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Honda CRF250L Rally, 2017

The Honda CRF250L is suitable for both off and on-road riding. It belongs to the CRF series produced for the markets of different countries. The first model was introduced in 2012, and the latest version of Honda CRF250L Rally was released in 2017.

History of Honda CRF250L Rally

For the first time, the smallest dual-sport motorcycle was produced by the manufacturer in 2008. It was the Honda CRF230L. It had a good combination of fuel injection, headlight, high efficiency, neutral riding position, electric starter, and other features. In four years, it was updated to the CRF250L that featured the engine from the previous model of Honda known as the CBR250R. No other changes were really added to the latter model. The Honda motorcycle came with 249.6 cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, and it could develop the top speed of 130 km/h.

In 2015, the new model was introduced as an illustrated teaser, and in one year, a new prototype was introduced in 2016. The Honda CRF250L caused lots of interest, and when it was introduced in 2017, it attracted lots of attention right away.

The Rally motorcycle came with 250cc taken from the previous models, however; it had a range of changes. For instance, it came with re-designed muffler, a bigger throttle body, bigger exhaust header, and others. A few changes were also added to the graphics of the Rally model to match the newly released CRF450R MX bike.

Description of Honda CRF250L Rally

The overall design of the 2017 model is based on the CRF450 Rally bike that was used in the Dakar. The newest Honda model comes with a bigger fuel tank. The Rally also features Dakar-inspired style of the body, radiator shrouds, more suspension, a "floating" screen, as well as skid plate.

The motor of the Rally comes with new throttle bodies and airbox. Thanks to the new exhaust system of this Honda bike and a few other features, the bike provides up to 24.4 hp. It is possible to turn ABS off at the rear in the Rally model.

A bigger throttle body of the motorcycle was increased from 36mm to 38mm in order to provide the improved throttle response as well as increased power in the low-mid rpm range.

If compared with the standard Honda CRF250L motorcycle, the latest 2017 Rally comes with a taller seat, more ride height, as well as longer length. It comes with new suspension featuring Pro-Link shock and Showa fork. The bike has a six-speed MT.

The manufacturer also paid attention to adjusting weight. In the CRF250L Rally bike, it was decreased thanks to use of a range of light weighting features, such as 2-chamber muffler. The 2017 Honda Rally model is produced in Japan, and the recommended price for sale is $5,899.

CRF250L Rally, 2017
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General information
Engine and transmission
250 cm³
Engine type
18 HP
Transmission type,final drive
Cooling system

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