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speaktaper wrote post
Lots of questions about your first motorcycle you should ask yourself before you actually decide to purchase something. However, if you have certain preferences in terms of look, capabilities, etc., it will take you less time to pick the right model. I have decided to write an article for those looking for a 650 cc motorcycle to learn how to ride. I hope that you will find my recommendations helpful.
Why Choose a 650cc Motorcycle?

As a beginner, you do not need a highly powerful motorcycle because you will have to learn many different techniques before you will start enjoying highways at high speeds. Therefore, you need a convenient bike that you can handle without problems. You can opt for 250cc, but 650cc models are also suitable for you because they give you some space for development. Such a bike is suitable for both learners and experienced riders.

Best Models for a Beginner

Below you will find a few interesting and affordable models that you can consider if you are looking for a reliable 650cc motorcycle for a starter.

Kawasaki Ninja 650R
This is a motorcycle that has a great look and offers wonderful performance. It is more lightweight than the previous model, which definitely makes it easier to handle. Since there is a very sensitive throttle response, you should ride it very carefully.
• Engine: 650 cc 4-stroke;
• Transmission: 6-speed;
• Seat Height: 31.1 inches;
• Curb Weight: 425.6 lb with ABS.
The price for this beginner motorcycle is around $7,399 but if you want to have ABS, you will pay $400 additionally.

Suzuki SV650
The latest SV650 bike has a new look and features. The motorcycle is equipped with a powerful 645cc engine, which can make up to 75 bhp, which is the maximum recommended power for a starter. If you get this machine, you should not be afraid of overgrowing it too quickly. It is a great choice for many-day rides, and I think that it is one of the best options for a beginner.
• Engine: 645 cc 90° V-Twin;
• Transmission: 6-speed constant mesh;
• Fuel Capacity: 14.5 l;
• Seat Height: 785 mm;
• Wet Weight: 198 kg.
The price for the SV650 motorcycle starts at $6,999, but it can also be purchased with ABS for an extra $400.

Kawasaki Vulcan S
It is another great option for a learner. The beginner motorcycle comes with a 649cc engine, which produces 54 hp. Thanks to Ergo-Fit system, it is possible to adjust the seat height along with and foot pegs. Generally, there are lots of features available in this bike.
• Engine: 649 cc;
• Wet Weight: 235 kg;
• Seat Height: 705 mm;
• Top Speed: 168 kmph;
• Transmission: 6-speed;
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 14 l.
The starting price for this motorcycle is $7,099 without ABS, which will cost you $400 more.

Kawasaki KLR650
This is a true bike that has been tested by time. There have been a few changes made to the initial motorcycle, and today, you can purchase a reliable machine with innovative features at a good price. However, you should keep in mind that 35-inch seat height might not be suitable for short riders or ladies.
• Engine: 651 cc single, liquid-cooled;
• Weight: Dry - 176 kg (388 lb); Wet - 196 kg (432 lb);
• Fuel capacity: 23.09 litres (6.10 gallons);
• Seat height: 889 mm (35.0 inches), adjustable
• Transmission: 5-speed;
The price for this beautiful motorcycle is only $6,299.

Honda XR650L
This dual purpose bike comes with a reliable 644cc engine and other high-quality features. Since it comes with 37-inch seat height, the machine is suitable for tall riders. All in all, it is a wonderful beginner motorcycle that falls into the category of 650cc bikes.
• Engine: 644cc four-stroke air-cooled;
• Transmission: five-speed;
• Seat Height: 37.0 inches;
• Fuel Capacity: 2.8 gal.
• Curb weight: 346 lbs.
The price of this bike is only $6,690.

The models provided above can make a great choice for a beginner and you can pick the best motorcycle based on your height, preferences in style, budget, and other options. If you believe that the price of a new 650cc bike is too high, you can opt for a used machine, which will save you some money. However, they are not something that you will want to change in a couple of months.
speaktaper wrote post
It may take you a long time and lots of efforts to find the best beginner motorcycle if you are not sure what you are looking for. By determining your specific requirements to your first machine, you will be able to make the right choice quicker. In this article, I am going to recommend you a few Triumph machines suitable for learners.
Why Should You Choose a Triumph Model to Become Your First Motorcycle?

Triumph is a well-known British brand that has been around since 1902. The manufacturer produces high-quality bikes at affordable prices for riders with different levels of experience from beginners to professionals. The passion of the company is to deliver an enjoyable and safe riding experience for riders through quality designing, testing, and production. There are Triumph bikes of different styles, which means that you will be able to make the right choice no matter what you need, such as traveling around the city or hitting the freeways at high speeds.

How to Choose Your First Triumph Bike?

I will give you a few recommendations regarding the factors that you should pay your attention to when choosing your first Triumph motorcycle, but it would also be great if you could find a comprehensive guide on this topic on the Internet.
So, some of the most important parameters that you should look at are the following:
• Seat height;
• Fuel tank capacity;
• Your purpose;
• Style;
• Ground clearance;
• Weight and other factors.
You want to have a clear idea of what you need your machine for, which will make it much easier for you to pick the right option.

The Best Triumph Models Suitable for Beginners

Usually, it is recommended to choose a low cc machine to be your first bike because as a beginner, you do not need lots of power. Although the manufacturer’s models that you will find below have a larger engine size, they are learner-approved motorcycles that you will find easy to use.

Triumph Bonneville T100
This is a classic style bike that looks similar to the vintage machines from the 1970s. You will have lots of fun using this motorcycle and it will be very easy to use it because it comes with all the basics features necessary for a starter. Although it is not the best option for many-days trips on freeways, you can still enjoy a long ride. The classic and timeless design of this bike is based on the original Bonneville motorcycle. Its 865cc engine has more power that you will have to use as a beginner, but once master your skills to a certain level, you will not have to search for a more powerful beast. Its seat height allows enjoying a relaxed riding position while having full control over the bike even by a beginner.
• Engine: 865cc, parallel twin;
• Seat height: 30.5 inches (770 mm);
• Dry Weight: 205 kg (451 lb);
• Top speed: 110 mph;
• Fuel capacity: (16 l);
• Transmission: five-speed.
The price of this bike is around $11,850.

Street Triple S
This is a new learner-approved model bike from the popular manufacturer that will suit for those looking for a reliable street motorcycle. The machine comes with a 660cc engine, which is more than enough for a beginner. Not only is it great for riders with a restricted license but also for those who are still learning. The bike has a stunning design and it does not weight much. The other exciting modern features are also available in the new model that would be appreciated by every rider.
• Capacity: 660cc;
• Seat Height: 810mm;
• Dry Weight: 166kg;
• Tank Capacity: 17.4l;
• Gearbox: six-speed.
The price of this bike is about $14,245.

1971 Triumph Daytona 500 T100R
This classic bike has been tested by time. I myself have one, which I got about seven years ago. I had to change just a few elements in the used machine that I bought, and now I enjoy riding this powerful yet comfortable beast. It is a very reliable motorcycle that you would likely have for years. This stylish machine is not heavy, which is important to have confidence when you move it around and the fuel tank capacity is enough for long trips.
• Engine Capacity: 490 cc;
• Ground clearance: 181.00 mm;
• Dry Weight: 161.5 kg;
• Seat Height: 762.00 mm;
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.8 L.
If you want to purchase the brand new bike, you will pay around $7,000.

