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390 Adventure
2023 YOM
300 SX
2023 YOM
2023 YOM
500 XCF-W
2021 YOM
2021 YOM
890 Duke
2021 YOM
XC 150 W
2019 YOM

brand story


Austrian company KTM - one of the largest, best and most famous manufacturers of sports motorcycles in Europe. The official date of KTM foundation of the enterprise is 1934. Then a young but very ambitious engineer named Hans Trunkenpolz, who lived in the town of Mattinghofen, opened a metalworking workshop. At first, the young entrepreneur did not get everything, but just a few years after the start of commercial activity, he had a stable income. Successful businessman Ernst Kronreif acquired a part of the company and became its main shareholder. Of course, after that the enterprise received an updated name, in which the surname of the new co-owner was involved. However, this did not affect the abbreviation. It remained the same - KTM (Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen). Until the end of the 60s, the enterprise continued to develop. But the course of history changed the development of the company's own engine cycle. It was then that they stopped collecting motorcycles from parts produced by other developers. Moreover, almost immediately there were simultaneously several debut models, as well as a powerful sports bike. For decades, the KTM company has been actively developing and improving. However, 1989 put an end to the rapid development of the company. The end of the "golden era" is usually associated with the death of the founder and bike ideologist of the company, Hans Trunkenpolz. Almost immediately, KTM started serious problems, as a result of which in 1991 the bike company went bankrupt. However, the literacy of the new company management helped the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer get out of the pit. Already in 2000, KTM motobike riders won the championship titles in the classes of 125 and 500 cubic centimeters, as well as a lot of other competitions. At the same time, the company presented to the public a prototype of the company's first motorcycle, equipped with a 1000-cubic-cc engine. In 2011, the updated Duke 690 and Duke 125 were introduced. A few years ago, KTM began to master the release of other motor vehicles - mini-cycles with small-capacity power units and high-quality ATVs. The entire model range of the company is constantly updated, in addition, new models are being developed.

On the official website of KTM you can see the full list of producing motorcycles. Virtually all leading motor manufacturers in the production range have 125-cubic models made "in an adult", sometimes indistinguishable externally from 600 cubes and liter brethren. They are a kind of business card of the company. Kind of - an invitation to the family. The success of the younger model for those who first sits on a motorcycle directly depends on the future success of their other models of the same brand.

Some models

KTM Duke 125 is not just a new segment of small-capacity road motorcycles, but also a recognition among the youth audience and its loyalty to the brand in the future. If the "traditional" sports (cross and enduro) motorcycles for the Austrians were initially presented from A to Z, then the road line clearly lacked a "junior" vehicle. First of all, the motorcycle is different in design. Modern design technologies can satisfy any design of designers. It was possible to preserve the characteristic features inherent in older Dukes and at the same time bring some lightness and grace. For sophisticated motorcyclists, it is immediately clear that this is KTM. Uninhibited passers-by simply turn around after him. For fans of tuning, on 125 KTM Duke already there is a huge quantity of accessories, spare parts, components and a decor. First of all, the factory tuning program Powerparts, which includes at the moment whales of plastic body kit, sports muffler, stars, brake discs, chains, levers, decorative caps, stickers, sliders, bags on the tank, etc., through which the exterior The motorcycle can be changed very radically.

KTM Adventure

Motorcycle KTM Adventure will be the best solution for motorcycle enthusiasts. This is an ergonomic and versatile motobike, a comfortable seat and legs for which have two adjustment positions. It is literally "stuffed" with electronics, which contributes to high driving comfort in different modes of movement, switching by simply pressing the toggle switch.

In the aggressive design of the KTM Adventure bike there is a large windshield, modern head optics and an electronic instrument unit with a large number of functions and an on-board computer. The bike is equipped with ABS and traction control system, as well as off-road mode, the work of which increases the level of safety.

In the running motorcycle KTM Adventure a heavy-duty light frame with a half-timbered pendulum providing its maneuverability and stability is used. Wide tires and a large stroke of the suspension optimize the technical parameters. The power unit of bike guarantees a powerful start and powerful traction at full load, while consuming a minimum of fuel.