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Travis Pastrana
Travis Alan Pastrana (Travis Alan Pastrana) is one of the most titled participants of the competitions in motocross, Supercross, freestyle motocross and rally. He is considered the founder of freestyle motocross.

His most famous feat is double backflip the competition X-GAMES summer in 2006, he was the first person who made it to the competition.

Other facts:
✔Over 60 fractures and injuries.
✔The most winning participant in the X Games in the discipline of "Freestyle".
✔One of the founders of the show "Nitro Circus".
✔Very good swimmer.
✔Performed hundreds of parachute jumps, once in a TV show Reactive Clowns.
✔In 2004 Left Field Productions was released computer games MTX Mototrax.
✔Great fame Travis brought show Reactive clowns, one of the creators and main characters in which he is. In Russia, the show was broadcast by MTV Russia from 7 September 2009 to 6 June 2010.
✔Speaking at the motorcycle company Suzuki. All of his motorcycles and cars is marked with the number 199.

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