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brand story

AJP is a Portuguese moto brand, under which a range of popular off-road and enduro motorcycles have been produced. Initially, it was created as a workshop for off-road bikes, but today it is a world-recognized motorcycle manufacturer.

AJP History

The company’s story began back in 1987 when it was founded in Portugal by bothers Pinto. Antonio, one of the brothers, was only twenty-two years old when he opened his first motorcycle repair workshop in 1981. He was also engaged in bike modifications, which, probably, allowed him to discover his talent and develop skills for further outstanding work. 

The first motorcycle created under the brand was Ariana, which had a 125cc two-stroke Casal. Only twenty-five exemplars of this model were produced, but this was a big step toward new products because Ariana bike had a range of interesting technical features. The AJP Galp 50 was bike produced thanks to the collaboration between the company and Galp Energia (it used to be known as Petrogal). Several synthetic oils were also developed thanks to this partnership. They were successfully used for two-stroke engines.

From 1991 through 2000, the brand participated in a range of championships. The new AJP PR4 bike introduced in 2001 was equipped with a four-stroke engine and had an innovative position of the fuel tank. This was the beginning of the brand’s worldwide journey that included a range of countries, such as France, the UK, and Germany.

Another PR4 model was introduced in 2004 and exported to Spain, Italy, and a range of other countries. The bike had some parts from the previous model but also featured a 200cc four-stroke engine. In 2007, AJP introduced the new low cost and lightweight bike frame made of both aluminum and steel. Soon after that, a compact the PR3 motorcycle was presented. Currently, the company keeps modifying PR model, and it seems like we will be enjoying seeing new innovative AJP versions of this motorbike for many years.  

AJP Models

All in all, there have been 4 different bike models produced by the company, including the following:

• AJP PR (produced from 2000 till now);

• AJP Enduro (produced from 2009 through 2013);

• AJP Supermoto (produced from 2009 through 2012)

• AJP Galp (produced from 2005 through 2009).

The new 2018 PR7 Rally 600 bike hit the US marker at $9,995. It comes with a 60 horsepower 600cc fuel-injected six-speed motor, carbon fiber air intake, DOMA race exhaust, and race-spec ECU. The previous model of the bike is AJP PR3 Enduro 240, which is available at a sale price of $4,799. It comes with a new link for the rear and an option to adjust the seat height by one inch. The AJP official website features the full catalog of new models with the full list of motorcycle features. 

Interesting Facts

• The name of the brand "AJP" is abbreviation from Antonio J Pinto, the company’s owner and 7-times Champion in Portuguese Enduro Champions;

• AJP took part in the 1996-2000 National Championships of Enduro and showed the best results 5 times in a row.