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Models of Yamaha Motocross Bikes

Today, motocross motorcycles can be found in different engine sizes, chassis dimensions, and other characteristics. There are dirt bikes designed for everyone from kids to professionals. Yamaha is one of the most popular manufacturers of racing machines, and now it features an interesting line of these motorcycles for 2018 and 2019.

A Brief History of Yamaha Motocross Bikes

The YA-1 was the first motorcycle of the manufacturers that was produced in 1955. In twenty years, Yamaha released the first single-shock bike, which was the beginning of the YZ vehicles, which significantly contributed to the history of racing and dirt machines. In 1998, the manufacturer introduced the YZ400F, which was a four-stroke motocross motorcycle. This was the first mass-produced a four-stroke machine for racing. Yamaha has also been producing a range of sports, dirt, and other types of bikes.

The 2018 line up of racing bikes by Yamaha includes the following models:

·        YZ450F;

·        YZ250F;

·        YZ125;

·        YZ85;

·        YZ65.

The Most Popular Motocross Bikes by Yamaha

Yamaha YZ250 is a two-stroke machine that was first produced in 1974. The current version does have some changes to the basic model, including bodywork and fork. It is still one of the most-loved motorcycles in the world. The 2007 model is definitely worth being added to the list of the best Yamaha machines in its class. When it was released, it became one of the best vehicles. The motorcycle is reliable and available for sale at a good price.

The Yamaha YZ360 was produced during 1974-1975. It was single cylinder 360cc off-road/ motocross motorcycle. It resembled dirt bikes racing Europe at that time. The machine was produced in a limited edition. The model released in 1975 was the first Monoshock, and it was really amazing. The production of the machine was fully stopped in 1976. It was the best Open MX motorcycle from Japan, and despite its low weight, it was very well built.

The Yamaha YZ450F features the nice, sporty look, which was one of the reasons why it was chosen by weekend riders as well as professionals. The ability of the engine was improved thanks to the control system, which allowed enjoying quicker and more controlled racing. Thanks to improved shifting, the bikers could enjoy a smooth ride. The 2016 model came with advanced fuel injection, new front brakes as well as new suspension.

The Yamaha WR450F features an aluminum frame, 5-speed transmission, and lightweight exhaust system. The machine was equipped with a 4-stroke valved engine, which increased its power. There are two riding modes, including basic and race, which allows choosing a preferable riding style.

1975 - 2023
49 - 1199 cm³
Dry weight
37 - 177 kg
Top speed
60 - 199 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
Cylinder location
2 - 115 HP
Cooling system


PW50, 2023
2023 YOM
YZ250F, 2023
2023 YOM
TT-R50E, 2023
2023 YOM
YZ450F , 2023
2023 YOM
YZ85, 2023
2023 YOM
YZ250, 2023
2023 YOM
YZ125, 2023
2023 YOM
PW50 , 2022
2022 YOM
YZ85, 2022
2022 YOM
YZ250F, 2022
2022 YOM
TT-R50E , 2022
2022 YOM
YZ450F, 2022
2022 YOM
YZ250, 2022
2022 YOM
YZ125, 2022
2022 YOM
MT09TR, 2021
2021 YOM
YZ450F, 2021
2021 YOM
TT-R50, 2021
2021 YOM
YZ125, 2021
2021 YOM