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2007 YOM

brand story

Fischer Motor Company is a US-based sport motorcycle manufacturer. Their MRX 650 is a sport bike built around a 90-degree V-twin engine and a one-piece, twin spar, aluminum perimeter frame. Alan Cathcart of Motorcyclist magazine in his 2006 test review, called the MRX, "the most important new American motorcycle in generations." Company founder Daniel Fischer developed the company's first motorcycle for mass-production, the MRX 650 using suppliers including an EADS (Airbus) subsidiary for engineering, Harley-Davidson and Michael Jordan Motorsports contractor Gemini Technology Systems for frame development, and various companies related to US tractor and automotive suppliers for other components. The original platform is based upon a 1990s era Grand Prix chassis. In contrast to Buell Motorcycle Company, Fischer intended not to "reinvent the wheel" with any radical design concepts, but to "just take existing technology and fine-tune it," Fischer told Cycle World in 2003.