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Models of Yamaha Sports Bikes

Sports bikes are designed for those bike enthusiasts who appreciate the speed, acceleration, and braking. Although these machines provide less fuel economy and comfort than other types of motorcycles, they truly provide an enjoyable riding experience. Yamaha is one of those manufacturers that have been producing reliable machines from this category for years, and today it has a really impressive sportbike heritage.

A Brief History of Yamaha Sports Bikes

The first moto product by Yamaha saw the light in 1955. It was a bike with 125cc, two-stroke engine, which became a racing competitor right away. In 1968, the manufacturer introduced the first dual-sport motorcycle, which was the DT-1 Enduro. It could be used in both on-road and off-road conditions, which was one of the reasons for its high popularity among Americans. In fifteen years, Yamaha launched FJ1100 in the sportbike segment of the market.

 In 1992, the GRS1000 bike was introduced by the manufacturer, and six years later, the release of the YZF-R1 set the new standard for open class vehicles. Today, Yamaha is one of the most successful Japanese manufacturers offering a good selection of various machines, such as street, off-road, and, of course, sportbikes. Currently, the company keeps adding new models of sports bikes, and the list of the 2018 versions includes the following:

·        FZ-10;

·        FZ-09;

·        FZ-07

·        MT-10;

·        MT-09;

·        MT-07;

·        FZ6R.

The Most Popular Sports Bikes by Yamaha

The YZF-R125 machine that was first released in 2008 belongs to one of the best-selling 125cc vehicles in its category. It was not changed much since its first appearance on the market. The design of the machine resembles the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 that come from a more expensive category. The top speed of the machine is 70mph. The last version of the vehicle comes with radical bodywork, ABS, as well as a 125cc liquid-cooled engine. It is also equipped with a highly efficient fuel injection system.

The YZF-R3 is a machine that appeared in 2015 as a response of the manufacturer to the Ninja 300 by Kawasaki and KTM RC390. The 2018 version of the motorcycle does not come with serious mechanical changes, except for adaptation to BS4 emission norms. There is also a new color scheme that includes blue and black options. Its value has also been increased by adding ABS. There are no upside-down front forks, but it comes with 321cc parallel-twin engine that is capable of developing 41bhp.

The YZF-R15 S was released by Yamaha in the Indian market to satisfy the growing demand of customers. The machine comes with a 149 cc and 16.58 PS @ 8500 rpm. It is capable of developing the top speed of 131 Kmph.

1973 - 2021
49 - 1679 cm³
Dry weight
71.2 - 268 kg
Top speed
97 - 315 km/h
Engine type
Number of cylinders
1 - 9
Cylinder location
2 - 250 HP
Cooling system


 MT-03, 2021
2021 YOM
YZF-R1M, 2021
2021 YOM
MT-07, 2021
2021 YOM
YZF-R3, 2021
2021 YOM
YZF-R125, 2021
2021 YOM
YZF-R1, 2021
2021 YOM
MT-03, 2020
2020 YOM
R1M, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF-R3SP, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF R15 V, 2020
2020 YOM
FJR1300ES, 2020
2020 YOM
MT-07HO, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF-R25, 2020
2020 YOM
FJR1300A, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF-R1, 2020
2020 YOM
Saluto RX, 2020
2020 YOM
Tenere 700, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF-R6, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF R15, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF-R3, 2020
2020 YOM
MT-07, 2020
2020 YOM
FJR1300AS, 2020
2020 YOM
YZF R6, 2019
2019 YOM
YZF R1, 2019
2019 YOM
FJR1300AE, 2019
2019 YOM
YZF R1M, 2019
2019 YOM