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speaktaper wrote post
If you are interested in motorcycles, you might have already heard of kawasaki ninja bikes. Showed up in 1984, this legendary line-up still occupies a decent position in the motorcycle market.
If you are one of those guys searching for a good beginner kawasaki ninja bike, we offer you to get familiar with this helpful review. Here we have tried to sort out the best candidates for your first kawasaki ninja bike.

Kawasaki Ninja GPZ900R
Let us start with review with the first representative of this popular motorcycle line-up – the Kawasaki Ninja GPZ900R. This starter kawasaki ninja bike can be purchased for $5,000, which is a pretty affordable sum for such a well-known model. The company had been secretly developing this bike for six years until its debut in 1984. The kawasaki ninja motorcycle was in production until 1996 when it was outclassed by the ZX-9R model.

The first kawasaki ninja was a bright two-wheel beast. The starter kawasaki motorcycle is driven by a 115 hp liquid-cooled 16 valve inline-four motor. The given powerplant will enable you to reach up to 150 miles per hour. However, it can go even faster. The bike is known for surpassing this record.

If you dream of an opportunity to become an owner of a revolutionary bike capable of equally performing as a long-distance motorcycle and a convenient urban commuter, this beginner stuff is for you. Let it be your first kawasaki ninja bike and you won’t be disappointed.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10 “Tomcat”
If you are a fan of the kawasaki bike line-up and you already have up to $15,099 at hand, you are bound to have a closer look at the Ninja ZX-10. Of course, you are eager to know what makes this starter kawasaki motorcycle famous. Well, this bike’s motor boasts a higher compression ration than its predecessors. The powerplant of this kawasaki motorcycle also features bigger valves and lighter pistons. Such innovations enabled the bike to retain the reputation of the fastest production motorcycle. In 1988, the bike shocked everybody with its 165 mph.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
Launched into production in 1995, this bright representative of the kawasaki line-up doesn’t seem to be going to retire. It’s still capable of competing with up-to-date models. Well, it’s not another speed record breaker but this motorcycle is a decent solution for any rider. Its inline-four 636cc is capable of giving out up to 135 hp. Needless to say, it would be a good outcome for an average rider. If you are fond of street racing, the bike worth $9999 will satisfy you.

The model is constantly updated that helps it to remain actual in the highly competitive motorcycle market. By the way, this bike managed to win the World Supersport championship in 2015. As you see, you have a real chance to become an owner of the legendary motorcycle capable of being a champion. Using such a bike for everyday commuting needs might seem excessive. However, no one can help being proud of his steel pal easily outperforming other bikes on the highway.
speaktaper wrote post
If you are particularly interested in off-road bikes, then you should focus on what is offered by one of the most well-known Japanese producers of so-called dirt bikes. Of course, we mean yamaha products. The brand has been successfully preserving a strong position in the market and there’s nothing surprising in it considering impressive performance and revolutionary designs of their bikes.
As a beginner, you might be struggling to pick up a good yamaha bike for your off-road needs. In this starter guide, you will see the best off-road offers from the reputable Japanese producer.

The brief history of Yamaha motorcycle world
Started in 1887, the company initially dealt with musical instruments, in particular, pianos. Gradually, the company penetrated other niches, including computers, home appliances, electronic, and what we value most here – bikes!

The Japanese tech giant tried their hand at producing bikes only in the 1950s. At that time it was just an attempt to have the country’s war-time manufacturing re-purposed to produce something having to do with common needs. In 1959, they came up with a two-stroke bike dubbed YA-1. As for yamaha dirt bikes, they didn’t show up until 1968 when the company presented their legendary 250cc DT-1. It’s still possible to find this dinosaur online if you are fond of vintage solutions, but the review is all about modern yamaha bike offers. Let’s shift to them.

Yamaha YZ125
If you are searching for a good yamaha bike for a beginner, we guess the YZ125 for $6,499 would be a nice candidate. The given off-road motorcycle is very simple, all-round, and strikingly effective. This beast comes with a two-stroke powerplant. That’s a rare solution considering that many producers have already shifted to four-stroke motors because they’re much cleaner.

The 125cc motor of this bike ensures enough power, which would be great for both beginner riders as well as experienced off-road maniacs.

Aside from that, the given bike also features MX ready Pro Taper fat bars, KYB suspension, Excel rims, not to mention Dunlop Geomax MX52 rubber that can make your riding experience truly unforgettable.

This motorcycle turns out to be a good combination of simplicity and high performance. For this price, you can hardly find a better off-road beginner bike solution.

Yamaha YZ450F
Well, we have already reviewed a pretty simple beginner solution – the Yamaha YZ125. There’s no doubt it’s a great bike for a starter. However, your needs can be higher. In this case, you should rely on a mightier yamaha bike off-road solution. That’s certainly the YZ450F. We have grounds to regard it as a real road king and perhaps the best beginner motorcycle choice. However, you should be ready to shell out $9299 for it.

In one solid entity, you can obtain the best features of the previous models. Furthermore, the motorcycle is driven by an impressive four-stroke, 449cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder powerplant. Extra tasty features of this bike’s motor include a rearward slanting cylinder as well as titanium valves. Despite its enormous power, the motorcycle is very easy to handle, so we recommend this bike for all ultimate off-road riders. What’s more, with the help of a mobile app, you can have the bike’s motor tuned.
speaktaper wrote post
Some people can hardly understand the very value of vintage bikes as a hobby. However, we dare to admit that this hobby is not for everybody.
The matter is that a vintage bike is an extremely problematic thing. It’s much slower than its up-to-date rivals. Moreover, it takes such a motorcycle more time to stop. However, the most disappointing thing is that an old bike is unable to take on its modern rivals in terms of reliability. As follows from this, such a motorcycle is so specific that you can’t use it as your primary transportation means. Instead, you can drive this bike only on your day off and when you are assured that nothing bad will happen to your motorcycle. Are you ready to use your old bike on such weird and tough terms? If the answer is affirmative, keep reading this helpful beginner vintage motorcycle guide.

