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Models of Yamaha Cruisers

Cruisers are motorcycles that were basically invented in America where bikers were looking for large engines, roaring sound, as well as some exclusive features. Although Harley-Davidson bikes are still considered by many people the best cruisers ever, some other motorcycle manufacturers have also contributed to the development of this type, including Yamaha. Today, you can find a range of interesting models by this company, and their lineup is constantly being improved.

A Brief History of Yamaha Cruisers

The first machines were built a long time before the term “cruiser” actually appeared. At that time, mainly custom bikes were called that, and the first machine reflecting the same type of aesthetic was the 1949 Dream D by Honda.

Japanese companies, as well as Yamaha, started producing these motorcycles in the mid-1980s. Along with some other Japanese manufacturers, it got an impressive share of the US market by 1997. Today, it is one of the most popular motorcycles manufactures offering different machines, including scooters, motocross, and others.

The current lineup of cruisers by Yamaha includes the following models:

·        2017 Raider;

·        2017 Stryker;

·        2018 Bolt R-Spec;

·        2018 Bolt;

·        2017 V Star 1300 Deluxe;

·        2017 V Star 1300 Tourer;

·        2017 V Star 950 Tourer;

·        2018 V Star 250.

The Most Popular Cruisers by Yamaha

The Yamaha Star Bolt is a really iconic bike, which is on the seventh position among the bestselling machines in the world. The motorcycle comes with the great, jazzy look, short handlebars as well as a single short seat. The Yamaha vehicle is equipped with a powerful 942cc engine. Its 1569mm wheelbase ensures a smooth cruising experience.

The Yamaha Star VMAX is one of the best motorcycles in terms of engine capabilities. Its 1679cc, DOHC engine is capable of developing up to 174 horsepower and 114 lbf-ft. The machine can reach 100 km per hour within 2.4 sec., which makes it the leading vehicle.

The Yamaha V Star 950 is a good option for those looking for a beefier bike for enjoyable and reliable highway riding because of its wet weight is 613 lbs. and a range of other features. The motorcycle comes in a classic style, which partially was achieved thanks to the use of steel. The vehicle also features a wide seat.

Yamaha Raider S is a perfect option for chrome lovers. It comes with plenty of upgrades that you will hardly find in the models made by other manufacturers. It is a real beast equipped with custom wheels and steel fenders. There is also an impressive 1854cc air-cooled engine. This Yamaha machine is very comfortable to ride, allowing you to put your feet up and enjoy. It is definitely a suitable option for those who appreciate powerful motorcycles.

1976 - 2021
124 - 1854 cm³
Dry weight
118 - 394.2 kg
Top speed
100 - 230 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
1 - 4
Cylinder location
10 - 200 HP
Cooling system


V Star 250, 2021
2021 YOM
XV950R, 2020
2020 YOM
VMAX, 2020
2020 YOM
VMAX, 2018
2018 YOM
Bolt, 2018
2018 YOM
Stryker, 2018
2018 YOM
XVS950A, 2018
2018 YOM
XVS650 A, 2018
2018 YOM
XV1900A, 2018
2018 YOM
XVS650, 2018
2018 YOM
V Star 250, 2018
2018 YOM
BOLT, 2017
2017 YOM
2017 YOM
XV950R, 2017
2017 YOM
RAIDER, 2017
2017 YOM
V STAR 250, 2017
2017 YOM
RAIDER S, 2017
2017 YOM