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Alpha 250 Naked
2008 YOM

brand story

Moped AlphaSports

A bright representative of Asian motorcycle equipment is the moped Alfa, which successfully combines excellent technical characteristics and democratic value. This compact and stylish bike is the optimal solution for operation both in the countryside and in tiring urban traffic jams. Equipped with a heavy-duty frame made of high-quality iron, which does not have plastic elements, AlphaSports is an ideal moped for both urban and rural roads. Due to its technical characteristics, attractive appearance and democratic value, it will be in demand on the market for a long time.

One of the favorites of the modern domestic motorcycle market is a sports Chinese moped called Alfa. This model has a number of significant advantages. Fans especially appreciate the fact that for 100 kilometers, the consumption rate is only 2 litres of fuel.


AlphaSports, stylish black bike of Asian manufacture, distinguished by the following characteristics:

-     the volume of the engine is 110 cubic centimeters;

-     the volume of the fuel tank is 6, 5 liters;

-      as a launch system there is an electric starter;

-     carburetor as a fuel injection system;

-      the motorcycle is able to develop a speed of 100 kilometers per hour;

-     moped weighs not more than 85 kilograms;

-     brake system - rear and front brake;

-     transmission - mechanical 4-step;

-     shock absorbers - 2 pcs;

-      the size of the wheels is 17 inches.

 Also AlphaSports bike is equipped with trunk (rear) and alarm.

 The engine is cooled by air.

Additional dynamics are provided by an extremely powerful cycle, and a strict sports exterior - in particular, creative coloring, compact fairing and reliable black discs. AlphaSports bikes are equipped with everything necessary for a safe and comfortable trip, and capable of withstanding the load of even 120 kg., which predictably behaves even off-road.

A pleasant bonus is the lack of the need to register motorcycle equipment, as well as the acquisition of a driver's license.

 In addition, the model is equipped with special mudguards on the front and rear wheels. These elements allow you not to be afraid of dirty splashes even in the most inclement weather.

Why buy a scooter?

Whether Cologne, Hamburg or Munich - every big city kid knows the problem with finding a parking space. Save time and nerves: With a AlphaSports scooter you are fast, flexible and certainly will find a good parking space without having to walk to your destination. Scooters are fast, flexible and cheap!