Of course, an old bike can bring you more than just a slew of nasty troubles. This motorcycle will enable you to drastically develop your mechanic skills. Such bikes are much simpler ones than modern ones, so you will cope. After all, you have no choice but to repair it from time to time to keep your vintage bike running. You will be delighted by the feeling that you know your motorcycle inside and out and this knowledge enables you to easily repair it on a trip using simple tools. For many people, a capability of fixing your bike by yourself is a pure miracle and it will make you proud of yourself.

Owning a beginner vintage bike: how to get started

Once you have made up your mind to become an owner of an old-school bike, get ready for an uneasy life. It’s not about constant repairs. Finding such a bike is another headache.

You’d better focus on models produces in the 1960-1970s. They have much in common with today’s bikes, so it won’t be a problem to find parts for them. What’s more, it won’t be a devastating thing for your budget. They’re quite affordable.

Secondly, you are highly recommended to find a bike with a working motor. Rebuilding the engine before the first ride is what anybody would be reluctant to do.

Well, after a brief introduction you are ready to compare vintage bikes from different nations.

Japanese vintage bikes
Here we are going to consider Japanese old-school bikes

• Very affordable
• Abundant
• Reliable
• Quite complicated carburetors
• Some parts can be more expensive than the authentic bike

Not so ago it was very hard to find spare parts for these bikes. Fortunately, the current resurgence of so-called café racer bikes gave birth to a new industry specializing in parts for these motorcycles. So, it means that you can find literally anything you want to have your old Japanese bike rebuilt/modified. Old Japanese bikes will probably never lose their popularity, so if you manage to find an old motorcycle of this nation you will be happy.

US vintage bikes
Of course, American old bikes also have their own pros and cons. Let’s view them.

• It’s easy to find affordable parts
• Easy customization
• Many mediocre models
• Bad production quality in the 1970s

As a matter of fact, Harley-Davidson had been remaining the only American bike maker. So, if you are searching for a true old-school motorcycle from that era, you can opt for this brand and you won’t lose.

European vintage bikes
Of course, we can’t overlook European old-school motorcycles. An old bike from this region can be a true masterpiece, but get ready for high costs.

• An intriguing array of models
• You can profitably invest in a rare model
• Bad Lucas electronics
• Expensive parts

If you aren’t ready to shell out a lot on expensive parts when trying to fix an old German bike, for example, there’s an alternative solution. You should opt for UK bikes – they are most affordable of all European ones.
speaktaper wrote post
It goes without saying that getting from one place to the required destination can be a serious problem if you don’t have the proper kind of transport at hand. For the last time, humans have invented a great number of convenient forms of transportation. However, a motorcycle definitely stands out from all of them.
Today, more than 200 million motorcycles are owned worldwide. In numerous local communities, a motorcycle turns out to be a primary type of transport. Among the reasons, we can mention such a fact that a motorcycle is easy to buy, use, and maintain. It’s especially crucial for a beginner.

If you are one of those guys who relish a thought of becoming an owner of a motorcycle, you should consider buying a used bike first. The sale of such bikes is getting a part of car trade and a lot of folks currently decide to shift from cars to bikes. If you are a starter, keep reading this review if you are willing to join the bike world as soon as possible.

Shops selling them have myriads of clients due to the fact that more people would like to become bike owners. They have just realized the indisputable advantages of a motorcycle as a kind of transport. The matter is that a used bike for a beginner combines great performance with easy maintenance. However, the most striking advantage of using this bike is that it enables a beginner to save a lot of money, both on the purchase and everyday use.

How to pick up a good cheap bike for a beginner

If you have firmly decided to purchase a cheap used bike, the first thing you need to do is to look through local newspapers as well as magazines for used motorcycles. You will certainly find a lot of advertisements on the subject because unable to afford a new motorcycle, many folks stick with an idea of buying a used one as the only alternative. What’s more, a good used bike can help you to get used to this transport before you purchase a newer and more powerful one.

When purchasing a two-wheel steel beast, you require checking the body of your potential motorcycle carefully for any signs of poor maintenance and rust. If you discover something not good such as paintwork, for instance, think twice before purchasing this stuff unless you are offered a decent bargain.

The tires of the motorcycle you are interested in should come with thread since bike tires are more expensive than those for cars. The chain should be your number two concern. It should be perfectly oiled. Thirdly, you require checking its exhaust for rust and the same is true for the underside of the muffler.

The owner should allow you to take the bike for a test drive before purchasing it. If you are struggling to get his consent for this, avoid purchasing it if you don’t want to unpleasantly surprise yourself with some hidden issues.

If you are a beginner, a four-stroke motor would be the best powerplant for your bike. It won’t be problematic in use. Don’t forget to check its registration before you pay for it. You should make sure that the owner’s name, the engine number, and the place of acquisition actually matches the data provided for registration. Thus, you can avert purchasing a stolen bike.
speaktaper wrote post
Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle made a great contribution to the development of dirt racing, road racing as well as land speed contests. Throughout the previous century, they retained a reputation of the fierce counterpart of Harley-Davidson.
A typical beginner indian bike comes with valenced fenders, catchy ornate emblems as well as highly recognizable Art Deco features. Indian bikes combine some typical features of the previous century with some modern solutions of the rapidly developing motorcycle industry.

If you are interested in buying an indian beginner bike, we strongly advise you to get familiar with this highly informative guide. Here you will find only the best models from this reputable American producer, suitable for a starter, of course.

