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Since the autumn of 1941 the history of Irbitsky motorcycle factory begins. The whole industry worked for war, the army needed heavy motorcycles with a stroller. The factory produced a model of the motorcycle M72, an exact copy of the German BMW R71. The motorcycle was assembled on a tubular metal frame with a candle suspension, the front fork was telescopic, the force on the rear wheel from the engine was transmitted with the help of a drive shaft. The two-cylinder lower-valve opposed air-cooled power unit had a working volume of 750 cm3. Despite the low power, only 22 hp, it worked well together with a four-speed gearbox. If you read about the characteristics of the German BMW R71, you will find it difficult to find differences.

The mass production of the "Ural" and the main story of the motorcycle, just fell into those days of the USSR, when there was a total enthusiasm for motorcycles mainly among young people. This hobby was the favorite hobby of youth, and for whom that and favorite thing of all life.

The main popularity, "Ural" received for its uniqueness and individuality. Modern models also differ in their new design and best characteristics. Various bikes are available for different situations, for city trips, for cross-country trips, and there are sports and semi-sports options.

In the need of missing teams, we have one of 4 Dnepr teams from the last delivery 2002 of the Kiev motorcycle factory out of the original wooden box and assembled. Unbelievable top quality was used in the wood packaging. The packaging is heavier than the motorcycle. The wood is dense and completely dry after 15 years of storage. The calorific value is fantastic. Packaging also includes Dnepr's usual wax coating over the paint components. Since it requires sharp means to expose the paint, it may well be that the buyer of this motorcycle is already on an efficient protective layer of the paint. Now the Dnepr stands there in dull black instead of shiny black.

Ural piston installed, Ural push rods installed, electric worms removed, found ignition, brakes as well, fuel cock changed, carburetor tuned and above all the 0 Km speedometer is replaced with a 21,105 km speedometer, which belonged to a used Dnepr built in 1993, with the exception of the frame / nameplate for disposal.

The measures are far removed from our investment in all the new Dnieper's in the 1990s, so we did not completely dismantle and rebuild everything. However, the measures are meaningful anyway and do the vehicle well. The originality and the coarse charm from the time when motorcycles were still second-hand goods, are still today, in addition to a now much improved technical equipment, standard attributes of these motorcycles.

Precisely because the design of the past is reproduced everywhere, these motorcycles are more contemporary than ever.

There is a list of Ural bikes: Ural retro, Ural Ranger 2WD, Ural T 2WD, Royal Enfield Continental, Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Himalayan.

The new EU type approval has been granted and the survival of the Ural horse teams is guaranteed. The model year 2018 names even more innovations: Ergonomic seats on the bike and in the sidecar; digital speedometer with analogue km display; parking brake lever on handlebar, footswitch for reverse; new colors and more. Today companies are responsible for the supply of European Ural dealers with motorcycles, spare parts. More information about old classical bikes you can find at the official Ural website.