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BMW C Evolution

C Evolution
C Evolution
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There’s no denying that a scooter is the ultimate definition of two-wheeled practicality in a 21st-century environment. This is one of the primary reasons why most cities across the world are crawling with them. Scooters are generally favored as a transport medium for a simple description due to their fine dynamism- easy to park and easy to maneuver. Some of them even offer cargo carrying capacity. Scooters promise the budget people a convenient option for commuting.

BMW C Evolution Scooter

When it comes to BMW, it has introduced its three scooter variants as the ultimate commuting vehicle. Among all these variants, it’s the C Evolution listed as the company’s only electric entry. Externally, the C Evolution shares a great deal of resemblance from the BMW C 650 GT. However, the similarities run only skin deep. A detailed analysis will indicate that the C Evolution is an entirely different vehicle design.


The bike comes with a die-cast aluminum casing for the chassis that houses the batteries instead of the tubular steel frame. It is essential to mention that the case contains three battery modules, each of which brings 12 lithium-ion cells – that’s precisely similar to what goes with BMW’s i3 car. Despite the previously available vehicle overseas for the past few years, it has recently entered the US roads, with updated batteries- 60 Ah to 94 Ah. This effectively makes the scooters produce a range of 99 miles per charge.


Much like every other electric vehicle, the motor in the BMW C Evolution packs a full torque. The motor kicks in the torque with a simple throttle twist. Simply put, the rider will have instant access to a rough 53 lb-ft of torque, thereby allowing the rider to achieve 0-30 mph in 2.8 seconds. There’s no denying that is adequate for enough to tackle the torturous traffic around town. A C 650 GT produces 60 hp and 49 lb-ft of torque to put this into context. Make your calculations now.


One of the significant highlights of the BMW C Evolution is its extraordinary Reverse Assist on the left handlebar that’s makes it stand out from the rest of the scooters. The rider must hold the handlebar down to twist the throttle for backing out of the parking space. If the rider goes heavy with the throttle, they will find themselves backing up quicker than their expectations. There’s no denying that Reverse Assist is an exceptional feature that most bike and scooter enthusiasts will enjoy. It is essential to mention that the C Evolution weighs at a beefy 606 lbs.

2018 Bmw C Evolution Specifications

·      Engine Type   Liquid-Cooled Electric-Drive Motor

·      Max. Output 48 Hp (35 Kw) At 4,650 Rpm (Claimed)

·      Max. Torque 53 Lb-Ft (72 Nm) From 0 To 4,650 Rpm (Claimed)

·      Maximum Speed       80 Mph (Electronically Limited)

·      Acceleration 0-30mph          Approx. 2.8 S (Claimed)

·      Range 99 Miles (Claimed)

·      Recuperation Automatic Recuperation When Coasting And Braking

·      Battery          Air-Cooled Lithium-Ion High-Voltage Battery With Auxiliary Cooling Fan

·      Battery Voltage         133 V (Nominal)

·      Charging Rate 3 Kw, Integrated Charging Unit

·      Charging        On-Board Charging Socket Type 1; Charging Cable With Country-Specific Plug

·      Charging Time at 110 V / 12 an        Approx.. 9:20 H For 100%; 80% in Approx.. 7:50 H (Claimed)

·      Charging Time at 220 V / 12 an        Approx.. 4:30 H For 100%; 80% in Approx.. 3:50 H (Claimed)

·      Secondary Battery    12 V / 8 Ah, Maintenance-Free

·      Drive  Belt Drive

·      Frame Tubular Steel With Die-Cast Aluminum Sections

·      Front Suspension      Upside-Down Fork Ø 40 Mm, 4.7” Of Travel

·      Rear Suspension       Single-Sided Swing Arm With Direct-Link Spring Strut And Spring Pre-Load With 7 Manually Adjustable Settings, 4.5” Of Travel

·      Wheelbase    63.4” (1,610 Mm)

·      Castor 3.7” (95 Mm)

·      Steering Head Angle 65.9°

·      Wheels          Cast Aluminum Wheels

·      Rim, Front     3.50 X 15″

·      Rim, Rear       4.50 X 15″

·      Tires, Front    120/70 R 15

·      Tires, Rear     160/60 R 15

·      Brake, Front  Dual Floating Disc Brakes, Dual-Piston Floating Calipers, Diameter 270 Mm

·      Brake, Rear    Single Disc Brake, Diameter 270 Mm, Dual-Piston Floating Caliper

·      Abs    BMW Motorrad Abs

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