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25 Sep - 9 stage of the Championship NOFM 2016 - FINAL
Nizhny Novgorod Federation of motor sport invites spectators and riders to the next stage of the Championship НОФМ2016.

Race in Balakhna always known for a good track, the presence of all the best racers in the region and keen interest from the audience. This competition concludes the racing season and is significant in terms of how well the rider is prepared in the course of the year.

High speed, technically challenging elements, changing with every lap the track forcing riders to approach the absolute limit of your abilities and .... to cross for it!!! This is a real test for the strong and hardy! Here only the best can win!

Classes of participants:
МХ65 – children 6-12 years on motorcycles before 65сс
МХ85 – teenagers up to 15 years on motorcycles before 85сс
MX-D novice riders on motorcycles up to 450сс
MX-With – fans on motorcycles to 450сс
MX-In – semi-pro (semi-professional) racers on motorcycles to 450сс
МХ35 - PRO racers older than 35 years on motorcycles before 450сс
МХGP –PRO riders on motorcycles up to 450сс – top class of competition involving the best racers of Russia.

Where: Nizhny Novgorod region, Balakhna (GPS 56.5079, 43.54293)

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