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Models of Ducati Scooters

Ducati, an Italian manufacturer, is mainly known for the production of sports bikes and street bikes with L-Twin engines, but not so much for scooters. The company does not have a rich history for making these vehicles, but it seems like it is planning on hitting the market with new interesting models.

A Brief History

The Ducati Company was established in 1926 in Italy to make radio equipment. Later, it focused on the production of motorcycles and its parts, and its initial product range included bicycles. In the early 1950’s, the Ducati started releasing motor scooters. In a few years, the company started to make its way to the racing world.

Currently, there are only two scooters that have ever been produced by Ducati, including the first one called Cruiser that saw the light in 1952. About 10 years later at the Milan Exhibition, the manufacturer introduced the Brio. The project aimed at satisfying the demands of young people to travel without a need to use public transport. One year after the bike first production, the Ducati also released the 100cc Brio 48, which was used by the traffic police.

No more such machines were produced during the following several decades, but some rumours related to the intention of the company to make another small vehicle appeared anyway. They speared so quickly that Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO, had to make an official announcement that either scooters or small capacity bikes would be made in the nearest future.

A video appeared on Youtube caused new rumours that the manufacturer will have launched a new scooter by the end of 2018. Ducati has officially confirmed its intention to launch another vehicle by 2020.

The Most Popular Models

The Ducati Cruiser was the first Italian 4-stroke machine equipped with AT. Initially, it was planned to have 12 hp, but due to governmental regulation, this parameter was reduced to 7.5 hp.

The Ducati Brio had a 3-speed gearbox, the 47.6 cc two-stroke engine with air cooling, as well as gears and a chain for the primary and final drive accordingly. It was easy to handle, and it could develop 40 km/h.

Top speed
Engine type
Number of cylinders
Cylinder location
Transmission type,final drive
Cooling system


500 GTL, 1976
1976 YOM