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The automobile industry is an ever-changing industry with a wide array of products. Every now and then, there are certain innovations in this industry that aim to revolutionise the whole game. One such idea that gained a lot of attention amongst consumers and for all the right reasons were 3-wheelers.

This new class of multi-wheeler vehicles has seen a new entry in recent years, known as the GG Quadster. If you are in the market looking for a unique and ‘out0-of-the-box’ vehicle, you should definitely give this one a look. Keep reading to know more about the specifications of this vehicle and if it is a worthwhile investment.

GG QUAD ATV - history, design and characteristics


This vehicle comes of Swiss origin and is based on the electric and 167 horsepower motor from the BMW K1200 sports bike. Along with sticky sports tires attached to a four-wheeled aluminium chassis, the GG Quadster has been able to grab the attention of several automobile enthusiasts.

Priced a bit higher than other competitive models in the market right now, you will rarely get to see a GG roadster on the street. However, every owner knows how easily it is recognisable.

The inception of GG Quadster

At first sight, an onlooker might think where the inspiration of such a vehicle comes from. It is quite odd-looking when compared to the conventional ATVs available in the market. However, this is not the first time GG has done this. The manufacturing company name GG stands for Gruter and Gut, which came out with a similar vehicle a few years back.

That older version used a BMW Boxer twin motor engine that offered 100 horsepowers. This heavy bike engine was stuck in a similarly built F1-type race car chassis. That car was instantly popular, which further pushed GG to come up with a newer and better version of it.

Specifications of the GG Roadster

The GG Quadster is similar to its predecessor in a lot of ways and only improving in the ways it isn't. now, with a more powerful and reliable BMW 4 cylinder K1200 motor, this vehicle has left no stone unturned in satisfying their customers. Along with that, it uses a conventional gearbox, with the addition of reverse gear. Even though subtle, this is a very handy touch and helps improve the efficiency and usability of the car.

The car is rather small but longer and wider than the dimensions of a smart car. This modification was mainly made to suitably accompany the raw power and acceleration of the high=revving engine. Along with improved dimensions, the car also has taken care of other features like tires and brakes.

It comes with Dunlop Sportmax tires which are suspended from a Wilbers shock that can also be adjusted for rebound and preload.

Along with that, GG has installed massive brakes with a front lever that operates a set of four-piston stoppers on each of the 270 mm discs in front. You also get the foot lever, which gets used on the other two callipers in the front along with the 30 loads through on two similar callipers in the back.

With such in-depth attention to safety, you would not have to worry much when rocketing to 60 MPH in the Quadster in only 3.5 seconds.

When it comes to handling, several reviews have shown how the GG quadster could do better. However, that does not take away from the fact that this car can be a beast in the corners.

Since it does not have tilting multi-wheel features, it tends to feel uncomfortable in sharp turns. However, with caution and care, corners are a breeze in this car.

GG has really upped its game with this new launch and has undoubtedly become one of the most innovative automobile companies in the world.