Indian FTR 1200
That’s perhaps the most ambitious bike from this producer and the company’s attempt to try their hand in a new segment beyond the conventional touring and cruiser models. The bike worth $13,499 actually represents the hard work of the company designers who tried to combine traditional highway solutions and off-road experience.

The beginner indian bike is driven by a V-Twin1203cc 120 hp liquid-cooled motor. As you see, its road performance is more than just sufficient.

The FTR1200 comes with such top-notch components as Bluetooth connectivity, ABS, Brembo brakes, traction control, up to three ride modes, adjustable suspension, LED lighting, not to mention an LCD touchscreen.

Indian Scout
Available for $9,499, it drops a hint at what the company’s classic 1928 bike would have evolved into if they had proceeded with their manufacturing. A smaller displacement engine is a distinctive feature of this beginner motorcycle. As follows from this, it’s mainly oriented on novice bikers.

The beginner motorcycle derives power from a V-Twin 69-cubic-inch 100 hp liquid-cooled powerplant. With smooth power delivery, it becomes possible to make your highway trip on this bike a truly unforgettable thing. As for its styling, your eyes will be delighted by its elegant V-Twin composition against the backdrop of the single saddle as well as awesome dual chromed mufflers.

Some riders want more than just the basic package. Here extra features of the beginner bike include a single gauge instrument screen, ABS, extended service intervals as well as a low seat that ensures great control of the motorcycle at low speeds.

Indian Chief Classic
If you are crazy about the motorcycle classic design of the 1040s, you will undoubtedly appreciate this combination of old-school visual solutions with up-to-date engineering. That’s all the Indian Chief Classic can give you today.

The beginner indian bike is powered by a 111 V-Twin 119.2 lb-ft motor. The power is transmitted smoothly effortlessly, making this motorcycle very pleasant to handle in the mid- and low ranges. Moreover, a relaxed and very comfortable ride is ensured by convenient forward foot controls and swept-back handlebars. Aside from that, you will also appreciate its low seat height that provides perfect slow-speed maneuverability as well as comfort at high speeds.

In addition to this, the motorcycle may come with the following extra features: a lighted war bonnet, cruise control, valanced fenders, ABS, keyless ignition, analog tach along with speedo with a digital multi-function screen, a sex-speed gearbox, to say nothing of a quick-release touring windshield.

As for its base price without those extra features mentioned above, you can purchase this motorcycle for $18,499.
speaktaper wrote post
To say the truth, such words as a “beginner” and a “sportsbike” can hardly get along. Ideally, one shouldn’t recommend beginners buying a superbike as their first motorcycle, for many reasons, one of the most crucial ones is their safety, of course. Newbies will expose their health and even life to greater risk if they dare to do this. On the other hand, all bikers regardless of their experience share the same dangerous hobby and have to put up with everyday highway risks. What’s more, it’s hard or even impossible to forbid hot-blooded young guys to dream about a superbike as their first steel beast. So, it only remains to give them a good piece of advice on what they should buy.

Aprilia RS 4 125
For those aged 17-18 willing to ride a superbike, there’s no choice but to stick with a 125 if they don’t want to have law issues. Such motorcycles can’t go beyond 15bhp. To ride this stuff a full A1 license will suffice. However, you can also ride it with L-plates. The Aprilia RS 4 125 worth $ 5,100 would be a nice choice for a beginner.

Don’t mind that it’s just a 125. Once you look through its specification list, you will realize that it’s a gorgeous thing. You will be amazed by its catchy instruments, upside-down forks, radially mounted brakes, to say nothing of its stunning aluminum frame. Perhaps, the only downside of this superbike is that it comes with quite mediocre tires that perform awfully. So, to avoid disappointment from the very beginning, you’d better purchase some Michelin or Pirelli tires for your superbike. By the way, as a pleasant option, you can order a quickshifter.

KTM RC 390
If you are a 19-year-old beginner, you have the right to upgrade to an A2 license. It means that you can choose from a rich list of superbike solutions.

We guess that you shouldn’t overlook the KTM RC 390, which can be purchased for about $5,499. Sharing the same chassis with the RC 125, the superbike boasts a nice 373cc single-cylinder free-revving engine, which will pleasantly surprise you with its amazing performance. What about going around corners as if your bike is on rails?

Kawasaki Ninja 650
Perhaps, the engine displacement mentioned above does not suit you. If you want more, you may even dare to move to the mightier 650-700cc range, but get ready to shell out for this more. We guess that the Kawasaki Ninja 650 worth $7,399 is the best superbike in this niche for a beginner.

Well, at first sight, one can hardly regard it as the most sporting solution out there. At least, it follows from its steel frame as well as conventional forks. Nevertheless, this bike is not completely deprived of some sporting capability. That is one of the most practical motorcycles due to its decent comfort, optional luggage, and pillion provision.

The regular version of the Kawasaki Ninja 650 is capable of giving out up to 67bhp, which might sound like a very bad news for you. Fortunately, its A2 version can be sold to younger bikers because in this case, a restricted license will be enough.
speaktaper wrote post
These days it’s hard to find a motorcycle producer offering a broader array of two-wheel beasts than Honda. They offer both luxurious bike solutions that can potentially satisfy millionaires and also come up with quite budget-friendly beginner motorcycles. If you are a starter and relish a though of entering the motorcycle world with a bike from this brand, here below you will find a bunch of useful tips on the subject. We’d like to offer you some good prompts on what bikes from this legendary brand could be ideal for a novice rider. Furthermore, we have tried to sort out only the most budget-friendly models.

