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November 4-6, stage 3 of the championship of Russia aduro.
This will be the final step this year, but its significance is not only in this factor.
The final stage in 2016, will become a new step in the development of the discipline of Enduro!

Whether so it, decide for yourself, look what have we prepared this time:

A well-prepared infrastructure competition will allow participants and guests to get maximum comfort and pleasure. Convenient access to the start and finish of activities, spacious guarded Parking lot, specially equipped camping for participants, hotel, cafe, portable trade hot lunch for athletes, entertainment and special areas for spectators — this is not a complete list of prepared decisions for the convenience of arriving to the race.

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In few days will have various themed events:
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Where: Abinsk, Krasnodar Krai

Applications must be sent: 820309@mail.ru

Application form: http://f4.motogon.ru/…w;down=275

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