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VR 250
2001 YOM
VR 2000 Enduro
2008 YOM

brand story

Alfer was a manufacturer that presented to the world only a few motorbikes that, however, captured the attention of bike enthusiasts. Although the company does not exist anymore, the brand is still successfully used. 

Alfer History

Alfer is the name of a motorbike manufacturer that was established in Barcelona, Spain by Francisco Almirall, a businessman specializing in ceramics. It was a small company, which produced mainly motocross and Enduro models. However, it managed to gain success thanks to great results shown in a range of Enduro Championships.

In 1989, the company decided to create trials motorcycle. As a result, the Alfer owner made an agreement with Albert Juvanteny, who became the Ossa Champion of Spain in 1981. Albert worked on the TX300, the first and the only Trials model of Alfer, which was presented at the Barcelona Motor show. It was produced in a small number within the next two years. The design of the 1989 model included green/white colors, and the 1990 model design had a tubeless rear wheel and red/white colors. None of their Trials bikes were introduced abroad. Alfer mainly built motocross, Enduro, and motorcycles for children, and some of the brand models hit the foreign market.

Generally, the company did not have a wide dealer network, and that is why they were suppressed by big manufacturers, particularly, the well-equipped Japanese bikes that were available at lower prices. In 2005-2006, the company fully focused on the production of motorcycles for children, but experienced sale failure due to the availability of the Chinese bikes at best conditions. This is how the company owner stopped attempts to revive the business and closed production.

In 2009, Francisco’s met some people who asked his permission to use the name of the brand, and the owner agreed on the condition that it would cost him nothing in terms of time and money. This is how the production cycles of an electric motorcycle were started. Thanks to the environmentally friendly concept of the model, the EU gladly financed this project, which allows the brand to get another chance. There is no official website of the brand with the product catalog. 

Alfer Models

During its history, the company has created three motorcycle models with different generations, and you can find the list of them below:

• VR 250 bike (VR 250 Enduro);

• VR bike (VR 250 Enduro, VR 2000 Supermotard, and VR 2000 Enduro);

• TX bike (the 1992 MY Alfer TX 300, the 1991 MY Alfer TX 300, the 1990 MY Alfer TX 300 bike, the 1989 MY Alfer TX 300, and the 1988 Alfer TX 300). 

VR 250 Enduro motorcycle is equipped with a single-cylinder, liquid cooled powerhouse. The frame is made of hardened CrMo-esteel. VR 2000 Enduro motorcycle comes with a traditional for the brand 249cc powerhouse and a 6-speed MT. It has laced wheels and knobby tires as well as front/rear disc brakes. VR 2000 Supermotard motorcycle is super moto 2-wheeler, which is good for daily use. It has a range of standard features, including a racing livery, front/rear disc brakes, laced wheels, a Marzocchi Magnum 50 front fork, and a digital instrumentation panel. The model is equipped with a single-cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, 249cc powerhouse and a 6-speed MT.