You can let this honda beginner motorcycle to be the first giving you a mighty roar, rushing down the highway and making elegant turns. It can come true for about $9,000. No matter whether you are going to cruise through your city streets or try your hand at the racetrack, this honda beginner motorcycle will give you a thrill. You will enjoy enhanced stability due to its Selectable Torque Control feature. The mind-blowing suspension response is ensured by the Showa SFF USD forks. In addition to this, the honda starter motorcycle also comes with a digital LCD screen as well as up-to-date LED lighting. If you are searching for a bike for your hard sports experiments, it can suit your needs.

A great number of folks would like to purchase a suitable starter motorcycle for urban rides. The CB500X can satisfy this common demand. The given bike is agile enough to comfortably navigate you through the concrete jungle. Its quite aggressive exterior perfectly merges with a tough construction. It means that aside from urban trips you can also count on real off-road experience. As for its powerplant, it’s represented by a twin-cylinder parallel motor. Combined with the sturdy chassis and the anti-slippery clutch, it can ensure great cruising. You can buy this honda motorcycle for $6,999.

If you are searching for a decent honda street fighter for about $6,000. This bike would be a rational choice. It’s compact and efficient enough to fit this role. In terms of exterior, the honda motorcycle comes with clean lines showing off its twin-cylinder liquid-cooled 35kw 8-valve parallel powerplant. The bike’s up-to-date valve lift solution and newer camshafts will reward you with higher mid- and low-range torque for better acceleration.

Furthermore, an LCD instrument screen and modern LED lighting contribute to the up-to-date aesthetic of this honda bike. A crisp exhaust melody – that’s what the honda motorcycle’s muffler is capable of giving out. So, as you can see, it’s a classic urban bike solution that already comes with everything required to satisfy your everyday driving needs.

Besides this, we should note that this honda bike has much in common with the CBR1000RR Fireblade in terms of the triangle proportion of the main shaft, crankshaft, and countershaft. The same is true for the motor’s internal structure of this bike.
speaktaper wrote post
There’s no doubt buying your first harley-davidson motorcycle is an extremely exciting thing. A new world with thrilling experiences is letting you in. A great number of people around the globe choose a harley-davidson bike because they are confident in this legendary brand and want to taste its ultimate power.
Choosing a first harley-davidson bike is a great honor for any beginner. It shows that you aren’t going to come to any compromises and ready to take responsibility for owning a full-fledged motorcycle that might not forgive you some mistakes normally tolerated by many starter bikes. If you take some time to view this bike review, you’ll most likely end up buying a good beginner harley-davidson motorcycle.


The legendary bike producer is known for manufacturing the sturdiest beginner bikes. If you need a starter harley-davidson motorcycle, you should pay attention to the Sportster line-up. If you appreciate aggressive styling and power, the Sportster Iron 883 (https://bike.net/Harl…ustom_2013) would be a good first harley-davidson bike. Powered by an 883cc air-cooled powerplant, this motorcycle boasts great response. Superior handling and great comfort – that’s what this good harley-davidson bike can offer you. It become possible due to a combination of a low seat and a lowered rear and front suspension. As a result, you can enjoy a smooth trip for a large distance.
The Sportster 1200 Custom (https://bike.net/Harl…ustom_2000) bike is another good beginner harley-davidson offer you should take advantage of. What’s special in this stuff is that it provides endless opportunities for customization. So, with the help of the corresponding upgrade kits and accessories, you can make your first harley-davidson bike as individual as possible. Feel free to stand out from the rest of the riders on the highway.
Let’s see what else this good beginner harley-davidson bike can offer us. The massive low-end torque provided by its V-Twin 1200cc motor ensures convenient acceleration making this bike an ideal solution for novice riders.

The Forty Eight (https://bike.net/Harl…ustom_2013) is another bright bike from the brand. Its custom design boasts a so-called an Emulsion rear shock that can help you to handle the roughest roads. Moreover, this harley-davidson bike comes with a preload adjuster, so you could fit any riding style you need.
Street bikes

If your driving needs are narrowed down to just navigating through town streets, you can take advantage of the Street 500 (https://bike.net/Harl…t_500_2015). With this motorcycle, you will feel yourself a ballet dancer due to its outstanding agility. Zipping through the intense traffic won’t be a problem, especially considering the availability of the liquid-cooled 500cc motor. On the other hand, you will be able to quickly reduce your top speed to a complete stop by means of the Anti-Lock Braking System.
We have just shown you a list of beginner bikes from one of the most reputable brands worldwide. These beginner bikes will prepare for another more exciting class of motorcycles.
speaktaper wrote post
As you know, riding a motorcycle has much in common with riding a bike. So, as soon as you learn to do this, it will be engraved in your memory forever. Nevertheless, we should confess that driving a classic bicycle is a bit easier. As a beginner, you should be concerned about making your learning process faster and smoother and certainly safer. In this regard, much depends on what starter motorcycle you choose.
Surfing online you might have already noticed a lot of bikes marked as “beginner.” Unfortunately, they fail to correspond to this status. Don’t forget that you are looking for a starter enduro trail motorcycle for enduros. This means that your beginner bike should come with decent off-road capability. If you have never bought such bikes, you may make a fatal mistake that can cost you your health or even life. Fortunately, in the guide below you will find a collection of good starter enduro trail motorcycles.

Honda CB1100 Ex
The given enduro trail motorcycle worth $12,199 turns out to be a very attractive option for any beginner due to its great maneuverability and a catchy style. The bike boasts a sturdy steel chassis and perfect exterior. What’s more, you will be able to stop on a dime by means of its highly efficient triple-disc brakes. The enduro trail motorcycle is powered by an up-to-date inline-four engine enabling you to overtake your rivals on the track. The classic frame is combined with stylish chrome fenders as well as round headlights. As you see, it’s not so cheap but its amazing durability will undoubtedly pay off.