I know that more and more manufacturers try to offer special models for beginners, and Triumph is one of them. Although their bikes are not the cheapest machines that you can find on the market, you will not regret purchasing one from this largest UK motorcycle brand. Learning on a Triumph bike will be easy and fun on condition that you pick the right model. There are also other machines from this brand available that are suitable for a starter, and you can easily find them on the Internet. Also, if the price of a brand new motorcycle is too high for you, you can opt for a used machine.
speaktaper wrote post
When choosing your first bike, lots of factors should be taken to attention in order to buy the best motorcycle. I myself found it very difficult when I was a learner. Having a specific idea on your mind will help you to save lots of time. So, if you want your first bike from Suzuki, I can help you make the right choice.
How to Pick the Right Bike

Below you will find a few models that I believe are great options for people looking for an affordable and reliable bike for a beginner made by Suzuki. However, the brand and the price are not the only factors to keep in mind. So, you should also pay your attention to the following:
• Seat height;
• Weight;
• Ground clearance;
• Fuel capacity and other factors.
For instance, if you are planning on long-distance rides, you should get a bike with a large fuel tank capacity.

Suzuki Motorcycles Suitable for Learners

The models that you will find below are the best beginner bikes from this manufacturer.

Suzuki GSX250R
The first bike from GSXR series saw the light in the 1980s, and the model kept evolving over the years. There are different exciting machines made by this manufacturer, and learners are not forgotten. This motorcycle comes with a 250cc engine, which is just the right size for a beginner. Seat height is not tall, which makes it a good choice for short riders or ladies.

The machine resembles the bigger machines with it a slightly leaning forward design. It is equipped with an LCD screen and LED headlights, which allows using it at night. Although there is no ABS, you will find a dual caliper system, which makes braking easy and quick even for a beginner.
• Engine: 248cc two cylinder;
• Transmission: six-speed;
• Weight: 178.0 kg (392.4 pounds);
• Seat height:790 mm (31.1 in.), adjustable;
• Ground clearance: 160 mm (6.3 in.);
• Fuel capacity: 15.00 l (3.96 gals).
If you want to purchase the brand new machine, you will have to pay around $4,549, which is not a high price.

Suzuki GW250
It is a standard bike, which has everything that a beginner might want to see in his or her first machine. It is a quite powerful Suzuki motorcycle, so once you gain enough riding skills, you can hit the highways at high speeds, where you will be well protected with a small windscreen. Also, the machine is comfortable for riding in busy city traffic.
Another great thing about this Suzuki bike is that it comes with a lower seat height, which is convenient for most riders. There are brake levers that you as a learner will find easy to use. Other amazing customizable features making this bike very easy to learn to ride are also available. The motorcycle has enough power to leave the space for your development, and it is a lightweight model.
• Engine: 248cc two cylinder;
• Weight:183.0 kg (403.4 pounds);
• Seat height: 780 mm (30.7 in.), adjustable;
• Fuel capacity: 13.30 l (3.51 gals);
• Transmission: six-speed.
The price of this machine for a starter is pretty attractive because you can get a brand new bike just for $4,099.

Suzuki DR-Z400SM
This is an interesting supermoto model for a beginner. It has been designed for different purposes, which makes it a good investment. It is sort of a combination of motocross and street bike. You will be able to take advantage of a supple suspension that will allow enjoying smooth urban riding. It comes with the traditional to every modern motorcycle features, but also has additional suspension to make it easy to overcome obstacles.

The Suzuki bike has a quite tall seat height (35 in.), which is the best option for tall riders. Even if you are a short rider, you can still try to use this machine, because the chances are that it will sink a bit to the ground under your weight. Another reason why it is a great beginner bike is that it is perfect for learning on the streets. This is a lightweight model that can be used for daily rides.
• Engine: 398cc single cylinder;
• Transmission: five-speed;
• Ground clearance: 260 mm (10.2 in.);
• Starter: electric;
• Weight:146.0 kg (321.9 pounds);
• Fuel capacity: 10.00 l (2.64 gals).
Although the price for this Suzuki motorcycle is not the lowest one ($7,299) if compared with the offers for a beginner available on the market, the bike is worth every cent that you pay for it.
speaktaper wrote post
Your first dirt machine will always be special for you. You will likely remember every single detail of your bike because as a learner you will spend lots of time on it. Although it is tempting to purchase a professional dirt model, as a beginner you should not do this. You will master your skills gradually so you do not need to pay much money to get a very powerful beast. So, when choosing a motocross machine, pick the one that matches your riding skill level and other parameters, such as your height. I can help you to find a good dirt beginner bike by giving a few recommendations on the models that you should consider.
How to Pick Your First Motocross Bike

Before you choose a bike for dummies, you need to decide what you need it for. There are two basic types to consider, including those designed for motocross racing and those tough enough for trail riding. The first one means that you will ride on the same path over and over again, which will allow you to learn it well, but trail riding means riding on a long distance leaving behind the road that you will see never again.

A dirt bike for adults usually comes with larger tires with more rubber and softer suspension, which makes riding more comfortable. A fuel tank has a bigger capacity and there may also be a reserve option. A tall dirt bike will come with enough ground clearance allowing you to ride safely even despite various obstacles, such as boulders. Also, some models allow starting using a button.
Usually, a motocross racing dirt machine is lighter because it does not have electric start and comes with a less fuel tank capacity, which allows doing different actions on the bike easier, such as jumping and turning.

Best Motocross Models for a Beginner

It took me some time to choose just a few models of dirt bikes because there are really many options available but I believe that you will be able to pick something from the beginner machines that you will find below.

Honda CRF250X
This is a prefer dirt bike for the tall learner looking for a reliable machine for trail riding. There is no need to kick your machine to start it because there is the electric button located on the handlebars that you just need to push to go on. The dirt model comes with good ground clearance, which allows riding it on any terrain. The tires are wide (21-inch and 18-inch), which ensure comfortable riding even for a beginner. The bike is equipped with a 250cc four-stroke engine, which is suitable for a learner to have control over the dirt machine.

Also, you can easily customize your machine later since finding proper parts will not be difficult. The dirt machine is about 254 pounds and it comes with a low center of gravity, so you as a beginner will find it easy to manipulate this bike.
• Engine of this dirt bike: 249.00 cc;
• Gearbox: five-speed;
• Ground clearance: 345 mm (13.6 in.);
• Starter: electric and kick;
• Fuel capacity of this bike: 7.19 l (1.90 gal);
• Weight: 115.2 kg (254.0 pounds);
• Seat height: 958 mm (37.7 in.), adjustable.
The brand new bike will cost you around $7,599.

Honda CRF230F
This is another reliable Honda dirt bike for motocross. I used to ride it pretty often until bought a more powerful machine. However, I still have it in my garage and I keep using it from time to time. The dirt machine comes with a four-stroke engine and provides easy throttle control. There is the push start button that every beginner can use without problems. This is a pretty lightweight motorcycle with a low center of gravity, which makes it easy to control and move around even by a learner. On this dirt bike, you will find it comfortable to ride thanks to the good riding position and cushy seat. Although ground clearance is lower in this motocross beginner machine, you will still be able to ride on different terrains over obstacles thanks to large tire size (21-inch and 18-inch).
• Engine of this dirt beginner motorcycle: 223.00 cc four-stroke;
• Gearbox: six-speed;
• Weight of this bike: 113.0 kg (249.1 pounds);
• Seat height of this dirt machine: 878 mm (34.6 in.), adjustable;
• Starter: electric and kick;
• Ground clearance: 305 mm (12.0 in.);
• Fuel capacity of this dirt bike: 7.00 l (1.85 gals).
The 2019 version will cost you about $4,349, which is the lowest price for the machines that I have described in this article.

