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brand story

Japanese Star

 Yamaha bikes enjoy a great popularity and demand among fans of speed on all continents. This is one of the oldest brands and is a well-known manufacturer of motorcycles of extreme reliability, majestic running characteristics, smart and stylish design, and, of course, speed on the global stage. Nowadays, Yamaha Motors is one of the largest world producers of the moto-equipment and other technical branches.

The Era of Prosperity

As far as Yamaha is a Japanese brand established in 1955, very soon it earned the world recognition. Already in 1960, the brand extended production and introduced the models of boats, full-fledged units with the motor on 125 cc, and suspended motors to the public. Yamaha's era of prosperity started when the World War II came to the end and opened the doors to new technologies and ideas. In 4 years, the company developed Yamaha Autolube - an isolated system of oil feeding for the two-stroke engines. The introduction of this innovative technology provided a green light to a forward-looking generation of sports motorcycles that were highly appreciated by the audience.

  In short, 60's - 70's were the brightest years for Yamaha Company to capture the world with its great ideas of bikes and new technologies. Due to a fantastic economic growth, Yamaha released several bonus models at once. The first debuted the 250DT-1 bike, which even created the new category in motorsports - trial. In two years, Yamaha introduced the first of its kind motorcycle with the four-stroke engine - XS-1. Yamaha's goals were very basic and simple - to develop the qualitative product, where the buyers will constantly enjoy progressive ideas and concepts of bikes. No wonder that Yamaha motorcycles became one of the best two-wheel vehicles for moto-races. Its list of achievements and victories is quite outstanding, including the first place in prestigious rally Paris Dakar, where the racer on Yamaha XT-500 gained a victory in 1979. By 1982 the entire volume of production of motorcycles of the given brand reached 20 million units in sales.

Yamaha Hall of Fame

The first in the list is the Yamaha V Max, which is really and truly can be called the legendary bike produced by Yamaha for all the time. From the first sight, a motorcycle may seem a bit brutal but it’s a real toy for the fans of speed, who desire to reach the highest level of adrenaline rush. The model became so well-loved that engineers upgraded this monster to a new degree and in 2008 released Yamaha V Max with the more powerful engine, enhanced running qualities, and added more aggressive design. The name Yamaha YZF-R1 is the most known model of bike in the world of professional motorcycle races. In this bike, you can see all the best technological ideas gathered in one model, and more characteristics of Yamaha YZF-R1 are available on the website. The given model can boast with the maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour, the 185 h.p. engine and quite light in weight - 250 kilograms. Choosing this model for any purpose, you can make sure that will ride the legend of Yamaha Company. If looking for a monster bike with a classy design, pay attention to the Yamaha SR-400, which is close by characteristics to Bonneville but stands out for its retro look. Released in far 1970, the bike preserved its classical style while the technical side was highly improved in its second release in 2015.