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From the engine to the motorcycle.
The motorcycle circuit racing and road sport bikes the best way of showing the possibilities of two-wheeled machines. They combined the latest technological innovations and years of engineering tradition. And the history of motorcycling Grand Prix best explains why modern sport bikes have become the way they are now.

---From the engine to the motorcycle---

In 1869, the Frenchman L. Perrault and the American S. Roper at the same time thought to provide a Bicycle with a steam engine. A car carrying an onboard supply of solid fuel and water, rather can be called a two-wheeled engine and not a motorcycle. The first motorcycle in the usual sense of the word is considered to be manufactured in 1885, Gottlieb Daimler car. With the help of a hastily cobbled together design with wooden frame and wheels, the inventor wanted to demonstrate all the capabilities of its lightweight internal combustion engine.

Less than ten years, as the motorcycles started the race. In 1894 motorcycles with cars participated in the rally Paris – Rouen, and December 21, 1904 there was an organization FICM (Federation Internationale des Clubs Motocyclistes) – the predecessor of the modern FIM - International Federation of motorcycling. But really fast racing and sport bikes began to develop after the Second world war.

In those days in all classes of racing, from 125сс to 500сс dominated by motorcycles with four-stroke engines. The then two-stroke engines was a primitive smokestack design, in which a large part of the energy of combustion of the combustible mixture has not been used. Despite the fact that most four-stroke motorcycles have been developed before the war, the engines of some of them was well designed even by today's standards. For example, on motorcycles AJS were the engines with three valves per cylinder and two camshafts roller bearings.

With the advent of new race teams technological competition gained momentum. The Italian team Moto Guzzi and Gilera experimented with the fit of the rider and machine layout, machine tested in the wind tunnel. With the advent of the new four-cylinder engine 500сс motorcycle MV Agusta team-before pilots there was a problem of conformity of the parameters of the chassis features engine. Incredibly powerful motor with lightweight pistons meinerti developed tremendous power, but on a motorcycle with an outdated soft frame and weak suspension, it was impossible to pass the turn. In 1952, the powerful, the Italians conceded a single-cylinder Norton. The MV Agusta designers and other teams always remember this lesson. In the next few years motorcycle MV was out of competition.

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