Yamaha YZ125
In my younger years, everyone would want to have this dirk bike. It is still one of the best machines that you can find in the 125cc category. This is a reward-winning motocross bike that can become your first step towards a more professional dirt machine. Since it has been on the US market for several decades, you will have no problems with finding relevant parts or a master to repair it if something goes wrong. The dirt machine is extremely light, which is one of the reasons why it is a wonderful machine for a beginner.
• Engine of this dirt bike: 125.00 cc (7.63 cubic in.)
• Gearbox: six-speed;
• Starter of this dirt bike: kick;
• Weight: 93.9 kg (207.0 pounds);
• Seat height of this dirt bike: 975 mm (38.4 in.), adjustable;
• Ground clearance: 366 mm (14.4 in.);
• Fuel capacity of this dirt bike: 8.00 l (2.11 gal).
If you want to have a new 2019 model, you will have to pay around $6,499.

I hope that you will find my recommendations helpful to choose the best dirt bike, but it would also be great to search for other options.
speaktaper wrote post
If you a beginner, you may look at an attractively looking bike and think “I want it and I will buy it!” Unfortunately, you can get a stylish motorcycle that you will find very difficult to handle. Therefore, you should purchase your first machine taking into account its specifications and price. One of the most important figures that you should pay your attention to is the engine size. In this article, I will tell you about low cc models available on the market as well as why they are the best choice for a beginner.
Why Should You Choose a 125cc Motorcycle as Your First Machine?

Most 125cc machines are great for a starter because they have a relatively small engine size and their price is attractive. You should decide what you need your bike for, such as traveling around the city, enjoying the high speed at highways, discovering exciting off-road areas, etc., and pick the 125cc model that will help you get closer to your dream.

For instance, if you wish to buy a sports bike, think about starting with Yamaha YZF-R125. If you are looking for a reliable 125cc machine to travel from home to your work, than Medley 125 Piaggio may be the right option.

The other factors that you should pay your attention to are the following:
• The style of the bike;
• The seat heights;
• Riding position;
• Fuel tank capacity;
• Weight;
• Availability in your country;
• Price.
So, below you will find a few models that I have tried myself and found great bikes for a starter.

Best 125cc Motorcycles for a Beginner

I will also give you prices for new machines, but you always have an option to purchase a used bike.

KTM Duke 125
It is a stylish 125cc beginner machine that really looks like a large bike. This model is suitable for those who prefer aggressively looking street machines. The motorcycle allows having a slightly forward position to get sports feel while enjoying enough space and comfort. You will find it easy to control in busy city traffic.
• Engine: 124.7 cc;
• Seat height: 818 mm;
• Fuel capacity: 10.2 l;
• Curb weight: 148 kg.
This is not the cheapest 125cc machine that you can find on the market because the brand new motorcycle will cost you around $5,000.

YZF R125
This is the smallest 125cc machine in Yamaha's R series that has been extremely popular for years. Although the bike has a low cc engine, its frame is pretty large. There are also different modern features that you usually can find in bigger machines.
• Engine: 124.7 cc;
• Transmission: 6-speed;
• Seat height: 825 mm (32.5 in);
• Wet weight: 143 kg (315.3 lb);
• Fuel capacity: 11.5 l (3.0 US gal).
The brand new 125cc motorcycle will cost you about $5,700, which is not the lowest price, but you will get a well-built bike that can produce 100mpg. It is also known for reliability, which is important.

Aprilia RS 125
It also looks like a big machine, and since the model was first introduced, there have been many changes made to the initial version. The 125cc model is designed mainly for younger riders, who want a bike to enjoy the best performance both on the track and on the road. The high seat height will be particularly good for tall riders.
• Engine: 124.8 cc;
• Transmission: manual;
• Seat height: 805 mm (31.7 inches);
• Dry weight: 126 kg (278 lb);
• Fuel capacity: 14 l (3.7 US gal)
This low cc bike will cost you around $5,700, but this is a reasonable price to start your interesting and comfortable introduction to sportbikes.

Honda CB125F
This is another popular lightweight bike from the 125cc category. You will not have to pay a large price for reliability. Although it does not have some innovative features found in many other modern machines, such as ABS, you will surely enjoy a smooth ride. The bike is a good choice for those who need to travel in busy traffic.
• Engine: 124.7 cc 4-stroke;
• Transmission: five-speed manual;
• Curb Weight: 128kg;
• Seat height: 0.792 m;
• Fuel capacity: 13 l (3.4 US gal).
The price of this bike is around $3,500.

Yamaha MT-125
This 125cc bike has been around since 2014. Its main components are pretty much the same that those found in other Yamaha models, including the frame and engine. It is an aggressively looking big bike that you as a beginner will find easy to ride and master your riding skills. The motorcycle is great for people who prefer an upright position.
• Engine: 124.70 cc;
• Seat height: 810 mm;
• Fuel capacity: 11.5 l;
• Wet weight: 140 kg;
• Gearbox: 6-speed.
The price of this bike is about $5,400.

The models that I have provided for you above are some of the best machines in this engine size category that you can find today. Before you decide to pay the money, make sure that a certain model is really suitable for you, which can be done by trying to use it.
speaktaper wrote post
There are lots of different things to consider before you purchase your first motorcycle from its look to performance. One of the most important matters to have a look at when you read specifications is engine size. In order to choose the best motorcycle, you need to understand what cc is and how your bike performance depends on this parameter. The figures may be unclear for you for in the beginning, but you will understand everything over time. I started my riding experience with a 250 cc bike and now I have a really powerful beast. You may also purchase a more aggressive machine later if you manage to master your skills.

What Is CC?
It is important to understand what СС is before you start choosing your first motorcycle. It means cubic centimeters, which means the engine size of a bike. In simple words, the larger the engine, the more CCs it has. So, a bike with a 600 cc engine is more powerful than a 300 motorcycle. It is also important to check engine configuration because it also determines the power of the machine. It shows how the elements of the engine fit together. The two most popular configurations that you can find in the bike are straight-four engine and twins engines. Usually, the recommended engine size for a learner is under 500 cc, but there are motorcycles with larger engine displacement also suitable for beginners.

Motorcycles for a Learner

I have chosen a few bike models with different cc for you as a starter to check out.

Honda CRF250L Rally (250 cc)
The small frame of this machine is great for a beginner or a smaller rider. The seat is high enough to enjoy control and it also allows you to sit upright, which is a convenient riding position for long-distance commutes.
• Engine: 250 cc;
• Transmission: six-speed;
• Seat height: 35.2 inches;
• Fuel capacity: 2.7 gallons;
• Curb weight: 346 pounds.
The price for this beginner bike is $5,899, which is affordable for most budgets. Anyway, a used motorcycle is also an option that you can have.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 (296 cc)
This is another lightweight motorcycle that you will find very easy to ride. Thanks to digital fuel injection technology in this 296 cc bike, a beginner will enjoy smooth throttle control, which is important. The machine has a modern look thanks to all these innovative features that it has, such as a digital display.
• Engine: 296 cc 4-stroke;
• Transmission: six-speed;
• Seat height: 785 mm (30.9 in);
• Wet weight: 174.6 kg (385.0 lb.);
• Fuel capacity: 17.0 l (4.5 US gal);
This bike will cost you less than $4,500, which means that it is another affordable option for a beginner dreaming of learning how to ride a motorcycle.

