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brand story

Victory Motorcycles used to be an American motorcycle manufacturer founded by Polaris Industries. It operated for nearly twenty years until it was discontinued in 2017. A range of beautiful and powerful bikes was created, but, unfortunately, the Victory brand did not achieve the main goal — beating Harley-Davidson.

History of Victory

Polaris began producing motorcycles in the early 1990s. The company aimed at competing with Harley-Davidson, and they did lots of work by researching and testing plenty of bike models. It gave them an idea of how to create a cruiser-style motorcycle that would be sold under the new Victory brand.

The V92C bike with 1,507 cc fuel-injected V-twin engine debuted under the Victory brand in 1998. It was the cruiser with the largest displacement engine. The new motorcycle also featured a unique design. Over the next several years, the manufacturer created a range of popular Victory models.

In 2010, a contest was announced, allowing 10 ten people to win a lease on one of the new Victory touring motorcycles. The winners were also supposed to share their expressions on the motorcycle through their blog.

In 2017, Polaris Industries announced discontinuing the Victory brand. Eventually, they revived the Indian brand to compete against Harley-Davidson moto products.

The Most Popular Victory Models

The V92C bike was the very first Victory model created in 1998. It was a 1,510 cc vehicle with the 2nd largest motorcycle engine available at that time. All of the components for bike produced in Iowa and Minnesota, except brakes supplied by the Italian Brembo and electronic fuel injection system made in the UK. Initially, it the first Victory motorcycle came with 5-speed transmissions, but later it was replaced with the six-speed one. The V92C also featured dual connecting rods, single overhead cams, and hydraulic lifters.

The V92TC model was a touring cruiser produced by the Victory from 2002 to 2006. The motorcycle came with a longer swingarm, a redesigned seat, and pretty big saddlebags. Some models were equipped with the new Freedom Engine (1,510 cc). Its roomy ergonomics and quite a high seat height made this Victory model perfect for larger bikers.

The Vegas bike was introduced by Victory in 2003. It was designed by Michael Song who created a new chassis design. The model used the same Freedom engine as the TC, but all other features were new. The 2006 model came with the upgraded engine of 1,600 cc, and six-speed transmission instead of the 5-speed one.