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brand story

Acabion is a relatively new company that has quickly attracted attention thanks to the revolutionary idea standing behind its products. The manufacturer is engaged in designing best next-level vehicles. Moreover, it aims at creating the totally new types of transport that can be used instead of a bike, car, and other moto products.

Acabion History

Acabion was established in 2006 in Lucerne, Switzerland by Peter Maskus. In two years, the company officially introduced the prototype of Acabion GTBO36 model. This unusual bike is like nothing that you have ever seen before. It is more like a powerful little racket than a motorcycle. Acabion has already received permission for the new model to travel on the European roads. Sales of an unusual motorcycle are available by prior order.

Currently, the company is working on the designing two electric models, including the Bonneville Type and da Vinci. The first one will come with six seats, and the second will be a two-seat vehicle.

Acabion Models

GTBO is a special vehicle that can eventually substitute a car, motorcycle, and other types of transport. This sort of a car, sort of a motorcycle is suitable to be used on any city roads and highways. It is capable of developing up to 500 km/h. The creator of the model, the founder of Acabion, believes that tracks have to be built above the ground. Actually, the current speed is limited by the capability of modern tires, but it can really reach 750 km/h, which is not even close to the capabilities of any modern motorcycle. Such as high speed can be developed not only thanks to the 4-cylinder engine but mainly thanks to a special design, which resembles a shark. Such design of Acabion GTBO significantly reduces the coefficient of resistance. The creation of GTBO motorcycle cost 6 million euros and all expenses were covered from the own funds Acabion.