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Thunder bike 150
2007 YOM
Thunder Bike 125
2007 YOM
Thunder Bike 100
2007 YOM
Thunder 50
2009 YOM
Thunder 125
2009 YOM
SuperSonic 50
2007 YOM
SuperSonic 125
2007 YOM
Super Sonic 100
2008 YOM

brand story

The Taiwan school of production and design of motorcycle technology began to show itself best and more actively in the new century. More often you have to read professional reviews with the names of innovations of Taiwanese companies, which emphasizes the quality and interesting solutions in the design and implementation of new original motorcycle ideas. The company Adly can not boast of such a long history as names Bombardier or Benelli, but its scooters and ATVs have already proved their worth.

Adly was formed as a subsidiary of Her Chee Industrial Co., and the registration of the brand took place in 1978. The first ten years the company was engaged in the production and development of agricultural machinery, all-terrain vehicles and light bikes. A little later, increasing capacity and getting enough experience, a list of scooters, ATVs and electric bicycles began to appear , while the range of Adly did not narrow. The main difference from Chinese technology was a close attention to the quality and gesture of its control at all stages of production. 

Despite the rich model range, there is the main perseverance in quadrocycles and bikes of the average price category, and a wave of quality-worthy performance. ATV-600U, ATV-300S, ATV-320U, ATV-220U, ATV-150, ATV-50 are the most popular in the world. Bright and inexpensive ATVs, each of which occupies a worthy place in its segment. There are ATVs with excellent traction characteristics and reliable suspension, active jumpers in the sports segment. And the choice of engine cycles is quite wide from small youthful quadrics from 50 to 150 cubes, to serious tourist models with 40-strong 600-cubic engines. Each of the utilitarian quadrics has both an all-wheel drive modification and a rear-wheel drive modification. The photo of the company's recent works speaks about interesting design findings and its clearly expressed corporate style.  

Model Adly 320 matches a dashing design with the benefits of proximate energy transfer. Fully adjustable suspension provides convenience both on the road and off-road. Protected foot space saves you from extra wet and dirt. Adly 320 is a live engine with four valves complete with a cardan roller. Advantage: wear and low maintenance and direct energy transfer. A fully digital speedometer, additional storage space and a 12 V port are just a few of the functions that the Adly 320 provides in accordance with the standard. In addition to its elegant, sporty look, the machine offers a powerful automatic transmission and exclusive equipment that leaves much to be desired. More common information about bikes, models, prices and sales you can find on the official website.