Yamaha YZF-R3 (321 cc)
YZF-R3 is one of the best choices for a beginner. The 321 cc bike is lightweight and you will find it very easy to handle. If you prefer a sports-style position, you will love its seat. During stops, your feet will be fully on the ground which increases control over this beginner bike.
• Seat height: 780 mm (31 inches);
• Engine of the bike: 321 cc 4-stroke;
• Wet weight: 167 kg (368 lb.);
• Top speed: 180 km/h (110 mph);
• Transmission: six-speed constant mesh;
• Fuel capacity 14.0 l (3.7 US gal).
The price for the 2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 is $4,999, but you can also purchase a used bike if you wish to save some money.

There are also other models that you can find on the Internet, but those provided above I have tested myself and found them a great option for learners. Before you actually buy something, you should test the machine yourself to make sure that it is comfortable for you.
speaktaper wrote post
There are lots of exciting bikes that you as a learner find attractive. It may be difficult to pick something because there are so many things to take into account before you actually purchase something. However, if you are a beginner, the choice of suitable motorcycles for you is not that wide, and it is even smaller for those who wish to consider only classic machines. I myself love them and I have ridden several of them, which means that I know a few models to recommend to you if you wish to master your riding skills. So, if you are planning to learn how to ride a bike and you prefer traditionally looking machines, I can help you to pick the best motorcycle. Just keep reading this article to find out more.
What Classic Motorcycles Really Are

Many people believe that such motorcycles are essentially machines that were produced several decades ago, but this is only partially true. The thing is that any bike that has this special traditional look can be called so. The vintage machines are really pretty odds, Today, you can find many models that remind you machines from old movies but they were made recently so they come with all the modern features.

How to Choose the Best Bike for a Beginner?

I will recommend a few models for you, but since there are many more options that you can find on the Internet when searching for a classic bike, you also need to know what to pay your attention to.
So, the important things to look at are as following:
• Seat height;
• Riding position;
• Weight;
• Price;
• Style.
You do not have to purchase an expensive super powerful motorcycle with all those modern advanced features, but what you need is a lightweight machine that you can control easily.

Best Classic Bikes Suitable for a Beginner

Below you will find a few models that I have chosen myself based on my experience. I will also provide here prices for used machines, which really depend on the condition of the bike. You can also find other offers on the Internet. As a learner, you will likely do lots of mistakes and you never know if you really like riding a bike until you try it. However, a new machine is more reliable, so if your budget allows, you can opt for a brand new motorcycle.

Honda CB1100 Ex
This is a great option for a beginner looking for a beautifully looking motorcycle that is very easy to control. There is a seamless gas tank, timeless steel chassis, which makes it look in a traditional way. The bike also has a nice frame and chrome fenders, which contributes to its classic look. Although it is not the cheapest machine, you can find a used bike under $10,000.
• Engine: 1140cc;
• Seat height: 31.2 inches;
• Transmission: six-speed;
• Fuel capacity: 4.4 gal.;
• Curb weight: 540 pounds.

Bonneville T120 Triumph
This beginner motorcycle looks timeless and it is pretty powerful thanks to the 1200cc engine. The machine is good to keep control while enjoying a relaxed position. Some of the key elements of the machine giving it this special look are heated grips and handcrafted chrome details. You can also get it for less than $10,000.
• Engine: 1200cc;
• Cooling System: liquid cooled;
• Curb Weight 224 kg;
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.5 l;
• Transmission: six-speed gears.

Yamaha V-STAR 250
This beginner motorcycle will be a good choice for those who love a classic American dream style machine. The bike comes with the low seat position, which makes it attractive for smaller riders, particularly, ladies. Since its weight is only 147 kg it is a lightweight machine that you will find easy to handle. As for disadvantages, it does not have a large fuel capacity, but for a learner, it is not a problem. Also, the bike may not be powerful enough for cruising with a passenger, but, again, as a learner, you will not need it for a long time. The price is also attractive because MSRP for 2018 new model is only $4,349.
• Engine: 249cc, air-cooled;
• Seat height: 685 mm (27 inches);
• Fuel capacity: 9,5 l (2,5 gal);
• Transmission: five-speed;
• Curb weight: 147 kg (324 lbs).

If you are a beginner who wants to get a high-quality classic motorcycle to learn how to ride, you will surely find several options available on the market that you can get for a good price. You just need to test the machine before you actually get it to make sure that it is comfortable for you.
speaktaper wrote post
When you learn how to ride a bike, you want to ensure both comfort and protection, and this is not only about your machine, but also about the special gear that you wear. One of the important things to get is a motorcycle jacket. As a beginner, you may find it difficult to make the right choice as you do not know what to look at, but I can help you with that. I have been riding bikes for years, and I have used many different jackets. Now that I have some experience regarding choosing the best gear to ride a motorcycle, I want to share it with you.
Why a Good Jacket Is Important?

This motorcycle gear covers important parts of your body, such as the back, arms, ribs, and different organs. You need to get a special jacket to ensure not only comfort when riding but also safety. Of course, you will look pretty cool by wearing a regular stylish leather product, but it will not protect you during crashes like a specially made thing would do.

These are the types of motorcycle jackets:
• Leather;
• Textile.

Even textile materials if they are of high-quality can keep you dry when it is raining. Such products for a motorcycle rider are more affordable but they are not that durable as leather jackets. They usually have more seams to be more resistible to abrasion and bursting. The gear is made to fit snugly, which you need particularly when riding a motorcycle in windy weather. Usually, such products also have armor with a CE safety rating, which protects your most vulnerable parts in case of a crash. Such protectors can protect your back, ribs, elbows, heart, shoulders, and lungs, which important for a motorcycle rider.

While your jacket should fit well and snugly, you want to be able to move freely, especially your arms. The other thing to keep in mind is that the style of your jacket should match the style of your motorcycle. Also, it is important to consider the weather conditions. For instance, if it is warm, you can purchase a jacket made from perforated leather.

Best Motorcycle Jackets for Learners

Below you will find a few motorcycle models that you can pick something from if you a beginner or an experienced rider.

Atomic 5.0 Textile
This great looking motorcycle jacket comes with is as a waterproof liner and CE approved armor protecting your elbows and shoulders. You can also have removable spine armor, which is optional. This is the right choice for riding your motorcycle when it is hot. You will enjoy excellent air-flow while being fully protected. All in all, it is a solid entry-level motorcycle gear, which will fit you snug. The rating of the jacket is 4.5 out 5 at Amazon based on 204 reviews, and its starting price is $107.44.

Tourmaster Transition Series 4
This is a wonderful motorcycle jacket for touring that is worth every cent you pay for it. It is not cheap, though, as its price starts at $269.99. The model comes with all the necessary features that you might want to have in your gear from great fabric construction to pipeline vents. This motorcycle product is suitable for different weather conditions, and you will just need to do a few movements to make changes matching your needs. All in all, this model will keep you dry and warm. This beautiful motorcycle jacket provides comprehensive protection for your body from neck collar to armor protecting your shoulders, elbows, etc. You may want to purchase something cheaper as a beginner, but one day you will surely want to buy a thing like this.

