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The first fall. Blood and crystals.
The first fall. Blood and crystals.
It has been exactly a year since I folded in the opposite direction the leg after an unfortunate jump with a parachute, as here again...

This afternoon I sat on the bike and went to the market gardener, where I bought a backpack full of jewelry for the one store. On the way back I lifted the visor of the helmet and calmly drove home on Kashirke enjoying the breeze and good weather, singing another song under his breath. SUDDENLY, at about 90 km/h, silver sedan in front of me abruptly slows down and cuts me, I'm trying to avoid a collision, making the fucking on the brakes, locking the front wheel of his Kawasaki and off in flight, and then to meet the asphalt. From hitting my backpack open, from where on Kashirku poured all kinds of rhinestones, hair clips, pearl necklace 50 rubles, bows to the 1st of September and other shit!!! I'm convinced of the safety, all in a leather ecipe and helmet, ripped to shreds a knee trying all of this shit back together in a backpack, and crawling on all fours. In notoperate that I manage to bad and everything spilling out of his hands. The situation is more than comical.

The result:

ILO: bent handlebars, tank, cut off the pegs of the pilot, worn and in plastic, killed the battery. ~ 25 000 R repair 1 800 R for document workflow.

I: torn motorini - 12 000 R broken knee - free.

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