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NHT 125
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Mask 125
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FNX 125
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Cruisym 125
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brand story


SYM Sanyang Motor Corporation was founded in 1954 in Sanyang, China. The company, which is called "Drei Sonnen Motorroller" in English, initially manufactured scooters and mopeds under license for Honda and sold them in China. In 1994, SYM (Sanyang) expanded to Europe, and since then new and used second-hand SYM scooters can be bought in Switzerland. As the brand was only a niche product in Europe due to its low profile, the Chinese company decided to initiate a European factory. Since 2006, more and more Sanyang scooters have been sold at SYM Roller dealers. Due to its best low prices for scooters, the Chinese SYM wants to compete with other scooter manufacturers. Under the brand Sym, scooters, motorcycles and quads are on the market

In the mid-1950s, the Taiwanese company Sanyang presented the first scooters on its home market, first created in cooperation with Honda. In the early 1990s, the manufacturer began marketing its scooters in Europe under the Sym brand. Also in the program: powerful Sym-quads and small motorcycles.

50 cc Scooter of the brand Sym

The entry-level model by Sym featured the 50 cc bike of the Symply, which was one of the manufacturer's lightest scooters, weighing just under 100 kilograms. Sanyang's classic-look scooter was introduced to the retail market with its retro models Sym Fiddle and Sym Allo. In the style of modern city scooters were the Sym Mio, the Sym Jet BasiX and the naked version Sym Orbit. Sportroller from Sym was available with the Red Devil, Jet4 and the Roller Jet SportX. As a large tire scooter with 16-inch tires Sym Symphony was presented. Most bikes of Sym's 50 cc class were also available in a throttled moped version.

Vehicles of the larger displacement classes of Sym

In the class of 125 cc scooters, the manufacturer showed city motorcycles like the Sym VS or Sym Joyride Evo with an output of 9.3 kW. With the Sym HD Evo coming in the 125cc class, also a large tire scooter from Sym on the market. Top models were the 150 ccm scooters Sym CityCom and GTS Evo. In the class of light motorcycles, the Asians were represented with the sportsman Sym Wolf SB12 Ni. The quads of Sanyang were marketed under the names Sym QuadLander and QuadRaider in the displacement classes from 300 to 600 cc.

The Allo 50 belongs to the extensive product range of the Sanyang in the class of scooters up to 50 cc. A single-cylinder, 3.1-horsepower, four-stroke engine cycle drives Allo from SYM, which can reach a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The engine of the moto can be started with electric starters as well as a kick starter. Under the seat of the two-seater are a storage compartment and the tank, which holds 5.3 liters. The curb weight of the Allo 50 is 100 kilograms.

In retro design

Visually, a SYM Allo 50 reminds us of motorcycles of earlier times. It has a large headlight and is available in black and white. The Taiwanese manufacturer has set chrome for the lights. The speedometer of a used Allo is analog. In addition, a kilometer display is therefore available on analog fuel gauge. The model does not have a windshield.

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