Milwaukee Leather
You should buy this police-style motorcycle product if you want to look cool, feel comfortable, and stay protected. The model comes with large zippers and stitching all over the jacket. It has several pockets with zippers that you can use to keep some important stuff. Even if it rains, you can ride your motorcycle with no worries because you will not become cold and wet thanks to the high-quality waterproof exterior. There is a removable inner thermal liner and you can also fold the sleeves to ride when it is hot. The rating of the product at Amazon is 4.5 out of 5 based on 708 reviews. The price for this motorcycle jacket is $129.99.

All in all, it is possible to find a motorcycle jacket from the models provided above that best suits your needs even if you are a novice and you have little or no experience in choosing gear.
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I know that it may be challenging to pick the right bike if you are a beginner. I myself was a learner many years ago, by I still remember how difficult it was to learn to ride on a heavy motorcycle. Since that time, I have tested a few models that I found very convenient for those who do not have good riding skills yet. I will recommend you several Ducati machines in this article that you can go through to choose the very best motorcycle.
What Your First Bike Should Be

There are many things to consider before buying your first bike. While it should it a reliable motorcycle, it does not make sense to invest too much money. The thing is that you will not likely use all the capabilities of the bike for at least several months. Thus, you do not need those expensive machines offering a professional-level performance.

Understanding your needs is also essential. Do you need your motorcycle in city traffic or you are dreaming of feeling free on freeways? Probably, you do not want to purchase an extremely heavy machine even if you are dreaming of a well-made cruiser to ride for hours.

The motorcycle also should fit your body, so you need to pick a model with a proper seat high that allows you to have a comfortable riding position. Usually, a used bike is considered a better option for a starter because one will not have to pay lots of money for a machine that he or she might want to change pretty soon.

Why Choose Ducati

There are lots of amazing brands that you can choose something from, and it may be very difficult to pick something especially for a beginner. However, you just cannot go wrong if you choose a Ducati motorcycle. This is a world-known Italian brand that has been around since the 1920s. The manufacturer’s line includes machines of different styles, and models for a beginner are also available. All in all, when it comes to Ducati machines, you can count on finding a high-quality motorcycle at a good price.

Below, you will find two Ducati models that suit a starter. You can pick a motorcycle based on your individual preference and budget, but each of those would make a good choice.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2
This is one of the best machines for a beginner that you can find on the market today. The Ducati motorcycle has been specially designed for off-road, but it is also great for the highway. The saddle is positioned higher than in many other machines, which allows having better control over the machine. The engine of the Ducati model is just 399 cc and it produces only 41 hp. All in all, as a beginner, you will be able to handle the bike. The new motorcycle will cost you less than $8,000.
• Engine type of the bike: V2, four-stroke;
• Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection;
• Gearbox: 6-speed
• The cooling system of this Ducati motorcycle: Air
• Dry weight: 167.0 kg;
• Seat height: 770 mm;
• Overall width: 860 mm.
• A great design of the Ducati machine;
• The good seat height of the bike (adjustable);
• Awesome for beginners.
• The price of a new machine is not low.

The Learner Legal Monster 659
This compact model for a beginner comes with a fresh design. This Ducati motorcycle has been specially created for learners looking for a reliable and easy to handle machine. The 2018 version of the bike has a low seat height of 785mm, which makes it also a good choice for ladies or smaller riders. This machine is only sold in Australia and New Zealand. The new Ducati bike will cost you around $12,000.
• Engine : 695.79 cc;
• Transmission six-speed;
• Weight: 161 kg;
• Fuel capacity: 15 l.
• This Ducati bike has been specially created for a beginner;
• A low seat great for women and short men.
• A high price for a new machine, especially for a beginner;
• A low seat high is not comfortable for tall riders;
• The machine is sold only in Australia and New Zealand.

Now that you know what Ducati models are the best for a beginner, you can choose a good machine. Since the price of a bike is not low, you can opt for a used machine, which will save you lots of money. Before you actually make a purchase, it is recommended to have a test ride and, as a beginner, to try to handle the machine. Since the production of Monster 659 is limited to just a few countries, US riders will likely choose Ducati Scrambler Sixty2.
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Learning to ride a motorcycle requires lots of things from actually getting the right machine to picking the special gear. While most of the stuff that you wear when on the road you take off when you are not, your footwear will still be on you. This means that you need to get shoes or boots that will be good in terms of protection, but that will also be comfortable to wear nonstop. I myself have tried different models so I have some experience. I am going to share it with you in this article so that you could pick the best motorcycle boots.
What to Pay Your Attention to

Usually, high-quality motorcycle boots are expensive; however, even the cheapest footwear will be better than any other regular shoes. There are different types of bikes that you can choose to learn to ride, but many of them are pretty heavy and proper protection for your feet is essential so that you could handle your machine easily especially on unpredictable surfaces. When choosing proper shoes to ride your motorcycle, you want to pay attention to several most important factors, including the following:
• Height;
• Material;
• Closures of the boots;
• Construction;
• Soles;
• The fit of the boots;
• Armor and Protection;
• Replaceable parts.

Models to Consider

The models that you will find below are available at a reasonable price and they are a great choice for a beginner. When your riding skills become better, and you want to enjoy higher speeds and tough cornering, you can think of investing a large amount of money in more professional motorcycle boots.

Alpinestars Web Goretex
Those may not be the best looking boots, but you will enjoy the great quality at a good price. They are all-leather, which allows using them for a long ride on a motorcycle. This waterproof footwear also allows keeping control over your machine. You can wear them for hours without feeling discomfort because the breathability is ensured.

• Great boots for riding to long distances;
• Thanks to special toe box construction, you can enjoy better riding control over your motorcycle;
• Accordion flex zones located in front and back parts of the boots ensure maneuverability;
• Additional protection for the upper foot.
• The model might be expensive if you ride infrequently or only to short distances.
Price of these motorcycle boots is $241.19.

TCX X-Blend
These are classic and stylish-looking waterproof motorcycle boots that are comfortable for both walking and riding a bike. The footwear is well-made and it comes with the necessary protective components.

• The boots are made from full grain vintage leather;
• Reinforced toe/heel counter;
• They are stylish boots;
• The model is waterproof;
• The rubber sole of the boots is wear-resistant.
• They are not cheap because high-quality materials have been used;
• It is possible to find more robust boots for the same price.
If you wish to get a pair of these, you will pay around $209.46.

Richa Zenith
If you are looking for outstanding protection at a low price, these boots are ideal for you. They are full height footwear with awesome protection and padding. Different materials are used in this model, including leather and textile. The soles of these motorcycle boots are tough rubber.

• Waterproof boots;
• Zip and Velcro fastenings for quick and easy access;
• Stretch area for additional comfort;
• Great protection.
• The boots are suitable for riding but they are not great for walking around;
• They may be less durable than some other more expensive models.
The price for these motorcycle boots is only $88.85.
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I have been riding motorcycles since I was 20 and I have tested many different models. Unfortunately, not all those popular bikes that you can find today provide exceptional comfort for women, especially for a rider beginner. So, I have decided to give you a few recommendations based on my own experience, and I hope that you will find them helpful for choosing your first motorcycle.

