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2010 YOM
The Heretic
2006 YOM
Spirit ES1
2009 YOM
2009 YOM
Heretic Ag
2006 YOM

brand story

ECOSSE Moto Works, Inc. is the premier luxury marque of distinctive, limited-production motorcycles created for discerning enthusiasts. Founded in 2001, the company spent three years perfecting The Heretic through three complete prototype iterations. The final prototype, X-3, remains at the company’s headquarters and is reserved for a collector or museum. While forming a cherished brand, ECOSSE intends to build several different models with the same underlying theme: a synergistic combination of innovation, craftsmanship and technology with a nod to the company’s racing influence. The models share chassis styling, materials and certain elements to instantly alert consumers of the ECOSSE pedigree. Yet each serves a distinctly different purpose and is handcrafted in limited quantities to motivate innovators, collectors and aficionados to place their names on the waiting list for each new model.