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1974 YOM
SS 350
1974 YOM
Ala Verde Sport
1970 YOM
350 TV
1971 YOM

brand story

The Italian motorcycle brand with a name Aermacchi originated from a company founded in 1912, which produced the best civil and military aircraft until the end of World War II. After the Second World War, the company stopped producing aircraft due to declining sales and has been involved in the production of scooters, bikes and motorcycles since 1951.

Company History

In 1912, the Italian company Aermacchi was founded in Milan and as a derivative of "Aeronautica Macchi" has its origins in aircraft construction. Initially Aermacchi produced only two-stroke, but turned from 1956 to the four-stroke. In 1960, Harley-Davidson took over the plant in Varese-Schiranna. The production destined for Europe continued under the name Aermacchi. Until the 1970s, the brand was often seen on the podium of motorcycle racing. From then on, the Japanese competition was able to prevail more and more in the market. The Americans sold the Italian factory in 1978, after Aermacchi no longer seemed competitive. From then on, the Castiglioni brothers produced motorcycles under the name Cagiva.

Aermacchi - classic

After Aermacchi initially brought only model of three-wheeled motorcycles on the market, followed in 1951, they brought the first two-stroke light motorcycles. The Aermacchi Chimera was built as the first four-strokes of the house in 1958 and could not yet make the step from aircraft to motorcycle manufacturer with its best chunky sheet metal panel design.

Shortly before the Varese-Schiranna plant was taken over by Harley-Davidson, Aermacchi produced a four-stroke motorcycle sold best in Italy. From 1960 - 1978 the Aermacchi rode under the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. With the "Ala Verde" 250, by far the most successful model was produced. The following bikes of 350 could not build on the success with their rougher engine. Built in 1974, Harley-Davidson SS 350 was the last model with the Aermacchi single-cylinder four-stroke engine.


The single cylinders in motorcycles were nimble and stole the riders of the big brands in the 60s more than once, especially on angled routes. Especially in England's classic racing scene, the successful singles bikes are very popular. In the meantime, spare parts which have become scarce for all bike models are replicated. The Ala d`Oro - racing machines justified the sporty image of the brand and represent rarities with up to 165 km / h. Today, behind a supposed Ala d`Oro, there is often a remodeled road bike.

More information about those motorcycles and list of models can be found on the official website.