Honda Shadow Spirit 750
I have ridden a Honda Shadow 750 for a few years and I really like this motorcycle. It is great for women and it is also a good choice for short men. The bike is very easy to handle for a rider and I find it convenient to turn. So, if you are looking for a fairly small bike for a woman beginner, you should think of getting this one. You can purchase a used motorcycle for about $3,000.
• Wheelbase: 63.6 inches;
• Seat Height: 27.6 inches, which is good for a short rider;
• Dry Weight: 229 kg;
• Fuel Capacity: 3.7 gallons.
• Very easy to handle;
• Low seat height, which is convenient for women;
• It is a durable bike;
• The price of the motorcycle is good.
• It may be heavy for women;
• A gas tank is not large;
• The machine is not great for touring.
All in all, it is a quite good model for a woman beginner who is looking for a motorcycle with a low seat height and smooth handling.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 (https://bike.net/Kawa…a_250_1994)
The model is great for a female beginner aiming at finding an attractively looking sports styled motorcycle. The seat height is quite high (30.9 inches), so it is better for tall women. Its relatively small engine is enough for a girl rider starting to learn. You can have the brand new machine for around $3,000.
• Engine - 249cc liquid-cooled;
• Transmission – six-speed manual;
• Top speed‎ of the bike - 170 kmph;
• Weight - 172kg;
• Seat height - 30.7 inches;
• Fuel Tank Capacity‎ - 3.7 gallons.
• The bike is light and small even for a girl;
• It is fuel efficient;
• The price of the motorcycle is attractive;
• The model is good for a beginner.
• The bike may be expensive to fix some problems.
It is a good option for a woman rider who likes touring because it allows you to drive 60 miles using just one gallon! You will likely run lots of miles before you will have to think about changing oil and tires. Easiness in maintenance is another great advantage for a female beginner.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883
This is a very popular model among women, which will make a learning process much easier. It is one of the entry-level motorcycles from the famous manufacturer. The machine is found convenient by female riders learning how to ride. Although this model is relatively inexpensive for Harley, the price may be too much for a beginner ($8,399).
• Engine - 249 cc twin, four-stroke;
• Gearbox - six-speed;
• Fuel capacity - 4.49 gallons;
• Weight - 562 lbs.
• A low seat height;
• Fuel Injected;
• The bike has an attractive aggressive look.
• Might be an expensive purchase for a learner;
• It is a pretty heavy bike.
Although this Harley Davidson motorcycle makes an impression of a loud and pretty heavy machine, lots of people have successfully used this model to learn to become a great rider.

Yamaha R6
There are lots of people who believe that this machine is only good for the track, but it is also suitable for roads. You can find many women reviews convincing that this is a great model for female learners and I believe them as I have tried this motorcycle myself and enjoyed it very much. The updated model will cost you $12,199, which is not affordable for every rider, but you can opt for a used bike to get it cheaper.
• Engine - 599 cc;
• Top Speed - 262 kmph;
• Gearbox – six-speed;
• Seat Height - 32.0 inches;
• Wet Weight - 190 kg;
• Fuel Tank Capacity - 17 litres.
• The motorcycle does not weigh a lot, which is important for female;
• It is very easy to handle for women;
• The machine has a great look.
• The price is quite high for this motorcycle;
• It may be more difficult for learning than some other models;
• It may require more gas than some other models suitable for women.
The motorcycle comes with the full package of technologies typical for the manufacturer, including great chassis and suspension. I cannot call it the most powerful machine for women that you can find today, but as a woman learner, you do not really need this.

Yamaha DragStar 950
This is a good middleweight motorcycle for women. You can use it as an urban cruiser or for touring. The seat height of the machine is only 26.6 inches, which makes it easy very easy to handle it even for a short female rider. The price of this bike is quite high as the brand new model will cost you about $11,500.
• Engine - 942cc;
• Transmission - five-speed;
• Seat Height - 26.6 inches;
• Fuel Capacity - 4.4 gallons;
• Wet Weight - 657 lbs.
• Smoothly running engine;
• Low seat height;
• Looks long and fat;
• Easy to handle even by a starter;
• Easy to maintain.
• The price is pretty high;
• There are many plastic chrome details;
• Poor headlight efficiency.

Bottom Line

It is important to choose a machine for a learning rider carefully. As a starter, you will likely make lots of mistakes, so opting for a used machine would be a good choice. Your first bike does not have to be the best motorcycle, and the most crucial things to look for are an attractive price, good handle, proper weight, and low seat.
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There are lots of different bikes that can be used by a beginner and it may be challenging to pick something. Not only is it about your comfort during a learning process but also about matching your future needs. A cruiser motorcycle is great for starters thanks to relaxed riding position and relatively low seat height. Such machines come in various chassis and engine sizes, features, fuel capacity, etc. This means that you will have to take into account different factors to choose from. Also, you will likely want to pick the bike looking attractively. Today, we are going to recommend a few 250cc cruisers that you may want to consider when choosing the best motorcycle.

Yamaha Virago 250 (https://bike.net/Yama…o_250_2005)
It is definitely best-looking cruiser that comes with a 250cc engine. A beginner will enjoy great fuel efficiency, low seat height, and low weight. Also, it is not a very expensive model because you can get the brand new machine for $4,349.
• This 250cc machine looks and sounds great;
• Awesome fuel efficiency;
• This motorcycle is suitable for smaller riders;
• The price is pretty attractive.
• The stock mirrors of the motorcycle are useless;
• This cruiser is so lightweight that you should be careful not to be blown around on the highway;
• The low seat is not comfortable for tall riders.
It is one of the best options that you have when it comes to a 250cc motorcycle for a beginner. It is lightweight and easy to handle, which is important for starters. There is a range of other advantages of this machine that you will enjoy for many years, such as fantastic fuel efficiency.

Honda Rebel 250 (https://bike.net/Hond…l_250_2002)
It is another good motorcycle with a 250cc engine for a beginner that has small sizes, low weights, and low seat height. The machine is great to travel around the city. It is also a relatively inexpensive bike that you can purchase for about $3,000.
• The beginner motorcycle is awesome for turning at low speeds;
• It is lightweight;
• The 250cc motorcycle comes with a bulletproof engine.
• The motorcycle does not have an aggressive look;
• It may be too small for tall riders;
• This 250cc model comes with a little soft suspension.
It is a wonderful 250cc motorcycle that particularly suits starters looking for a light and compact machine. However, some riders will find its size too small. Therefore, it is recommended to have a test ride on this motorcycle before you decide to get it. You will not have to pay lots of money to enjoy this beast, which is awesome.

Hyosung GV250
This 250cc motorcycle is a good option for those who appreciate classic cruiser design. Although the seat height is quite low, there is lots of room for tall riders. You will definitely be noticed when riding on this machine because it has a great look. It will cost you around $4,000, which is not lots of money for this beauty; however, you can save some money by purchasing a used motorcycle.
• Good acceleration;
• Great look;
• It is lightweight;
• The seat height of the motorcycle is low;
• The machine is very easy to handle;
• Good price.
• The seat is not very comfortable for long rides.
Hyosung GV250 is a great beginner motorcycle for those who want to purchase their first 250cc cruiser that will not cost them lots of money, and they can save even more if opting for a used machine. Anyway, it is recommended to ride this bike for some time before you decide you get it.

We hope that our recommendations will help you pick the best motorcycle, but it is also recommended to try to find other models available on the market today
As a beginner to the exciting motorcycle world, you want to keep it simple until you gain the necessary knowledge and skills; therefore, you probably want to purchase a standard inexpensive model. However, if you aim at mastering riding a sport bike that also has the long-distance capabilities, you should consider checking out touring motorcycles suitable for a starter. The first such bike was 1977 BMW R100RS, but today you can find more options on the market. I will recommend you a few tourers that I have ridden myself, but you should decide what to choose based on your preferences.
How to Choose the Best Sport Touring Motorcycles?

