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brand story


In Europe, Aeon is best known for its quads and ATVs. Founded in the mid-1960s as a supplier to the automotive industry, the Taiwanese company Aeon soon also used its technical know-how to produce its own vehicles: it launched scooters such as the Aeon Co-in or Urban and the 250 cc Aeon Elite bike. The program was supplemented by motorcycles such as the Aeon My in the class of 125 cc bikes. In Europe, company later emerged mainly as a manufacturer of quads and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), which were offered under its own brand name and produced for other quad manufacturers such as Polaris on their behalf.

Pocket quads from the Taiwanese manufacturer Aeon made best sales

As a starter model, the Taiwanese had a mini quad in the program, which they brought in Europe under the name Aeon Minikolt in the trade. The quad of the 50 cc class had a single-cylinder two-stroke engine cycle and was suitable with its seat height of 55 centimeters as a children's quad. As a 50 cc Mini Quad, the manufacturer also presented the model Aeon Cobra with a seat height of 70 centimeters and approval for two people.

Quads of the larger displacement classes of Aeon

In the larger displacement classes, the Taiwanese producer installed four-stroke engines, which were used in models such as the Quad Aeon Cobra 350. In addition to the sports version, Aeon also offered its ATV Cobra series as a four-wheel drive side-by-side quad with the loading area of ​​a small pickup truck. With the Crossland 350 came from Aeon also a quad for leisure and work use, which was also available in a four-wheel drive version. Top model was the ATV Overland with 565 cc displacement.

The birth of the Aeon Quad

When the Taiwanese company first introduced its own Aeon Quad in the 1990s, the company had decades of experience in the motorcycle scene. When the company was founded in 1965, plastic parts were first produced for the motorcycle industry. After the company was able to expand its production continuously, they finally built their own motobikes in different performance classes. When the industry experienced a crisis in the 1990s, Aeon responded quickly with a shift in production. Now, in addition to the Aeon Quad, which was available in various designs and performance classes, also a large number of all-terrain vehicles (ATV) are now being produced. In this market segment, Aeon quickly secured a firm position in the US and European markets.

The diversity of the Aeon Quad

Customers looking for an Aeon motorcycle will find the full list of vehicles - from mini-quads to large side-by-side quads that are in demand both for leisure and for work. For beginners in the world of the Aeon, Quad is about the mini-pole ideal. Because the motorcycle was designed as a children's quad, it has a seat height of 70 centimeters and can accommodate two people. In the sports segment, for example, the Aeon Quad Cobra with a motorization of 350 cubic centimeters, which produced a maximum power of 15 kW, is considered a reference.

An ideal fun vehicle

Like all quads, the Aeon Quad is designed primarily for fun. The power of the engine is transmitted to a rigid rear axle, on which also the weight of the driver is largely stored. Since safety had been neglected in older models, which had only three wheels, the tricycles were finally no longer produced from the 1980s and it now developed instead four-wheeled quads. The quad was first offered by Aeon when the safety technology was fully developed. However, quads were soon no longer used only in their free time, because farmers also discovered the all-terrain and maneuverable vehicles for themselves and used mainly on large pastures.

Quads usually have a rigid rear axle which is rigid to the frame. Although this achieves a certain cornering stability, this type of construction makes the use of a differential gear impossible. The reason: with a free differential gear, traction would be lost because the rear wheel on the inside of the curve has no stiction with the road more. The front wheels, however, are suspended on so-called double wishbones. To dampen the suspension of Quads newer generations provide shock absorbers, which are mounted on both the front and on the rear axle. Sportquad's rear swingarms are often made from die-cast aluminum elements. These are lighter than swingarms made of welded or forged steel. Because the rims are usually made of aluminum, this significantly reduces the unsprang mass on the rear axle. If you want to buy a second-hand quad, you should pay particular attention to the chassis, which is the most important system group of the vehicle. Because only if the chassis works optimally, the engine can also provide its full performance.

More detailed information on the products of this company can be found on their official website.