Yamaha YZF-R3
Yamaha is definitely good at developing mighty motorcycles with robust sporty frames and outstanding ergonomics. For example, all of this can be attributed to the YZF-R3. This motorcycle appears to be a great solution for newcomers due to its great control and lightweight. Moreover, the flat seat is another great thing for starters because it helps them to improve balance and place their feet firmly on the ground when the motorcycle stops. Furthermore, you won’t have any problems with stopping power thanks to the high-quality disc brakes.

It’s a natural desire for any rider to have his motorcycles customized to make it look as individual as possible. For an extra fee, you can choose from three color options or order other catchy accessories.

The base price for this motorcycle accounts for $5,299.

Scrambler Ducati Desert Sled
This motorcycle available for $11,995 is specially designed for enduro experience. However, you can also effectively use it for your highway trips. Compared to many average motorcycles, its seat is positioned higher for greater balance and control.

As for the suspension of this motorcycle, It’s 100% adjustable. The bike features a reinforced steel frame for greater durability. You can test it on rugged terrain. Other sweet things include a 6-speed gearbox and Electronic Fuel Injection that results in a consistent and smooth ride.

Besides this, we should also mention that the motorcycle comes with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires as well as spoked wheels that ensures enhanced stability for newcomers. For this price, it’s a top-notch bike solution.
The seat of this motorcycle fits sports-style preferences and ensures the maximum possible control. The bike’s brakes will never make you nervous, so you can quickly slow down your bike and stop wherever you wish.

If the base version of the bike doesn’t suit you, it’s possible to order some customization. Check out the official website of the producer for available customization options.
speaktaper wrote post
Often overlooked by starter riders, dual-sport bikes give anybody an excellent opportunity to learn how to ride a bike. These motorcycles are light, easy to control, and due to an upright riding position, great comfort is ensured.
As some motorcycle experts point out, a dual-sport bike is a way out for any beginner. The matter is that such bikes demonstrate quite subtle power. So, a beginner shouldn’t be afraid of a possibility of losing control of the motorcycle. Even a kid could debut as a dual-sport bike rider because this motorcycle’s power is so gentle.

What’s more, there’s a separate category of dirt fans. These riders are fond of extreme off-road experience and tons of dirt can hardly scare them away. For such people its great pleasure to handle a dual-sport motorcycle when everything is risky around. Perhaps, you will also appreciate it once you become a skilled rider.

Now it’s high time to cycle through the list of dual-sport bikes we have prepared for you.

Honda CRF250L Rally
Not so long ago, the regular Honda CRF250L was considered mainstream for dual-sport rides. The previous year, the Japanese company managed to sell up to 4,000 of these motorcycles and the dual-sport segment keeps booming. We should remind you that in 2017, the bike faced a radical overhaul that greatly improved the bike. Any rider would appreciate those improvements.

Despite the told above about this dual-sport bike, we should confess that this motorcycle isn’t worth buying any longer. To be exact, we would like to make it clear that now you should shift to the fresh version of this dual-sport bike. That’s the CRF250L Rally. Just add $750 to the price of the regular version.

Before we get closer to the CRF250L Rally, let’s recall the crucial details of the regular version of this dual-sport bike. Its weight accounts for 317 pounds. The new exhaust system made it about 26 pounds lighter the predecessor. The 2017 dual-sport motorcycle also features a larger throttle body, which gives more power and ensures greater response at medium as well as low RPMs.

As for the new version, the CRF250L Rally, this dual-sport bike shares the 250cc motor that transmits its power via a six-speed gearbox. The motorcycle gives out 24 hp. So, the dual-sport bike won’t tear you to pieces if you occasionally have it whiskey-throttled.

We have had an opportunity to test both dual-sport bikes on the trails and highways of California and Murrieta. Well, in terms of aesthetics, the Rally version definitely wins and it owes to a fresh cowl, aviator-style google headlights, a new windshield, and also radiator shrouds for this. The windshield ensures some protection from the wind on the highway. What’s more, it enables to ride a bit faster.

The new version of this dual-sport bike features eleven inches of front suspension through an inverted telescopic fork as well as a bit more than ten inches in the rear. In general, it perfectly got along with the huge on-trail hollow spots generated by the recent rainfall in California.

If you choose an ABS version of this dual-sport bike, you should add the extra $300 to the final price of the motorcycle. In addition to this, the Rally also comes with a 2,7-gallon tank, which is approximately half a gallon more offered by the regular version of the bike. In general, we can say that its windscreen, larger tank as well as updated suspension makes this version an optimal choice.

If you are a seasoned rider willing to have a good time on the highway or anywhere else, don’t overlook this dual-sport motorcycle. You can purchase this bike for $5,899. We should stress that it’s the price without ABS.
speaktaper wrote post
A cruiser motorcycle turns out to be a great option for a beginner. It can be explained by its low seat height and relaxed seating. A cruise motorcycle can have any chassis size and powerplant. Regardless of your riding experience, you can choose this type of bike according to your preferences.
Not so long ago when folks heard “a big motorcycle” they immediately associated it with a 750cc bike. Gone those days and today starter bikes boast V-twin motors.

Well, you are on the verge of choosing a beginner cruiser motorcycle but lacks experience and knowledge. Anyone had to be a learner in the past. After a brief cruiser bike guide, you will be much closer to a new status – a “rider”. Now let’s which of the top cruiser bikes could be yours.
Honda Rebel 500

The given cruise bike happens to be an ideal solution for a beginner. This starter motorcycle worth $7,199 can be easily customized to meet your individual preferences. This beginner bike shouldn’t be solely regarded as something created for amateurs. An experienced rider wouldn’t neglect it too.

It’s a very approachable, cheap as well as versatile top cruiser motorcycle. Many experts find it the best cruiser bike for a beginner. The two-cylinder motor of this top cruiser motorcycle gives out enough power. However, it’s not wild, so any beginner can conveniently get used to the bike in compliance with his current professional level as a rider.

