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Maksi wrote post
I apologize in advance if someone was misled by the fact that pointed out a Honda, just for the reason in the list, no leopards, and as I plan in the future to take si arch 125 pointed out to her , once again I izvenite for the inconvenience , but for now I will write about the IRBIS TTR 125))))
Alexander Obysov
Alexander Obysov · July 13 2016 03:38 PM
В ближайших обновлениях добавим возможность добавлять пользователям модели и бренды)

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Any other members had a chance to test drive , or buy this dream machine ?
My only regret is not having enough time lately to put on some serious miles.
Hopefully that will change soon.
speaktaper wrote post
BMW has been enjoying great success as a motorcycle maker for up to 80 years. The German producer first sparkled in the niche as a creator of a motorcycle boxer engine. Now the company keeps up their high pace constantly implementing cutting-edge…