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Bimota DB8

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DB8, 2016
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DB8 Italia, 2016
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Before kicking off with the magnificent piece of automobile technology that is the Bimota DB8 SP, it's essential to take a refresher course about the manufacturers themselves- Bimota. The bike manufacturing outfit originally belongs to Rimmi, Italy. They initially kicked off business in the motorcycle industry back in 1973. The company finds its name from the initials of the company founders- Bianchi, Morri, and Tamburini.

Bimota DB8 SP Motorcycle

There's no denying that every bit and piece of the Bimota SB8 SP has been skillfully designed to unleash its absolute potential. The robust frame and aerodynamic fairing in the vehicle backs support this statement cent percent. Furthermore, it is essential to mention that this motorbike was developed to encourage biking enthusiasts to get closer and experience adrenaline and adventure each time they kick the engine.

When it comes to the engine, the Bimota DB8 SP comes with an 1198 cc, Ducati liquid-cooled twin-cylinder, Desmodronicfour-stroke L twin unit. Any potential rider will be thrilled at the prospect of a bike engine throwing a maximum output of 170 HP at 9750 rpm and 127 Nm of torque at 8000 RPM. Furthermore, it is attached to a six-speed transmission with a dry multi-disc clutch.

Essentially, the presence of a front Marzocchi in this motorbike ensures the bike's ride quality to be upside down 43 Mm DLC- a rear extreme tech adjustable traction, an utterly adjustable fork, and compression unit.


It is essential to mention that the Bimoto D88 SP is an absolute beast that appeals to actual motorcyclists to get a closer look at the exciting details and highlight features of the bike. Potential owners and general bike enthusiasts must realize that DB8 has put great attention to finer details. Each fastener, assembly, and chassis component has been developed to produce premium performance. They are further shaped and polished with the help of advanced tools for contributing to a genuine biking experience.

As mentioned already, Bimota has powered DB8 with the stunning Ducati Testastretta Evoluzione 1198 engine. It is essential to note that the machine is widely considered the most powerful production twin-cylinder globally. The engine further contributes to retaining all the pros of the L-Twin configuration.

Key Features

•       Milled aluminum parts 6082 on Grid frame 39NiCrMo4

•       Dry clutch multi-disc

•       Ducati Testastretta Evoluzione 1198 engine

•       Bimota exclusive Extreme Tech adjusts.traction and compression unit, pre-loaded spring suspension rear

•       170 HP at 9750 rpm of power

•       Twin 320 mm discs, 4-piston Brembo radial calipers, MONOBLOC front brakes

Simply put, there is a massive interest in sports bikes globally in modern times. Aligning with this trend, the Bimota DB8 SP has penetrated motorbike sports to impress its fans in the sporting community. However, sporting or not, people are mostly drooling over the bike since they don't have alternatives. This is primarily due to the bike's steep pricing, which stands at a recommended retail price of $47,990 (+orc).


•       Displacement: 1198 cc

•       Engine type:  Ducati liquid-cooled twin-cylinder, four-stroke L twin, 4 Valves per cylinder, desmodromic engine management

•       Bore x stroke: 106 x 67.9 mm

•       Injection:       Walbro By Bimota

•       Compression rate:    12,7:1

•       Power: 170 HP at 9750 rpm

•       Torque:         127 Nm at 8000 rpm

•       Clutch: Dry clutch multi disc

•       Gear box:      6 Speed

•       Frame: Milled aluminum parts 6082 on Grid frame 39NiCrMo4

•       Front forks:    Absolute Adj. Marzocchi Upside-Down 43 mm DLC

•       Front brakes: 4-piston Brembo radial calipers MONOBLOC, Twin 320 mm discs

•       Rear brakes:  Brake disc 220 mm, dual-piston brake caliper

•       Suspension rear:       Bimota exclusive Extreme Tech adjusts.traction and compression unit, pre-loaded spring

•       Front-wheel: 120/70_17

•       Rear-wheel:   190/55_17

•       Wheelbase:   1430 mm

•       Seat height:   800 mm

•       Overall dimensions:  2040 x 730 x 1105 mm

•       Dry weight:    164 kg

•       Fuel tank:      18 L

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the Bimota DB8 SP has all the ingredients and potential to be a unique acquisition. Make no mistake; this could be a revolutionary machine in the superbike community.

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