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Multistrada V2
2022 YOM
2022 YOM
Superleggera V4
2021 YOM
Multistrada V4
2021 YOM
Monster Plus
2021 YOM
Monster 797
2017 YOM
Panigale V2
2020 YOM
Panigale V4
2018 YOM

brand story

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has been producing motorcycles since the end of World War II. Previously, the company, founded in 1926 by Marcello and Adriano Ducati in Bologna, used to manufactured and sold radio components and later auxiliary motors. Firstly they worked as motors attached to bicycles. In the early 50’s the company started producing stand-along motor scooters, but by the end of the decade Ducati became the best one in the racing world. Fabio Taglioni’s name is significant. He developed Ducati’s Desmodromic valve system. Taglioni took part in the creation of many successful Ducati Singles.

Ducati motorcycle models

The first Ducati motorcycle model was the "Gran Sport", which was launched in 1955 on the market. The four-stroke Italian motorcycle had an overhead camshaft and a vertical shaft drive. Only in 1963, the Ducati bikes were equipped with the typical cylinders which are available in nowadays models. Another significant feature of the Ducati motorcycles is the Desmodromik. This is a positively controlled valve train, which was designed in the fifties for various racing bikes. The first mass-produced machine to be equipped with the Desmodromik was the Ducati Mark 3 D from 1969. The era of the V-cylinder, however, began in the 1970th with the Ducati 750 GT. A few years later, the single-cylinder models were taken out of production. The Ducati Pantah, presented in 1977, was already equipped with timing belts. In the Ducati Paso in 1986, the inlet and outlet ports were arranged in reverse for the stationary cylinder.

The Italian era of Super bikes, equipped with a water-cooled Ducati motorcycle engine, began in 1987 with the model 851. A particularly successful Super bike racing motorcycle was the Ducati 916 released in 1994. The Ducati motorcycle Monster was particularly popular in 1993 and still very popular today. Many of them are currently available from the dealer. Another very successful Ducati motorcycle is the Ducati 750 SS, which replaced the 750 Sport in 1991. The SS in the model name means SuperSport. The Ducati motorcycle engine of the 750 SS is operated with a toothed belt. It was produced from 1991 to 1997.

Used Ducati's and E10 compatibility

The question of the E10 compatibility for Italian Ducati motorcycles is not yet clear. So far, Ducati holds back with the release. Until further details are known, there should be super plus in the tank. With regard to the E10 compatibility, Ducati motorcycles are currently running by the manufacturer's long-term studies that clarify the facts. According to a rumor, various Ducati Multistrada, Streetfighter, SBK and Ducati Monster motorcycles in America have had plastic tank problems that are said to have deformed due to ethanol admixture.