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On 24 September we invite all concerned to participate in the annual action "Candle of memory" to honor the memory of the departed to the country of "eternal season" motorati and motocaster.

"Candle of memory" - not a holiday and not a show, it's that special day when together we can leave a piece of your heart to remember the departed friends and relatives.
Show full... a Day that has become a tradition for those who remember.... Will be a fitting tribute to a minute of silence, a triple roar of engines and burning candles. If the tragedy had not left you out, print out your portrait and glue on the windshield of his motorcycle.

While alive the memory of the person alive and he is in our hearts. "Candle of memory" is a single column, lighted candles, photos of deceased friends on the visor and the eyes of those who will remember them always!

Location: observation platform on the Sparrow hills
Collection time: 12:00
Start column: 13:30

Location: Krutitsy metochion (St. Krutitskaya, 11)
Service of the dead: 15:00

Financing activities carried out on the collected funds.On all matters, including the filing of briefs for the dead and financial assistance in organizing the event, you can refer to Leela.

phone: 7(916)363-8624
e-mail: kuchnarab@mail.ru.
Thank you for your attention!

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