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More than a hundred vintage motorcycles is located at the bottom of the Bay on the red sea.

The trade ship, "Thistlegorm" was built in English shipyards of Sunderland in January 1941. The ship belongs to the class of bulk carriers, but due to the passing of the second world war was equipped with 4.7-inch (120 mm) anti-aircraft gun and a heavy machine gun after the construction of the ship.

In its short life it managed to make only 3 flights, but no! First, he swam over to US and took there the rails and aircraft parts, then brought the Argentine grain, and his third campaign was for the best rum of the West Indies!
The final cruise ship Thistlegorm (gals. "Blue Thistle") started from the port of Glasgow (Scotland), where it loaded military equipment and sent in flight, part of a secret operation a "Crusade". Thistlegorm had to round Africa from the South, that would not fall under the military actions of the Nazis in the Mediterranean sea.

At the end of the campaign, before entering the Suez canal, the ship was forced to stay at Bay and wait for the opportunity to be in the Mediterranean sea. But the night he happened to notice two German bomber that had taken off from Crete in search of ships supplying the British army.

Seeing the deck of the military equipment aircraft attacked the ship. Unfortunately the ship, the bomb was in the hold with munitions: anti-tank mines, artillery shells, bullets and grenades. The ship sank at a depth of 30 meters.

Thistlegorm was carrying for the British army different explosives and missiles, rifles, cars, Bedford, Morris and Ford, spare parts for aircraft and motorcycles, medical supplies, shoes, two light tanks MK II, two locomotives Stanier Class 8F.

Among others on Board were motorcycles for the military. It was a brand new BSA W-M20, Matchless G3L and Norton 16H. Unfortunately, their age was very short-lived, and now they are buried in a mass grave, far from their homeland.
14 years later the ship found the famous Jacques Cousteau. He brought to the surface the captain's safe, the ship's bell and one of the motorcycles. Since then, the Thistlegorm is one of the favorite places for diving among the Egyptian resorts of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

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