub model was one of the most interesting of Honda’s classic models that cannot be underestimated. It became instantly popular when appeared in the US market in 1959. For more than 60 years of production, the manufacturer sold over 100 million bikes in 15 countries. The basic model was a little bike, and the latest version expected to hit the market in 2019 features air-cooled, 125cc engine.

The CT200 model was introduced in 1964. It came with an 87cc engine, four-speed transmission as well as high-level exhaust. One of the best innovations of the model was adding a 2nd rear sprocket, which allowed changing the overall gearing.

1970 - 2021
49 - 1795 cm³
Dry weight
76 - 340.2 kg
Top speed
100 - 233 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
1 - 6
Cylinder location
4 - 122 HP
Transmission type,final drive
Cooling system


CB350, 2021
2021 YOM
CB1100 EX, 2019
2019 YOM
CB1100 EX, 2018
2018 YOM
CB1100 RS, 2018
2018 YOM
CB1100, 2017
2017 YOM
CB650F, 2017
2017 YOM
Riding Assist-e
2017 YOM
Rebel, 2017
2017 YOM
CB1100 RS, 2017
2017 YOM
CB1100 DLX, 2017
2017 YOM
CB1100 EX, 2017
2017 YOM
CB1100 EX, 2016
2016 YOM
CB1100, 2016
2016 YOM
CB1100 EX, 2015
2015 YOM
CB1100 DLX, 2015
2015 YOM
CB1100, 2015
2015 YOM
CB1100 DLX, 2014
2014 YOM
CB 1100 EX, 2014
2014 YOM
CB 1100, 2014
2014 YOM
CB1100, 2013
2013 YOM
CB1100 ABS, 2013
2013 YOM
NC750SA, 2012
2012 YOM
Shadow RS, 2011
2011 YOM
CD 125 T Benly
2002 YOM
CD 50 Benly
2002 YOM
cb400sf, 1997
1997 YOM