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How to stay warm in the tent.

I think you had to freeze at night in the tent. Nature is unpredictable and, probably, any tourist caught in a situation when I can't sleep from the cold or Wake up in the night, trembling in his sleeping bag. I've gathered 15 tips that will help you to stay warm in the tent.

Insulation of moss and spruce branches

If there is concern that the upcoming night will be especially cold, then it makes sense to insulate the bottom of the tent. Before mounting the tent spread out on the prepared site with a dry(!) moss or spruce branches. Mainly insulate places where will be located the torso.


It is very important to insulate yourself from the cold and moisture coming from the ground. In cold weather, use a thicker sleeping pad or inflatable Mat. Can additionally be spread on the Mat excess clothing to better insulate the floor.

Warm sleeping bag

To stay warm in the campaign, you should have a warm sleeping bag. There are sleeping bags with different temperature regimes. However, you should note that the numbers listed by manufacturers are usually measured to the average man in underwear and, moreover, does not always correspond to reality. When choosing, pay attention to the comfort temperature, not extreme temperature. If it says that extreme -20, it means that at -20 you have a chance to spend in a sleeping bag night without sleep and not die from hypothermia. Read my article on how to choose the right sleeping bag.

Shake your sleeping bag

Regardless of the type of filler for your sleeping bag after unzipping it is in a compressed state. Well shake it, sharp movements as whipping the pillow. This will allow to spread and evenly distribute the filling inside of a sleeping bag.

Fleece liner

For emergency cases you can buy for your sleeping bag fleece liner. It's a bag of fleece, which is inserted into a sleeping bag for additional insulation.

Warming up before going to sleep

Warm up your body before going to sleep. Simple exercises will help you to disperse the blood and warm the body. Do a few jumping jacks and push-UPS near the tent, just be careful not to start sweating, otherwise you'll freeze at night. If you climb into a sleeping bag when you are cold, chances are that you will not be able to keep warm.

Refueling the body

If there's a cold night, don't forget a bedtime snack. Stomach during operation generates heat. It is desirable to eat something hot. Prefer fatty food, such food longer to digest. Sweets and caffeine should be abandoned on the contrary, they stimulate the contraction of blood vessels. Going to bed hungry, the risk of freezing increases.

Water balance

In the body must have enough water to get warm. Drink water for an hour or two before bedtime. But do not overdo it, or I will often run to the toilet. If nature calls in the middle of the night, you need to get up and go. Resist and you'll be even more cold. Drinking large amounts of water before bed can serve as a natural alarm clock.


Change as much as you can. What you wore all day is likely to be a little wet you will be cold to sleep. If you are not able to change, try to heat and dry clothes near the fire. The perfect solution is a set of thermal underwear, it is not only warm, but also wicks away moisture from the skin.

Do not dress yourself from all the clothes, you may sweat and then freeze all night. Better get dressed first easier and the extra things to prepare and put on the side. If freeze — quickly able to put them on.

Wear a hat

More of the heat in the tent we generally lost through the head. Therefore, always take a Hiking hat. It perfectly protects from the cold during overnight stays.

Warm socks

If you freeze in the leg, wear a special pair ill-fitting fleece or wool socks. Indispensable thing in the campaign! Wear them just for sleeping before getting in my sleeping bag.

Feet in a backpack

Being in a sleeping bag, to insulate their lower limbs can, sticking them in an empty backpack. To sleep in this position might not be too comfortable, but your feet will get an extra layer of insulation.

Warmer in the sleeping bag

To maintain the temperature in a sleeping bag many use catalytic or chemical disposable hand warmers.

Alternatively, you can heat in the boiler water, pour it in a bottle and wrap some t-shirt. This device you have to put yourself in a sleeping bag. It's unlikely that the water will be warm all night, but for a couple of hours of warm sleep her just enough. When the bottle is cold, it is better to take out from the sleeping bag. Cold not the bottle will warm you, and you her.

Do not put your nose in a bag

Mouth and nose should be kept outside of the sleeping bag. The heat coming from breath, deceptive! Breathing inside the sleeping bag, you will make the clothes and the wet bag. Well-designed sleeping bag "cocoon" will allow you to zip up so that the outside will be only the nose and mouth ;)

Go closer

Keep warm in a tent is easier in company than alone. Hug each other to stay warm on a cold night.

There are sleeping bags that sostoyatsya each other, forming one double bag. Thus it is possible to raise the temperature of 7-10°. This option is ideal for a couple who likes to sleep, clinging to each other. If you moved away in different directions, between the two of you formed an air space and so it will be even colder.
Lokot · November 11 2016 12:10 AM
Отличный пост, фоточками бы разбавить только)

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