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Aprilia Tuono 125, 2004

Aprilia Tuono was based on another model of the manufacturer known as RSV Mille. The Tuono 125 was one of the models form this series. It showed itself as a great vehicle for the younger bikes as well as those who are willing to sacrifice some power to enjoy awesome design and a range of innovative features. Today it this 125 model is available for sale at a reasonable price.

History of Aprilia Tuono 125

The original Tuono model was equipped with a range of electronic options, allowing having control over the vehicle. It came with multi-level traction control, ABS, AQS, and other useful features. Although many changes were made in the 125 model in 2004, the basic idea remained the same.

The Aprilia Tuono was first produced in 2002. Only 200 motorcycles were produced. During 2002-2005, the manufacturer released the RSV Tuono model. It was equipped with the 94.9 kW engine, and some of the materials were made of carbon kevlar, fiber, and titanium. This Tuono motorcycle was based on the RSV Mille superbike produced from 1998 to 2003. The original model came with a range of features from the Mille, including engine and brakes.

Finally, the Tuono 125 model was created. The 2004 model took lots of features from the previous model; however, it had something distinguishing it from the other manufacturer’s vehicles. It was very similar to the RS 125 except for flat bars, nose fairing, and a range of other features.

Aprilia Tuono 125 Description

This model released in 2004 had an aggressive look. It was a sports motorcycle with a unique style and low weight. Aprilia Tuono 125 was a perfect model for the younger riders as well as those who prefer awesome design and great features over the larger capacity of single-cylinder engine.

The Tuono model was equipped with a 125 cc liquid-cooled, 2-stroke engine along with a 6-speed MT. The motorcycle was suitable for day to day riding from home to work and from work to home. The 125 model came with a standard front fork, rear monoshock that can be adjusted, and a pretty big front disc brake featuring a four-piston caliper. The model also featured the adjustable seat of 31.7 in. The frame of the 125 motorcycle was made of aluminum. It was equipped with DellOrto PHBH 28 BD fuel system. The reed-valve motor of the 125 model provided reasonable torque until reaching 7,500rp.

 If you wish to obtain the best from this bike, you should use synthetic oil for two-stroke engines. It is expensive, but you will enjoy additional benefits of this 125 model. This bike is cheaper than RS125s. However, you may wish to purchase something bigger in a couple of years. It may also be difficult to find parts for this 125 model.

TUONO 125, 2004
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General information
Engine and transmission
Engine type
1-cylinder, 2T
Transmission type,final drive
124.8 cm³

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