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Z7 Hybrid ABS
2024 YOM
Rouser NS125 Fi
2023 YOM
Ninja ZX-4RR KRT
2023 YOM
2023 YOM
Ninja Z H2
2022 YOM
2022 YOM
Z H2
2021 YOM
KV 175 AG
1989 YOM

brand story

Kawasaki motorcycles need no introduction due to its popularity among professional "hell-drivers" and movie directors. A whole lot of people are well-versed with a popular movie "Top Gun" screened in 1986. The main role was played by a magnificent Tom Cruise who rides the real beast - Kawasaki GPZ900R. If you haven't seen it yet, we highly advise you to check it out immediately.

Per Aspera ad Astra

Kawasaki bikes are issued by the world-famous Japanese company "Kawasaki Heavy Industries". The company itself was founded more than a decade ago, in far 1896. Firstly it worked as a shipbuilding company founded by Shōzō Kawasaki. Nowadays this is the big-name producer of the heavy and light transport machines both for land, air, and water. Despite the wide range of qualitative machinery, the peak of popularity to a brand was brought by high-quality motorcycles, which don't leave the list of the best iron horses on the planet Earth. By the way, Kawasaki founders know how to do real business and very soon a small Kawasaki company was transformed into a huge conglomerate that develops and releases not only iron monsters but real robots, chemical equipment, supertankers and equipment for space.

The first Kawasaki bike the world saw in 1960, despite the fact that its activity concern has started in 1878. Shōzō Kawasaki believed in shipbuilding more than in motorcycle production. But very soon he changed his mind regarding bikes, after some disappointment in shipbuilding processes. First models of Kawasaki bikes brought name into repute already in the first years due to the numerous victories of the Kawasaki team in various motorcycle racing competitions. So it’s no wonder that these bikes became real hits of sales in numerous countries worldwide. Kawasaki Heavy Industries gladden its audience with a wide range of classical bike models, minibikes, racing motorcycles and also safe bikes for children and tourism. Each model from a line can boast with modern parameters and smart design. Under-the-hood of these bikes is amazing for real: two-cylinder engine with fluid cooling, 2 overhead camshafts, and drum type breaks on both wheels, a rare suspension with central monoshock, and inverted telescopic fork.

The Birth of Ninja

At least once in life, each and one manufacturer of motorcycles develops and releases the bike, which will define the face of the company, success in the market and on sales. The true fame Kawasaki company received in 2005 when presented Ninja ZX-14 at the Tokyo Motor exhibition. The bike immediately became well-loved that every editor of the website or magazine praised it up and always keep it on the top lists of the best bikes in the world. Already in one year, this model was raised on the conveyor. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R can disperse from scratch to one hundred only in 2,7 seconds, and its maximum speed — nearly 300 km/h. For ten years the series of Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles fill the first places in the list of the fastest motorcycles in the world, like Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R - one of the most demanded bikes in racing competitions. It stands to mention the Kawasaki Ninja H2R - the fastest hyper bike among Ninja model. Its 300-strong engine accelerates this bike to its maximum speed of in 354 km/h. The motorcycle was also stuffed with girder frame that provides additional endurance and better control over a motorbike, as well as with the system of faster and smooth gear shifting.