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brand story

Triumph is the oldest and at the same time the youngest British motobrand, founded in 1902 and resumed its activities in 1991. Released motorcycles Triumph: classic, cruisers, roadsters, tourists, tourist enduro, sports and retro models. 

 The founders are Siegfried Bettmann and Moritz Schulte (Triumph Cycle Company, 1887, England). The current owner is John Bloor. The company "Triumph" was founded by Siegfried Bettmann and Moritz Schulte, German merchants who emigrated to the UK at the end of the 19th century. Siegfried Bettmann was engaged in the trade of sewing machines and bicycles imported from Germany. This prompted Schulte to co-produce high-quality bicycles of his own brand. The cooperation of entrepreneurs began in 1887 with the formation of the "Triumph Cycle Company". In 1889, the first bicycles produced under the brand name "Triumph" were introduced in the English town of Coventry. At the end of the 19th century, the idea of moving from a simple bicycle to a cycling bike with a motor was actively developed in the world, the history of the development of a motorcycle began. A new-fashioned vehicle was becoming more popular, and in 1898 the company, known at that time as "The New Triumph Co." Ltd. began own development of motorcycles based on Belgian engine cycles. 

 In 1902, Triumph debuted on the English market, introducing its first model of a motorcycle, which was sold in the amount of 500 units during the year. The next few years, Triumph motorcycles were successfully sold at home, so the company expanded production. In 1906, the company formed its final name. At the turn of the century, technology gave the world an internal combustion engine, which engineers and entrepreneurs were looking for as many applications as possible.

In 1907, the Isle of Man was the first race, and the Triumph motorcycle came second. Within a year, the brand ranked first in the class. Excellent performance on the circle prompted the company to include the TT Racer model in its catalog as a road bike. During the First World War, the company produced about 30,000 motorcycles for the army. The most popular models then were the 4-strong Model H, also called Trusty Triumph. They were equipped with a primary chain drive, a 550-cc engine and a three-speed gearbox. 

The brand successfully produces the main types of motorcycles, including retro-style models. Classic, sports, tourist and tourist-enduro, roadsters and cruisers each of them has its own design features and specific technical characteristics, thanks to them they are worthy of competition to American and Japanese competitors. The flagship of the company is the mega-cruiser Triumph Rocet III. This motorcycle is equipped with an obscenity large engine volume of 2294 cc, installed longitudinally and developing power up to 140 hp. 

After renaming 

In the 1990s, the new owners of the traditional manufacturer with high-capacity bikes such as the Triumph Daytona 1000, the bike Trophy 1200 and the Triumph Adventurer 900 made a fresh start. Other models in the more recent series were the Triumph Scrambler and Thruxton as well as the Triumph Sprint and Speedmaster. The Triumph Rocket in classic American cruiser style presented with a capacity of 2300 cc the new top models of Triumph, while the classics Daytona, Tiger, Thunderbird and Triumph Bonneville referred to the long tradition of the motorcycle manufacturer. 

 Everyone's favorite

The Bonneville is the absolute classic of Triumph. The model was introduced in 1959 and built until 1982. The unveiling took place at the "Earls Court Motorshow" in London. The "Bonnie," as it's called, quickly ran into the hearts of two-wheel enthusiasts around the globe. 

Originally, the Triumph Bonneville model was intended as an evolution of the Triumph Tiger T110. Primary motive was at that time a performance increase of the Tiger from 500 to 650 cm. The engineers also wanted to tickle out about 50 hp a top speed of 192 km/h. Changes to the drive of the Tiger were necessary. Thus, the engine cycle now called T120 received a new, one-piece crankshaft, which was tested in 1955 on the Bonneville Salt Lake in Utah USA to the paces. Test driver Johny Allen set a best bike world record with a top speed of 345 km/h. Triumph worked the new development into its own bike the legend of the Triumph Bonneville was born. 

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