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400 GT
400 GT
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General information
Engine and transmission
368 cm³
Top speed
140 km/h
Engine type
19 HP
Transmission type,final drive
Cooling system


There's no denying that motorcycle riding provides unrivaled entertainment. Ask any enthusiast, and this sentiment will stand valid. Furthermore, this passion is now further encouraging, with popular scientific research stating that the adrenaline-pumping experience contributes to a good mood.

Holistically speaking, off-road motorcycle riding is a particular favorite for many across the world. The extraordinary combination of speed and power makes up for a truly unique experience that produces tremendous entertainment.

Breaking this down further will identify that off-roading encourages a higher heart rate of the riders, similar to a low strain workout- identical to any regular street riding. Furthermore, it contributes to strengthening the heart while also developing the endurance on the side for a positive impact.

Additionally, it’s also necessary to mention that the right surface type can also support muscle strengthening- to put it simply, rugged terrains lead to complex physical workouts.

STELS 400 GT Motorcycle

No discussion on off-road motorcycling is complete without mentioning the STELS 400 GT. It's essential to note that this dynamic motorcycle has been skillfully developed for asphalt, country or off-road riding. Furthermore, it promises a secure riding experience, despite encountering sharp turns. This bet of a machine can hit a maximum speed of 140 km per hour.


It's essential to discuss the manufacturing specifications of the vehicle for an astute understanding. The visually appealing STELS 400 GT comes with a powerful 386 CC single-cylinder 4-stroke engine coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. Up next, both the rear and front brakes are disc variants.

Furthermore, it's necessary to point out that the front suspension is telescopic with two shock absorbers while the rear one is a typical lever-type with a single shock absorber. You will need an electric starter to operate the motorcycle.

A motorcycle of this modification is chosen by both beginners and already experienced motorcyclists who need transport for a quiet movement on city roads.

Bike Design

The STELS 400 GT immediately attracts attention with its bold, sporty design. Despite its calm nature, the bike has many aggressive features. A sharp "beak" protrudes ahead, which is in harmony with the outlines of mirrors and turn signals. The manufacturer offers the bike several colors for the buyer's choice: light grey, bright yellow, and fiery red.

Model Capabilities

The G.T. marking in the model name translates as Gran Turismo. This indicates that the motorcycle is designed for medium to long-distance travel. Practice shows that the bike perfectly holds two medium-weight passengers.

Specifications STELS 400 GT

Common Data

·      Model Year 2012

·      Wheelbase, Mm 1455

·      Length X Width X Height, Mm 2110 X 825 X 1390 *

·      Dry Weight, Kg 140

·      Curb Weight, Kgn.D.

·      Ground Clearance, Mm 200

·      Seat Height, Mm 850

·      Departure, Mmn.D.

·      Gas Tank Volume, L22

·      Steering Column Tilt Angle, Deg. N.D.

·      Maximum Speed, Km / Hn.D.


·      A Type1-Cyl., 4T

·      Working Volume, Cubic Meters Cm 387

·      Cylinder Diameter X Piston Stroke, Mm 91x59.5

·      Timingsohc, Four Valves Per Cyl.

·      Compression Ratio10.3: 1

·      Supply System Carburetor

·      Cooling System Liquid

·      Max Power, H.P. At Rpm 19/7000

·      Max Torque, Nm At Rpm 20/6000

·      Launch System Electric Starter


·      Transmission6-Speed

·      Clutchmulti-Disc, Oil Bath

·      Main Gear Chain


·      Frame Tubular, Steel

·      Rear Suspension Pendulum With Mono-Shock

·      Front Suspension Telescopic

·      Pipe Diameter, Mm43

·      Brake System Hydraulic, Separate

·      Front Brake Disc, 2-Piston Caliper

·      Stroke, Mmn.D.

·      Stroke, Mind

·      Rear Brake Disc, 2-Piston Bracket

·      Wheelscast, Aluminum Alloy

·      Front Tire110/70 R 17

·      Rear Tire140/70 R 17

*Width - With Mirrors, Height - Without Mirrors.

It's only fitting to mention while concluding that the motorcycle provides premium comfort. Feel free to use it for cross-city trips or daily routines without much hassle. The iconic manufacturer of this motorcycle- Harley –Davidson, has pioneered the motorcycle industry for more than a century now. With such revolutionary models, they are well set for global dominance in the years to come. Watch out for their future offerings.

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