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US Classic 500
2004 YOM
US Classic 350
2004 YOM
Trials Scrambler
2006 YOM
2007 YOM
Mini Bullet
1984 YOM
Military 500
2004 YOM
Lightning 550
1997 YOM
Lightning 535
2002 YOM

brand story

In 1909 Royal Enfield surprised the motorcycling world by introducing a small Motorcycle with a 2 ¼ HP V twin Motosacoche engine of Swiss origin. In 1911 the next model was powered by a 2 ¾ HP engine and boasted of the well known Enfield 2-speed gear. In 1912 came the JAP 6 HP 770 CC V twin with a sidecar combination. It was this motorcycle which made Enfield a household name. 1914 saw the 3 HP motorcycles this time with Enfield’s own engine which now had the standardised Enfield paint scheme of black enamelled parts and green tank with gold trim.