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brand story

The Japanese brand is a world-known leader in the field of machinery technologies. Most recognized as a producer of qualitative automobile and motorbike, it is also an owner of the brand Acura. Talented drag racer, engineer, and inventor, Soichiro Honda started his own machine building business in 1946. Until modern times, this famous brand proudly bears his name. The corporation in its present form and with more than 50-year history exists thanks to its bold, inventive and non-standard method of thought and behavior. Another "child" of Soichiro - Honda Motor Co.Ltd the world saw in 1948, and since that moment the true story of the most famous Japanese brand started.

The Birth of a Dream

The founder was passionate, for the most part, about new technical parts and technologies, providing all the financial documentation and reporting to his closest associate - Takeo Fujisawa. These names, Soichiro and Takeo, made history of the legendary Japanese corporation. Already next year, two partners introduced to the world the first motorbike which had the volume of 98 cm3. The company's employee, when he only saw one of these models, compared it with a real dream. This particular characteristic has become the brand's calling card, but in all documents, it is "ModelD". Let's note at once that this Japanese manufacturer is holding an excellent mark and every Japanese bike is the bright example of this. In 2013-2014, for instance, the company managed to sell more than 18.5 billion bike items of different models. Moreover, in 2009, the company experienced the recession in sales and tragic earthquake in Japan in 2011, but the sale has risen again, and seemingly to a record level. The world popularity and appreciation, Honda motorcycles gained due to its smart design, basic concept, reliability, strong technical parts, safety, and quality. Nowadays it is the best-selling brand, even on the after-market.

  Top-Items in the Honda List

In the list of leaders of the model line-up based on demand, the manufacturer himself highlighted the following cycles: VTX 1800, CBR400R, and CBR600RR. They began their story in the early 2000's when the first trades of these models began. The main role in the growth of sales was played by the Eastern markets (more than 65% of all sales). Honda Rebel, as well as the sales champion - Honda SB Shine, conquered the Asian market in late 80's - 90's. In 1991, the company experienced a very tragic event - the death of Soichiro and year after released the "The Power of Dreams" - NR model, which became legendary in its class. The bike had a 750 cm3 motor, a carbon case and an electronic fuel injection system. The cycle was quite bulky, weighing more than 200 kg.

The impeccable classic is the Honda Hornet CB 600 FA, which is included in the top 20 of the best-selling in Europe available and also available on our website. Despite the fact that the model is positioned as a classic, it is popular among riders. The average engine of 599 cm3 allows you to accelerate up to 230 km/h with a fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 km. This "bare" motorcycle without a plastic engine kit is suitable for steering with different levels of driving and satisfies everyone's desire to ride a practical and comfortable bike.