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Kawasaki Custom Bikes

Custom motorcycles stand out from the crowd thanks to different changes to style or structure made to the mass-produced machines built by large manufacturers. You can find unique customized bikes or those that are designed in limited edition. Kawasaki, the Japanese manufacturer, has built its own custom machine, which has a unique appearance as well as a range of interesting features.

A Brief History

Since the first motorcycle appeared, owners of the machines tried to change the appearance of their motorcycles. This is how first altered bikes appeared that were called 'Custom' in the 1950s. In the same period of time, the term was also applied to cars that underwent customization.

Kawasaki was founded in 1896, and since that time it has produced a range of interesting machines. Some of them were customized by different companies or individuals. In 2016, Kawasaki launched the Vulcan (VN) 900 series that included the VN 900 Custom.

When the first Kawasaki customized version appeared, it was pretty much the same as the Classic version, except for a 180-mm tire in the rear, a 21-in. cast front wheel, smaller and lower seat. The latest version of this motorcycle saw the light in 2018, and it instantly grabbed the attention of bikers.

The Most Popular Models

The VN 900 Custom prepared for 2018 definitely looks like a unique bike. This cruiser comes with the high front wheel as well as the low seat. Another interesting element of this Kawasaki machine is drag handlebars. This v-twin ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. You will really enjoy the exciting design of this machine.

The Kawasaki motorcycle is equipped with 903cc engine that ensures high power and great fuel economy. Thanks to low seat height, you will enjoy the confidence regardless of the type of road. The seat is pretty roomy while drag bars are wide enough for the most comfort. Easy handling of the vehicle is ensured by a low center of gravity. Custom styled details include teardrop tank and a range of other amazing features.

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1997 - 2021
124 - 1700 cm³
Top speed
Engine type
Number of cylinders
Cylinder location
47 - 74 HP
Transmission type,final drive
Cooling system