Yamaha Star Bolt $7,999
It’s another classic cruiser bike that boasts traditional Japanese accuracy. You are expected to shell out up to $7,999 for this beginner cruiser motorcycle. This bike is a good customization platform, which can’t seriously affect your budget.

The beginner cruiser motorcycle is driven by a V-twin air-cooled 942cc. You can regard this bike as a sort of compromise between Japanese manufacturing and US cruiser style. Its shock reservoirs, ascetic styling, and a round headlight make this motorcycle a good choice for any beginner.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883
This cruiser motorcycle available for $9,449 is a true masterpiece in the Harley-Davidson line-up. It’s powerful enough while offering much space for customization.

It’s a top starter cruiser bike for many reasons. Well, we can say it’s cheap, stylish, and sturdy. However, if customization appears to be your number one objective, you’d better opt for other cruise bikes that outperform the Sportster 883 in this regard.

Driven by an 833cc air-cooled V-twin powerplant, this top cruise bike boasts a classic American feel.

Kawasaki Vulcan S
Worth just $6,200, this cruise bike won’t rob you. The base model of this bike is pretty good but if it’s not enough you can opt for its customized version.

Just a brief look at its performance figures and you realize that you are completely conquered by this cruise bike. Here the powerplant is represented by an inline-twin higher-compression liquid-cool engine. Moreover, it also comes with a trellis frame as well as other up-to-date technologies that make this motorcycle stand out from others in the market.

Indian Scout
Get ready to pay $11,499 for Japanese precision but it will undoubtedly pay off, you know. That’s probably one of the best fresh cruiser bikes to enter the motorcycle market for the last time.

This powerful bike comes with low seat height and even its stock version looks impressive enough. However, you can have it customized to your needs if you wish.

Its liquid-cooled V-Twin 1,138cc powerplant gives out up to 100 hp that will undoubtedly suit any beginner. It’s a good candidate to enter the world of cruiser bikes.
When it comes to picking up a commuter motorcycle, customers take into account numerous factors except for its price. For instance, they also pay attention to such crucial parameters as fuel efficiency, environmental issues, and certainly a model. Moreover, potential motorcycle owners also would like to have a visually appealing, functional, and fast two-wheel steel beast.
It’s a good thing that a lot of bike producers understand these simple but fair needs and strive to come up with thrilling but quite affordable beginner commuter motorcycles that can be purchased for even less than $10,000. Well, this list varying from retro bikes to ultra-budget motorcycles offers something unique for everybody at warm prices.

Now it‘s high time to look through typical examples of affordable beginner commuter motorcycles.

Ducati Monster 797
You can grasp this commuter motorcycle for just $11,700, which is a good bargain considering its impressive pedigree as well as external virtues. Frankly speaking, it’s not about setting records that would be a foolish ambition for a beginner. Nevertheless, with its twin 73 hp engine, this motorcycle can give you a memorable ride. You’ll be amazed by the marvelous exterior of this beginner commuter motorcycle, with all its catchy red strokes on the wheels and also on engine covering, not to mention its stunning headlight fairing. Moreover, its Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires definitely earn praise.

KTM Duke 390
There’s no doubt the KTM Duke 390 is an unexpected novelty in the American commuter motorcycle market. Available for $5,449, this bike strikes by its aggressive exterior. For such a light motorcycle, a single-cylinder 44 hp powerplant is more than enough to enjoy an unforgettable riding experience.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro
It’s clear that minibikes can hardly suit everybody. Nevertheless, they occupy a firm position in the budget motorcycle market. If you are searching for a compact commuter bike for your city needs, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro available for $3199 would be a nice choice. Not only its friendly price earns praise, but its 12 cc single-cylinder motor can provide you with up to 100mpg, saving you a lot of money. What’s more, its 225-pound weight makes it easy to handle. As you see, this commuter motorcycle is one solid advantage.

Honda CBR500R
There’s no doubt Honda is one of the best motorcycle brands in the world and the Honda CBR500R worth $5,499 perfectly proves it. You will be delighted by this entry-level street motorcycle. In addition to its sporty look, it also boasts a liquid-cooled 471cc parallel-twin motor that can ensure you a smooth and powerful trip. You can hardly find a better motorcycle for this money.

Suzuki Vanvan 200
Perhaps, you are fond of retro motorcycle solutions. The Suzuki Vanvan 200 that can be bought for $4599 can satisfy such a specific taste of yours. Despite its old-school look, it doesn’t lack innovations and can go on a par with its up-to-date rivals.
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Those folks who can’t be satisfied by the standard factory look of their bike naturally choose something different. The type of motorcycle they stick with is well-known. That’s a chopper.
We can define this type of motorcycle as a radically customized bike, which has not so much in common with its factory-made original. The chopper movement arose in the 1970s. It’s believed to be inspired by the classic movie “Easy Rider” (1969). The first chopper followers started “chopping” their motorcycles, removing the parts unnecessary from their point of view and adding new ones.

What we can say about the first heavily customized motorcycles. Well, you can hardly call any of those bikes the motorcycle of your dream. In the 1970s, the chopper followers made extremely clumsy bikes. A typical chopper of that time was extremely difficult to handle. Low-speed maneuvers of such a bike were hampered by its raked-out forks. Moreover, the chopper demonstrated a cranky ride on curvy roads. Snugging tight to the seat, the rear tire didn’t provide any suspension movement for the bike. To make things worse, we should add that the chopper was a hell for the rider’s shoulders due to the stretched handlebar position. Such a weird approach is quite common in high fashion when a style is superior to functionality and comfort.

Fortunately, today’s chopper motorcycle leaves that nightmare behind in many regards because modern engineering has successfully eliminated most of those downsides. If you are eager to own a bike of this specific type, we offer you to get familiar with a brief chopper motorcycle guide.

