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Bajaj Dominar 400

Dominar 400
Dominar 400
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First launched in 2016, Bajaj Dominar 400 had several shortcomings until Bajaj Auto launched an upgraded version of the model in 2019. With a price hike of just INR 11,000, the updated version of the motorbike offers far superior performance and comfort compared to the model launched in 2016. Here you would be able to get a look at the pictures and an idea of the specifications, general information, performance and how the newer version is better than the older one.

Motorbikes are often known to undergo midlife updates. However, not many models have undergone an upgrade as much as the Bajaj Dominar 400. The older version of this motorcycle didn’t gain much popularity and Bajaj Auto came up with a comprehensive update which solved most of its shortcomings. The Bajaj Dominar 400 performance has been greatly enhanced, making it one of the best models in its price range. The newer version of the motorbike comes with a much more powerful engine, with higher RPM.

Features that make Bajaj Dominar 400 stand out

The new Bajaj Dominar 400 is considered to be much more wholesome compared to the 2016 version. From performance to handling and comfort, it beats the older version in every aspect. Evidently, Bajaj motor has put in considerable effort in the upgradation of this motorbike. A quick look through the specifications would show you why this model is better than other similarly priced motorbikes.

·      Design and build: The new model comes in two shades: auroral green and satin black. The riding ergonomics are quite good, with a wide handlebar and a comfortable riding triangle. This would enable the riders to maintain an upright posture and continue riding over long distances without any hassle.

·      Engine: The engines are one of the most significant updates that the Bajaj Dominar 400 has undergone. While it still comes with a 373.2 CC liquid cooled engine, the 2019 model delivers 8,650 rpm, which is significantly higher than the 8000 rpm offered by the previous version. This has been made possible by replacing the SOHC setup with a DOHC setup. 

·      Transmission: The motorcycle comes with brisk acceleration and crisp throttle response. It is quite easy to switch through the gears and transmission is quite smooth. With a 0-100 kph time of 6.75 seconds, you would reach 150 kph quite easily on this bike. Although the motor now delivers more thrust in every gear, the power delivery is still quite linear.

·      Brakes, wheels and suspension: The 2019 version comes with much improved suspension compared to the previous model and it helps to deliver a comfortable riding experience. Apart from the excellent shock absorption on both ends, the motorbike also comes with well-balanced brakes and wheels.

·      Mileage: The motorcycle comes with a mileage of 27 kilometres per litre, which is quite decent for a model of such specifications and power.

·      Handling: One of the biggest problems with the older version of this motorbike was that it was often difficult to handle, especially while dealing with curves or driving through heavy traffic. However, Bajaj Auto has taken care of it by replacing the conventional fork with an Endurance USD unit and making other changes. It is now possible to manoeuvre around traffic with relative ease, due to better handling. Moreover, with the new technical specs, the bike can now deal with undulated and pothole ridden roads seamlessly.

·      Safety features: The better shock absorption system makes the bike much safer to ride. The ability to deal with curves more easily is also a benefit in this aspect.

Other changes

Several other changes have also been made in the bike dimensions and capacity, resulting in an improvement of the overall performance. For example, the new model comes with negligible vibration, dual-barrel exhaust and doesn’t heat up as much. Several bike parts like tank pad and nylon straps for luggage have been added too.


At INR 1.74 lakhs, the Bajaj Dominar 400 price is the lowest among the motorcycles of similar power and specifications. The easier handling of the new model is undoubtedly a major advantage as it ensures a safer and more comfortable journey for the riders. This model can be considered to be one of the best motorcycles under INR 2 lakhs. You may use this model for a multitude of purposes due to its versatility and performance.


After the upgrade, the motorcycle doesn’t have a lot of disadvantages. However, it is still a heavy machine, weighing 184 lakhs. As a result, manoeuvring through sharp turns might be a little difficult. On a positive note, the increase in weight compared to the older version cannot even be felt due to the enhancement of performance. Moreover, it is possible to retain speed while keeping the bike tilted during a turn.

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