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Arlen Ness

Arlen Ness
Arlen Ness
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2013 YOM
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brand story

Arlen Ness has never built bikes from scratch, but thanks to his incredible work each motorcycle from mass production customized by him became unique. He was only one of the first people to start bike customization, and today he is still in the business offering new and pre-owned models, and well as a range of featured custom bikes. 

Arlen Ness Story

The great bike customizer was born at the end of the 1930s. He lived in Minnesota until his family moved to California. Before he decided to become a motorcycle constructor and designer, he changed a few occupations. Particularly, he was an employee at a post office, mover of furniture, and others. 

His first bike was a Knucklehead model of Harley manufactured in 1947 that he bought for money earned as a bowling player. This is how Arlen Ness got this first experiencing at bike customization. Over some time, he continued customizing different models. What he did was taking a mass-produced motorcycle and added changes to its design and structure. 

Arlen Ness motorcycles were particularly popular for exciting painting style. He also developed a range of custom motorcycle parts. The more bikes he made, the more popular he became. Some of his bikes were presented on different moto shows and published in various magazines.

For about thirty years, Ness kept developing its successful business, and, finally, decided to create a museum with over 40 best custom models. His company also sells Victory models and Indian bikes. Ness’s son Cory is also a successful bike customizer who has been working along with the father for more than thirty years. 

Motorcycles of Arlen Ness 

There is the official website of the company, where the full product catalog can be checked out. You will find several categories with the list of new motorcycles, pre-owned bikes, featured-custom motorcycles (that has gone through different cycles of customization), and showroom motorcycle models. 

The lowest sale price of $15, 495 is available for featured custom 2017 Victory Octane. This is a Victoria bike with customized wheels, seat, front suspension, handlebars, and the body and some of the parts paint in brown. Another featured-customized motorcycle available at a sale price of $34,995 is 2015 Vision/Cross Country available with Ness Custom paint, all-leather Corbin seat, floor, pipes, and other features.

Interesting Facts

• For his outstanding work, Ness has won the Builder of the Year award;

• Ness’s son defeated him in Biker Build-Off in 2004;

• Ness has got a patent for a way of customizing motorcycles’ FIS, which allows significantly enhancing their performance.