Yamaha Raider S
If you already have $14,790 at hand and you generally trust this well-known Japanese brand, you can consider buying the starter chopper Yamaha Raider S. With its powerful engine demonstrating 106 lb-ft of torque, you will feel confident on the highway. The front-disc brakes are another distinctive feature of this beginner chopper motorcycle.

Its weight of up to 719 pounds drops a hint that it’s overweight. However, you will feel it only if you try to lift your bike off the side stand. With its moderately sized tires and a low seat, this chopper motorcycle demonstrates pleasant low-speed maneuverability.

In general, it’s a well-balanced beginner chopper motorcycle. It’s no wonder that it’s so actively sold worldwide.

Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker C
It’s hard to overlook this chopper motorcycle. What makes him visually unique, is the use of a very high seat. So, when you sit on this bike, you have a feeling of sitting on the top of it, just like a bird on a branch. The relatively long wheelbase of this beginner chopper motorcycle doesn’t prevent you from making smooth turns.

There’s no need to complain about its V-twin 96-cubic-inch engine that transmits its power through the six-speed gearbox. The transmission of this chopper bike will pleasantly astonish you – all gears are shifted smoothly and easy. What’s more, you can monitor switched gears on the corresponding display.

For the starter bike, you are expected to pay nearly $20,000 or to be exact $19,499. However, as you see, it really makes sense.

Victory Vegas Jackpot
This chopper motorcycle worth $20,249 boasts such catchy visuals as tribal graphics and Tequila Gold coating. If you wish to feel yourself a rocket man, this bike is for you. The V-twin 1731-cc motor of this motorcycle enables you to reach 60 miles per hour for just 3,73 seconds.

The bike’s tires are wide enough so, you could dare to try sharper turns. On twisty roads, the motorcycle boasts great handling, which makes it a good choice for many riders.
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Well, you have firmly decided to buy a motorcycle. Before you do this, you should find out what exactly you expect from this particular bike. For instance, you are interested in off-road motorcycle solutions. In this case, you should pay attention to powerful sports bikes giving out decent torque and featuring a high-rise seat.
If you appreciate a retro style, it makes sense for you to choose an old-school motorcycle that will perfectly fit your leisure trips. However, you should realize that vintage bikes might have poor functionality compared to modern rivals.

If you are interested in combining exciting turning tricks with everyday cruising, then you should choose something from mid-range motorcycle offers. These were just general recommendations on picking up your first bike. There are other crucial nuances, you need to take into consideration when choosing a starter motorcycle.

Buy a light motorcycle
If you are a starter, it would be a foolish thing for you to buy a heavy bike, especially if your physical condition isn’t so good. A light motorcycle will enable you to gracefully maneuver and balance on and off the highway. Despite, lighter motorcycles often come with several limitations, they are much easier to control and ride compared to their heavier counterparts. What’s more, if you buy such a motorcycle, you will generate less hassle when loading, towing, and unloading. Additionally, these bikes consume less fuel for the same distance than heavier ones. You should buy a light motorcycle if you are planning to grasp the basics of riding. Thus, you can avert dangerous traumas. A heavy motorcycle has more chances to kill you in an incident.

Mind your seat positioning
You can’t understate the whole importance of seat positioning. However, they say it’s all about personal preferences. Nevertheless, this parameter determines how easy it is to control the motorcycle for you. It makes no sense to buy a bike if you are unable to control it due to the wrong balance of your body, for instance. So, you’d better opt for a motorcycle with a lower seat. It will give you a more convenient ride.

On the other hand, you can buy a bike with a higher seat if you prefer off-road trips. Once again a motorcycle with a lower seat would be an ideal solution for commuting in town or driving down the highway. What’s more, you should buy a bike with a lower seat, if you want to feel all the vibrations and bumps of your ride.

Your budget to buy a motorcycle

No matter what we have already told above your budget will be the determining factor in your buy decision. Well, as a beginner you can hardly consider a possibility of buying a motorcycle for $100k. It’s clear that you’ll most probably opt for more affordable bike offers. You can still buy a reliable bike for $4,000 but you will have to conduct a long search because bikes in this segment often lack sufficient durability due to poor engineering. So, to be on the safe side, you shouldn’t buy a bike that costs less than $7k.
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As you know, in the highly competitive marketplace, for decades BMW has been retaining a reputation of a producer of excellent driver-oriented cars that offer a mind-blowing dynamic experience in addition to perfect refinement. It’s so good that we can say the same about high-tech solutions from BMW Motorrad. Just like BMW’s motor vehicles, motorcycles from this tech giant are also well-adapted to rapidly changing times. Their motorcycles boast a high level of sportiness, luxury, safety, and innovation.

If you’re a starter and want to choose something exactly from this producer’s line-up, we offer you to focus on their scooters and so-called adventure motorcycles. Let’s consider them in detail here below.

BMW scooters
If you are an urban inhabitant, a bmw scooter will bring you an unbelievable joy of riding. It’s an ideal solution for a beginner. The recent studies state that an average urban inhabitant is capable of saving approximately 3 hours a week by simply shifting to a scooter from a car. However, we see that very few folks choose a motorcycle as a primary transport. This fact can be explained by a lack of information or misinformation about commuting by a beginner bmw bike.