So, as a beginner who has never and rarely ridden a motorcycle, you just do not know what to pay your attention to when choosing a new machine. There are plenty of helpful articles on the Internet that you can go through on this topic, but I will also give you a few helpful tips on that So, some aspects to keep in mind are the following:
• Price;
• Weight;
• Seat height;
• Fuel capacity and others.
Each touring bike has advantages and disadvantages that you as you a starter should know about.
• They are comfortable;
• They are suitable for long distances;
• They have natural ergonomics.
• Many tourers come with tall seats, which may be inconvenient for short riders;
• They are usually heavy;
• The price for such machines is higher than for most standard machines.

Models to Consider

Below you will find a few tourers from which you can choose the best motorcycle, depending on your individual situation.

Ducati Multistrada (https://bike.net/Duca…a_620_2005)
It is a modern-day classic machine equipped a 1198cc engine. It can develop up to 145 mph, but you as a beginner do not want to accelerate to the top speed. This motorcycle is great for the freeway and it is also suitable to ride in the city. In fact, this model is believed to be the best in terms of combining touring and sport features. The motorcycle comes with cruise control, all the electronics, ABS system, and other great features. You can get the bike for around $20,000.

Suzuki V-Strom 1000
You will be sitting high the saddle of this beast thanks to the convenient upright riding position. The price of this touring machine is around $12,500. What will you have are durability, quality, and comfort, which is important not only for a beginner but also for an experienced rider. This is the machine that will take you to long distances on road or off-road. The machine is equipped with a 1037 cc and it can develop the speed up to 126 mph.

BMW R 1200 RS tourers
This sport touring bike comes with a powerful engine and can develop the speed up to 125 mph. You will likely hear many opinions that this motorcycle is not the very best choice for a beginner because it is sort of an advanced option, but what kind of learning are you? If you have never ridden a motorcycle maybe you do not want to pay lots of money for something like this but if you are looking for a new experience with a touring bike, it is a good option. Anyway, it will give you lots of flexibility in developing your skills. Also, tourers are generally considered to be not the best choice for learners. In one year, you will likely have more or less good skills if you practice regularly and you will appreciate having this bike.

It may not be the best option for the city road, but if you are dreaming of freeways, you will likely want to buy this sport touring motorcycle someday. The machine can develop up to 125 mph and it allows enjoying relaxed riding position and smooth handling. This bike will definably make a brilliant travel companion even for a beginner. However, this is not a cheap enjoyment that will cost you around $15,000.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700
You can test the powerful engine of the bike on a long road when you turn from a beginner to an experienced rider. You should think of getting this machine if you are looking for a touring motorcycle to enjoy a trip with your partner as it will be very comfortable for you and your passenger. The bike comes with everything you need from an innovative ABS system to helpful cruise control. The motorcycle costs around $17,500.

Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT
It is a quite lightweight touring motorcycle that comes with a 1,215 cc, wind protection, and other advanced features. The bike does not afraid of the dirt and you can enjoy riding off road as long as you want. It is also a great machine for the highway. Unfortunately, the price of the bike is not low because you would have to play around $20,000 for it. Today, it is definitely the best sport touring motorcycle in the middleweight category that you can purchase today.

I hope that you have found this article useful. Unfortunately, not every beginner will be able to purchase one of those machines right away, but they should keep them in mind because those are the best touring motorcycles.
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If you decide to learn how to ride a motorcycle, then this is an exciting journey waiting for you, which is great, but you should start it correctly. There are lots of things to think about to ensure comfort and safe riding, and one of the most important of them is choosing the best motorcycle. We all different and it is impossible to find one model that would perfectly suit everyone. Today, we are going to talk about the most popular machines for a tall beginner. I am a tall rider myself and it took me some time to find good machines that I could operate easily and I wish to share my experience with you.
This machine is great for riders who are taller than six foot. In fact, I was a beginner when I got it from my brother who is also rather tall. Its seat height is 30.9 inches and its weight is about 429 lbs. I know that it is not really a lightweight motorbike, but this is something that you can expect when it comes to a motorcycle for tall riders. I do not really know for how much my brother bought this it, but a 2018 model will cost you around $5,000. Of course, you can find an older machine at a lower price, for instance, you will pay about $2,000 for the 2000 motorcycle.

This is an adventure bike that I currently use and I have ridden it for a few years now. So far, it is the best motorcycle for me. Its seat height is 34.6 inches. It is a pretty heavy machine weighing 538 lbs, but it is really good for riding long distances, which I like. The motorcycle is awesome not only for freeways but also for riding in the city. It is a perfect option for those who like to stand time to time during riding. It is not a cheap bike, which will cost you around $ 20,000 if you opt for the brand new motorcycle. Probably, as a beginner, you do not want to invest that much money in your new bike, but thinking about getting a used bike may be a good idea.

Yamaha XSR 900 (https://bike.net/Yama…SR900_2016)
It is the model positioned for tall riders who also appreciate an 847 cc liquid-cooled engine. A seat height of the motorcycle is 32.7 inches and it is not really heavy as weight 430 lbs, so I think that it is a good choice for tall women as well. The motorcycle comes with a narrow frame and it is very easy to handle. It is probably the best choice for a classic-conditioned rider. I have ridden this bike than traveled in Europe. I rented it and used for several weeks and I can tell you that I have had a great experience. It does not have the best fuel capacity though as it is only 3.7 gals.

Kawasaki KLR 650 (https://bike.net/Kawa…R_650_1987)
Kawasaki has always built interesting models and it is great that they have options for tall riders. For instance, KLR 650 which is suitable for a beginner comes with a seat height of 35 inches and it is quite light as its weight is 432 lbs. Moreover, it offers a pretty good fuel capacity of 6.1 gals. This motorcycle is suitable for tall riders who are also interested in fuel economy. This dual-purpose machine will give you flexibility wherever you go. In fact, I am thinking about getting one later. The price for the brand new 2018 model is only $6,699, which sounds good to me.

Ducati XDiavel
This is the last model for tall rides that I am going to present today. This machine is much appreciated by those preferring the truly aggressive look. It is a cruiser bike, which seat height is 29.72 inches. I would not call it lightweight as you will need to operate a 485-pound machine. Thanks to 7.75-gal fuel capacity, you can make a long way without worry about fueling your motorcycle.

So, this is all that I wanted to recommend you today, but this does not mean that those are the only options that you have today. As a starter, you probably do not want to invest lots of money right away, but if it is a really good motorcycle…why not?
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There are lots of people who wonder how to ride a motorcycle, and if you are one of them, then you are in the right place because I will give you a few helpful tips. You must be thinking that you just need to get a good motorcycle to learn a certain riding technique, but you will achieve much better results if you find out a few things before you actually sit on the bike.

Things to Remember

It is unlikely that you will sit on the motorbike and start riding instantly and it is likely that you will make lots of mistakes. However, one thing is certain — you will learn how to ride eventually if you do not give up. First time riding will be a bit easier for you if you are prepared to failures.

