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Models of Yamaha Scooters

Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd is one of the most known motorcycle manufacturers that can be proud of having built a great number of different machines distributed all over the world. It has a good range of scooter models, and currently, its products are actively imported to India as well as some other counties.

A Brief History of Yamaha Scooters

Yamaha opened its motorcycle division in 1955, and the 125cc YA-1, its first bike, was introduced the same year. When 50cc Aerox was launched by the manufacturer for sale in 1997, it became an instant success on the market, bringing the sporty concept and setting new standards for the machines of the 50cc class.

For many years, the manufacturer has been building 125 cc four-stroke maxi-scooters equipped with a large chassis and good level of protection. These vehicles were extremely popular in the European Union and the USA.

The company established its subsidiary in Indian in 2001, and now it has two plants in the country to produce various types of machines and parts. The plants were fully upgraded during 2008-2009. Currently, the manufacturer’s models Yamaha Ray Z and The Fascino belong to the bestselling products in the Indian market.

The Most Popular Scooters by Yamaha

The Yamaha Aerox comes in a sporty design thanks to borrowing the bodywork from R series. The machine is equipped with the 50cc two-stroke liquid-cooled engine as well as a disc brake available at the front and the rear. There is also one of the best the instrument panels, which also contributes to the convenience in use.

The Fascino by the Japanese manufacturer comes with a 113 cc engine, which is capable of developing the peak torque of 8.1Nm @ 5000rpm. The model does have telescopic suspension at the front, but there is no disc brake option.  The rear of the machine comes with a monoshock unit. Both ends are equipped with drum brakes. Its weight is only 103kg while the capacity of the fuel tank is 5.2 l.

Yamaha T-Max 500 is one of the best large scooters available on the market. It features a powerful 499cc engine as well as a sporty chassis. There is also the good wind-protection, which allows enjoying high speeds with no discomfort. The vehicle comes with 800mm seat height, which is not the lowest in this class but lower than that featured in most bikes. Its weight is 221kg, which makes the vehicle lighter than many other models from this class.

For February 2018, the Ray Z model became one of the bestselling products. The machine comes with a sporty look and feel. The latest version of the vehicle has the air-cooled four-stroke 113cc engine with CVT that ensures smooth acceleration as well as good fuel economy.

1972 - 2021
49 - 749 cm³
Dry weight
56 - 213 kg
Top speed
45 - 180 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
1 - 6
Cylinder location
2 - 123 HP
Cooling system


Smax, 2021
2021 YOM
NMAX 125, 2021
2021 YOM
Delight , 2021
2021 YOM
TMAX 560, 2021
2021 YOM
NMAX 155, 2021
2021 YOM
Zuma 125, 2021
2021 YOM
XMAX 125, 2020
2020 YOM
E01 Genesis
2020 YOM
eVino, 2020
2020 YOM
Smax , 2020
2020 YOM
X-MAX 300, 2020
2020 YOM
Fascino, 2020
2020 YOM
Zuma 125, 2020
2020 YOM
XMax 400, 2020
2020 YOM
 BWS 125 , 2020
2020 YOM
NMAX 125, 2020
2020 YOM
Ray Z, 2020
2020 YOM
E02 Genesis
2020 YOM
Delight, 2020
2020 YOM
TMAX 560, 2020
2020 YOM
BWS 125, 2019
2019 YOM