These are indisputable advantages of opting for bmw scooters:
• Fantastic urban mobility: It’s the most impressive advantage of using this type of bike. It enables you to get to the required destination much faster. You won’t have to stay in traffic for a long time in extremely congested areas.
• Insurance: Compared to cars, insurance costs for beginner bmw scooters are pleasantly low, so you can save a lot.
• Price: Scooters are much more affordable than cars. Despite the service expenditures of cars and bikes are nearly the same, but tires and parts are much cheaper. Moreover, bikes also outperform cars in terms of fuel efficiency. So, you can save on petrol too, which is another pleasant fact especially for a starter.
• Distance: For the same amount of fuel, scooters from this company can reach a greater distance than cars.
• Parking: It can be a real problem for any car. Fortunately, it’s not about bmw scooters that occupy less space. It’s much easier to navigate them through parking lots. You can have your beginner bmw scooter parked anywhere and at any time.

BMW’s scooter segment is represented by three bikes: an electric model C evolution and two gas-powered ones – the C400 X as well as C650 GT. The C400 X ($6,795) appears to be a mid-side up-to-date commuter featuring smartphone connectivity. Its single cylinder motor ensures 67 mpg and 34 hp. As for the C650 GT ($10,995), it’s a more powerful, but costlier solution, demonstrating up to 60 hp, however, at the cost of just 51 mpg.

If you’re an eco-minded bmw motocycle fan, you might justify shelling out for the fully electric fast futuristic bike C evolution. It’s worth $13,995. The electric motor of this bike gives out 48 hp. Well, with this beginner bmw motorcycle, you can cover up to 99 miles.

BMW beginner adventure motorcycles
Just like SUVs in the world of cars, adventure bikes are created to fit literally any purpose of their owner. Older definitions of such bikes regard them as dual purpose motorcycles or off road bikes. They’re good for touring, commuting or sporty riding. In general, they boast a catchy look and quite aggressive geometry. In this regard, they have much in common with sports bikes.

Such bikes normally come with a good display, long travel suspension, high seats, optional wire-spooked wheels, increased luggage options as well as sufficient drop protection. All of this is for greater capability, range, to say nothing of off-road adventures. However, even for such bikes real off-road experience can be an extremely troublesome thing. If you occasionally drop this steel beast, lifting quarter of a ton on your own can be a real problem. As a rule, most adventure bike riders never leave the highway.

A typical representative of BMW’s adventure line-up is the R1250GS ($17,695) - https://bike.net/BMW/…nture_2019. Many riders find an off-road version of this popular model more intriguing, as merely riding down the highway can hardly give them a thrill. If you are interested in the sports riding experience, you should pay attention to the BMW S1000XR ($16,895) - https://bike.net/BMW/…000XR_2017.

If you are a beginner with moderate ambitions, then a single cylinder fun-to-ride motorcycle G 310 GS ($5,795) - https://bike.net/BMW/…10_GS_2017 - might suffice. However, you may dare to opt for a 136-hp flat twin four-stroke beast R 1250 GS Adventure ($19,945). With this mighty beginner motorcycle, you can try to conquer continents.
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If you are a starter 300 lbs+ rider, you might have already found yourself in a big trouble. It’s because it’s not easy to find a suitable bike for your needs. Well, it doesn’t feel like big guys are discriminated in the motorcycle world. They just have difficulty in choosing a bike that could endure their size. Most bikes and gear fail to fit tall guys because if you are much heavier than an average rider, you can end up damaging the poor steel beast. What should you do? First, you shouldn’t give up. A bit patience and a big guy motorcycle will carry you down the highway. Just get familiar with this guide.

What’s special in a starter tall guy motorcycle? In simple terms, it comes with already spacious ergonomics. Well, if you are lucky, a bike for big guys will immediately fit your size. However, in some cases, extra modifications might be required to have it properly customized but there’s nothing extraordinary in this fairly simple procedure. Now let’s cycle through big rider bikes.

Honda CB500X
The first tall guy motorcycle we are going to consider is the Honda CB500X. As a rule, it’s available for $6,000. This bike boasts spacious ergonomics and as for its overall dimensions, they are quite manageable. Only the motor will be a bit limited by the weight of yours. The suspension is where the biggest limitation shows up.

If you are willing to ramp up damping rates in the unadjustable forks, it makes sense for you to utilize heavier oil there. In order to maximally increase its preload, reach out to the dealer. You can hardly do it on your own as it’s very hard to adjust it. In the worst, case, you will have no choice but to have this stuff rebuilt to fit your size.

Suzuki V-Strom 650 Adventure
Well, this big rider motorcycle is a bit bigger than the previous one. Needless to explain how crucial this marginal increase is for comfort and space. In other words, with this big rider motorcycle, you will have fewer chances to end up rebuilding it for size. By the way, this bike is worth $10,049.

With the increased torque of up to 44 lb.-ft, it won’t’ be a problem for this big guy starter motorcycle to move your weight anywhere. However, for this possibility you will have to pay with one inconvenience – there will be plenty of work with the gearbox to keep up with rivals or to maintain a long climb.

The motorcycle comes with a convenient seat, which is very important for any big rider, and an adjustable tall windshield. As for its suspension, it should cope with your weight. However, if an extreme off-road adventure is planned, you require upgrading the fork internals and replacing the shock.

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
Worth $21,000, this tall rider motorcycle will easily carry you regardless of your size. Despite the bike’s electronically adjustable suspension doesn’t support preload adjustment, you can still take advantage of variable spring rates along with push-button damping control. The ergonomics of this big starter big rider motorcycle will easily get along with you, while its 125 bhp engine will give you a thrilling ride. Additionally, the Telelever front end is known for separating steering as well as braking forces. As a result, your weight won’t affect the handling.

Suzuki Hayabusa
You will be amazed by its power. Once you try it, you will realize that it really makes sense to shell out $14,599 for this starter tall rider motorcycle. If you dream of crossing continents at the insane speed, that’s what you require.

Perhaps, the most pleasant thing is that your weight won’t affect its dynamics. It’s no wonder considering its weight reaching a ton. To customize it, you can order higher bars, lower pegs and also a custom seat.