When I was learning to ride my first motorcycle, I quickly realized that there are several important things to pay attention to. My first bike was Yamaha YZF-R3, a great lightweight and very easy to handle motorbike. It is probably not the best motorcycle for experienced riders but it is awesome for a beginner.
Today, you can find those advanced machines with digital consoles so first of all, you should learn how to use them. Also, if you are going to ride a classic old motorcycle, you still have to get a clear idea of how everything works. Do not try to increase your speed right away. Sit on the motorcycle for a while to get used to the posture. You can also practice to park it, which will allow you to get used to the size of your motorbike.

Do not try to learn everything at the same time! It should be one thing at a time! Probably people who know how to ride a bicycle feel more comfortable during first time riding a motorcycle, so maybe it is a good idea to start with the simplest thing. Wearing protective gear is crucial not only for a learner but also for an experienced biker.
How to Start?

Probably, the best place to start learning to ride a motorcycle is in a parking lot and you can also find proper streets in your neighborhood. Since most city streets require riding at low speed, they are a good place for learning. As your skills get better and your confidence grows, you can expand your riding territory.

Eventually, you will find yourself riding a motorcycle on a freeway/highway. Remember that riding 65mph on a motorbike is not the same as in auto because you will feel the wind, the noises, and the bumps. These things may be scary at first because you will feel sort of unprotected, but later you will start enjoying them.

Should You Get Some Help?

When you start riding a motorcycle, you will likely have lots of questions; therefore, you will need to get some help, so it is great if you have a friend who is an experienced biker and who can dedicate some times to teach you. However, there are also special services that you can opt for. You will be trained by a professional who will guide you through every step. It is also recommended to take the DMV test, which is an essential thing for everyone who wants to ride a motorcycle in the US.

Tips and Helpful Techniques

Below you will find a few interesting recommendations and techniques for a beginner that you should keep in mind when learning to ride a motorcycle.

Keep only two fingers on the clutch or brake lever

You only need to use four fingers to use the clutch lever if your motorbike comes with a heavy clutch pull. Two figures are usually enough and you can have better control over your motorcycle since both hands have a good grasp on the bars.
Learning to Turn Left and Right in Circles

It is a very important technique to learn on a motorcycle. Most people find that turning to one side is easier than to another, which mainly depends on their dominant arm. I am a right-handed person so turning left for me much easier than turning right. Also, the rear brake lever of a motorcycle is located on the right, which makes it a bit more difficult to brake before turning right.

Usually, you can find painted lines on an empty parking lot that will help you to adjust your movements when riding a motorcycle. If you are a right-handed person, you should start off by learning to ride to the left, in the counterclockwise direction. Once you gain certain experience, you can start practicing to turn to the right. As you keep practicing, try to make your circles tighter.

“Draw” Eights

It is another useful exercise that you should master to ride. You can start practicing it once you gain some experience in turning right and left. This will allow you to learn to turn to different directions. Start with a big eight and then make it tighter.

Practice Hard Braking

The main idea behind this exercise is to understand how quickly your motorbike can stop. It is also a very useful skill that you should learn not to lose control over the situation when hard braking is required. You should start practicing hard braking at low speeds and then increase them gradually.

That is all! I hope that you have found my recommendations on how to ride a motorbike for dummies useful.
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As a beginner, you want your first sportbike to be attractive, comfortable, and affordable. I myself have testes each motorcycle that you will find below and I believe that you will be able to choose something from them for a start. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are looking for in terms of weight, speed, price, and other factors. The prices that you will find in this article are provided for each brand new motorcycle, but you may also want to consider purchasing a used sport bike for a beginner. Also, it is recommended to opt for a test ride before you actually decide to buy something because it will allow you to “feel” the machine and choose the best option.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R (https://bike.net/Kawa…a_250_1994)
We will start with Ninja 250R, which is a very popular sportbike suitable for a beginner. It is the best motorcycle for a starter because it is a lightweight attractive sport bike with great mileage.
• You can enjoy 50 miles per gallon;
• Small and lightweight sport bike;
• The motorcycle is suitable for new rider mistakes;
• A cheap bike because a brand new machine will cost you around $3,000.
• There are many plastic details in this motorcycle that you will find expensive to repair. Replacing them is also inconvenient for a beginner;
• You should ride it carefully on windy days.
Brief Specifications of the Motorcycle:
• 249cc, liquid cooled DOHC engine;
• Six-speed transmission;
• 30″ seat height;
• The wet weight of the motorcycle is 375 lbs.
This is a good bike for a beginner who appreciates super low weight, great handling, and the overall reliability.

Yamaha YZF R3 (https://bike.net/Yama…ZF_R3_2015)
This speed bike is also great for a start. The machine has a slim and sleek design and a range of amazing features, which makes it a good choice for a learner and experienced biker. This motorcycle offers more horsepower than the Ninja 250R, but it does not come with ABS, which may be a serious disadvantage for a beginner.
• The powerful and smooth engine of the sportbike;
• Great handling and ride for a starter;
• Reasonable price (you can buy a brand new sport bike for $4,999);
• Great design and good build quality;
• High power;
• Comfortable for a long ride.
• No ABS;
• Not great tires;
• No slipper clutch.
Brief Specifications of the Motorcycle
• 321 cc DOHC engine;
• 30″ seat height;
• Six-speed transmission;
• The wet weight of the motorcycle is 368 lbs.
All in all, it is a comfortable, practical, lightweight sport bike available for a beginner to start with. Also, this model can be purchased at a pretty good price, which is a very important factor for many learners.

KTM 390 Duke (https://bike.net/KTM/…_Duke_2013)
It is the sport bike version of the RC390 which comes with the same frame, engine, and transmission, but the packaging is different.
• Standard ABS;
• Metzelers tires;
• Lightweight bike;
• Great power to weight ratio;
• Good performance of the sportbike at higher speeds;
• Comfortable upright riding position.
• Pillion seat of the motorcycle is uncomfortable;
• Heating issues, which may be very inconvenient for a beginner;
• The relatively high price of the motorcycle of around $5,000 and it may be expensive to fix;
• Difficult to clean.
Brief Specifications of the Motorcycle:
• 373cc DOHC engine;
• The wet weight of the motorcycle is 340 lbs;
• Five-speed transmission.
On one hand, the motorcycle has everything for a comfortable ride for a beginner, but the price is not attractive and it may be costly to repair the machine.

Honda CBR500R (https://bike.net/Hond…R500R_2013)
This is a more advanced motorcycle for a beginner, which allows enjoying intuitive interface and usability. For lots of riders, it is a more popular model than Ninja 300. You will enjoy the increased power of the sportbike and a few other fantastic features. The chances are that you will ride this machine for years.
• A large space for legs;
• Smooth and powerful engine;
• Convenient gearbox;
• Good weight for freeway stability;
• Overall reliability of the motorcycle.
• Does not look that aggressively as some other bikes;
• Softer suspension, which is not good for canyon racing;
• The horn button is placed inconveniently;
• High price. The brand new 2019 model will cost you $6,699.
Brief Specification of the Motorcycle
• 30.9″seat height;
• The wet weight of the motorcycle is 419 lbs;
• 471cc liquid-cooled engine;
• Six-speed transmission.
This model is great for a beginner looking for easy handling, good power, and other advanced capabilities. Although the price is not the best, it is likely that you will not want to change your motorcycle for many years.

Bottom Line

The models described above allow you to understand what to pay your attention to, and since they are different in price, riders with different budgets can choose a suitable option. Remember that you should also consider the costs of repair of the machine.