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brand story

CFMOTO is the best and most popular bike brand in German-speaking countries! Whether for professional use in agriculture, forestry, hunting, relief and winter service, or just for fun: all-terrain vehicles (short "ATV", also called "quads") and side-by-side-vehicles ("SSV" for short) from CFMOTO offer top equipment and reliability at a fair price. All models have four-wheel drive, differential lock and CVT gearbox with reduction gear and may be driven with B-license.

More than 400 retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland advise and look after you personally - including the extensive accessories such as suitcases, cabins, mowers, trailers, snow blades or agricultural implements.

The model range extends from compact entry-level vehicles to high-performance and high-torque V2 bikes. Of course, all CFMOTO vehicles have a 2-year warranty, which can be extended for a surcharge of up to 5 years.

CFMOTO is a Chinese manufacturer of different vehicles. The group is based in Hangzhou and manufactures not only motorcycles, scooters, bikes but also quads and ATVs. Every year, CFMOTO produces around 800,000 engine cycles (including other vehicle manufacturers) and 600,000 vehicles, which are sold in China and through a worldwide distribution network in the USA, throughout Europe, Australia, South America, New Zealand and Africa.

The history of CFMOTO

In 1989, the predecessor of CFMOTO was founded under the name Er Shu. The company was engaged in the production of motorcycle parts, especially for the Japanese market. Through a constant development, the first liquid-cooled engine was introduced in 1996, this was a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 125 cc. In 2000, it was renamed CFMOTO and the group was able to obtain a license for the production of motorcycles, which enabled the expansion of the company in many areas of bike vehicles.

The models of CFMOTO

To Europe, all CFMOTO vehicles are launched by a general importer. Especially motorcycles, bikes, the versatile ATVs and quads that were able to establish themselves relatively quickly in the scene. With a total of six different models, CFMOTO's portfolio is broadly diversified. With the ATV CFMOTO Altas 2x4, the base motorcycle is available, which was designed with rear-wheel drive for easy off-road use and is powered by a 1-cylinder four-stroke engine with 493 cc. With four-wheel drive, the Altas 500 4x4 ATV is equipped, which is otherwise identical to the base bike. As a long version with an enlarged wheelbase, the CF MOTO Terralander builds 500 4x4 and the Everest 500 4x4. In the 600 class the Terralander 625 EFI 4x4 is sold. Highlight of the product range is the CF MOTO Terralander V2 EFI 4x4. This ATV is powered by a 800 cc V2 cylinder and can have appropriate performance. Above all, this ATV is convincing with a maximum torque of 72 Nm in off-road use via the two-cylinder engine. Rounding out the model wars of the SSV's. The Ranger 525 4x4 with a cargo bed is particularly suitable for forestry, while the CF MOTO Terracross 625 EFI 4x4 with a sporty equipment and tuning a lot of driving pleasure in off-road use.

Whatever vehicle you are looking for sale from CFMOTO, through the various listings or websites on mobile, you can find a list of curious ads.