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General information
Engine and transmission
350 cm³
Engine type
Number of cylinders
Cylinder location
26 HP
Physical measures and capacities
Dry weight
155 kg

Similar models

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1971 YOM
350, 1976
1976 YOM

One of the older motorbike models which are still used, the Jawa 638 1994 is a well-balanced motorbike. Indeed, it is not a sports bike with very high speed and acceleration. However, it is still quite road-worthy and can be used for daily commute. Read on to know about the technical specs, pricing, performance and more.

As the name of the model suggests, this motorbike was designed in 1994. This bike is still used by many riders who prefer a retro style and delivers decent performance for its age. There is no specific motorbike which can be said to be ‘the best’ as how well a model would serve you depends on whether it meets your requirements. The specifications Jawa 638 are such that while it is not a racing bike, it is a good allrounder when it comes to day-to-day use or touring.

Interesting facts about Jawa 638

Very few motorbikes which of a build as old as the Jawa 638 are still worth riding. Compared to the modern models, it still delivers an average performance and is not outdated yet. The bike dimensions make Jawa 638 suitable for day-to-day travel and for carrying goods. Here is a brief look at the specifications of this bike.

·      Design: For a motorcycle of its age, this model looks stylish enough. The build gives a feeling of firmness without causing any discomfort. The positioning of the handlebars and the seat allows the rider to maintain a comfortable posture. The photos of the bike show it to be quite elegant in design.

·      Engine: This motorcycle comes with twin two-stroke engines with an rpm of 5500. It delivers 26.0 HP and a torque of 31.4 Nm, which, although low compared to the modern bikes, is still quite good.

·      Transmission: With a 4-speed gearbox, this motorbike offers seamless transmission. The smooth acceleration that the Jawa638 motor offers, it is safe to ride through busy traffic, which makes it suitable for new riders.

·      Chassis, suspension and wheels: The strong chassis of this bike gives it a firm structure. However, it comes with nice suspension and brakes which can absorb the shock quite well while riding through undulating roads. The wheels are well-balanced and enhance the touring capabilities for the 1994 Jawa 638 by delivering a smooth riding experience overall.

·      Dynamics and efficiency: The specifications and dynamics make it easy to handle through different weather conditions. It comes with a fuel capacity of 17 litres and a reserve fuel capacity of 2.50 litres.

·      Bike dimensions: Weighing 155 Kg with a displacement of 350 ccm, this motorbike is suitable for those looking for a relatively lighter model. Its bike power/weight ratio stands at 0.1677 HP/Kg.

Advantages and disadvantages

The general features of this model, such as performance, mileage, Jawa 638 sound, etc. are quite good considering its age and price. Its versatility and ease of use keep it relevant even in contemporary times. Its specs make it a suitable motorbike for commuting to work or other places on a daily basis or for going on tours. Those who have owned this model have opined it to be great value for money.


Despite how well-balanced this bike is, it is certainly not for those seeking a sports bike for racing purposes. Finding the motorcycle parts Jawa 638 1994 might prove hard in some places, though it is not entirely impossible. Many buyers have been looking for comparisons between this model and Jawa350 motorcycles to find the more suitable option for themselves.