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Style 60
2005 YOM
Origami B1
2005 YOM
Motard 125
2007 YOM
Minimotard 2.6
2006 YOM
Minimotard 2.5
2005 YOM
Minibike 2.5
2005 YOM

brand story

Blata is a Czech motorcycle company, which products are available in different countries. Particularly, it is best known for producing high-quality mini moto bikes. 

History of Blata

The company was founded by Pavel Blata, a Czech motorbike enthusiast. He took part in a 6-day motorcycle endurance event, where he could check out different machines. This is how he learned how they worked as well as their advantages and disadvantages. He got much knowledge and decided that he had to do something with that. 

In the 1980’s, he started producing and selling scooters and mini moto bikes. He managed to gather a small team of the most trusted people to ensure the management of his company. Over the time, the team expanded by adding more members specializing in different aspects.

In the early 1990s, Vittorino Orazi's organization provided help for Pavel Blata to produce bikes and the parts for this company. That was a successful collaboration, and soon Blata decided to start production cycles under his own name. Pavel changed and improved bike design, and began to produce pocketbikes. Today, their production line includes scooters, mini 2.5, and other motorbike models.

Another important meeting took place in 1992 in Prague, when Pavel Blata met Rastislav Brodsky. The latter soon joined Pavel’s company, and thanks to this collaboration, the new Elite 11 was produced in 1993 that was included in the production line the next year. 

In 1996, the Blata Cup Racing Series was organized, which winners could compete in the prestigious EU Championships. During the next several years, Jan Prudik riding Blata bike won a range of awards. In 2003, Origami B1, a new minibike, was developed, which brought the creator The Outstanding Product award. A range of other reputable awards has also been won by Pavel for his quality bikes. 

Blata Models

Blata has designed and built a range of motorcycle models, and its products are available in different countries, including the USA. On the official US website, it is possible to find the full product catalog with the list of available models. The sale prices are also provided on this site. 

Enduro 125 is a pretty popular Blata model. It is equipped with a Genuine 125cc engine with balance shaft, aluminum front/rear footrests. The model also has Marzocchi front forks, 17” wheels with 150mm rear tires, aluminum rear fork, and disc brakes. Safety is ensured with the latest technology.

Motard 125 is another model that is worth attention. The bike comes with a Genuine single- cylinder, four-stroke, air cooled 125cc engine with balance shaft, Walbro carburetor, hydraulic fork front suspension, five-speed transmission, Hydraulic fork front, and Swingarm with a shock absorber. The bike matches the highest safety requirements.